Juvemania: Elkann says 38 scudetti, but in 2006 he did not defend himself

Incomplete Juve, Pogba roulette. The traditional meeting of Villar Perosa, blocked by the Covid emergency in previous years, brought a breath of enthusiasm to the Juventus environment.
Bonucci’s gesture towards the historic former captain Giuseppe Furino was certainly the most touching and beautiful moment of the whole afternoon; finally something truly Juventus to make it seem that in modern football, more and more a slave to the god of money, there is still a small space for sentimentality.
There is just over a week left for the start of the new Serie A championship and Juventus is clearly not ready yet.
Neither from a staff point of view nor from a tactical point of view.
Pogba’s injury changed everything.
His very risky choice to favor the World Cup and France over health and Juventus itself will unquestionably affect the whole of Juventus’ 2022/2023 because without Pogba it is not even clear how Allegri will want to field the Old Lady.
His absence combined with that of McKennie creates an important hole in the nerve center of the pitch which, when added to the atavistic insufficiency of the defensive left wing, opens up new tactical scenarios to try to limit the damage, at least at the start.
Another disastrous start like last year would be lethal for everyone, especially for Allegri.
Alternatives must therefore be found quickly, also because with Vlahovic in late condition and Chiesa still out, with no more Morata and Dybala, the weight of the Juventus attack seems to have rested entirely on the shoulders of the new signing Di Maria, who will also be a phenomenon. but we always remember that he is 34 years old.

At least 3 TOP grafts are required – There is obviously no offensive alternative, even if it were decided to renew confidence in Kean as deputy Vlahovic. The substitute for Morata is clearly missing, that is the type of offensive player who can occupy both the center and the wing.
For this reason, the Juventus management has strongly returned to Kostic, a Juventus goal already declared at the beginning of the transfer market.
Kostic is obviously not an attacker but rather an offensive winger who could allow Chiesa to recover from the injury without haste, giving Di Maria the change in the future when the latter will necessarily have to catch his breath.
The alternative in attack is Muriel, certainly not a pure winger like Kostic, but one who over the years has proven to be lethal when he takes over from the bench during the match.
Then there are at least 2 thick reinforcements in midfield. One has already been identified for some time and is an old acquaintance of the Italian championship or PSG’s Paredes. Paredes would certainly be a great reinforcement but he is clearly not a top player.
How is his eventual arrival judged?
It all depends on Pogba. Because if Pogba’s conservative therapy gives its positive effects, with Pogba and Paredes the Juventus midfield would be considerably strengthened.
If, however, as many fear, the roulette chosen by the “Octopus” to risk everything in order to go to the world championship will bring further complications in the future, it is evident that Paredes alone cannot be enough as a blow.
And then at that point a real top player is necessarily needed, one who moves the balance in Italy, just as Dybala did when he was in good condition. We need a Milinkovic Savic at all costs but as we all know, dealing with Lotito is never easy, especially if you don’t have the necessary liquidity in the short term. It is useless to try to insert counterparts and deferred payments.
Everything then revolves around Pogba. The official season of Juventus has not yet begun and we are already faced with very difficult choices that can affect them in their entirety.
Because without Pogba it’s not the Kostic, the Muriel or the Paredes who change a team. With Pogba, on the other hand, they are the icing on the cake.
August and September will already be decisive in this regard

Elkann, are now 38 scudetti? – Small final consideration regarding the statements by John Elkann released on the sidelines of yesterday’s meeting in which he once again claimed the number of championships won by Juventus; “38 scudetti” pronounced with pride and highlighted among other things at the Stadium in all home games.
Too bad, however, that in 2006 the family, which this year will celebrate 100 years of ownership of Juventus, did not move a single finger in defense of Juventus by quickly liquidating Moggi, Giraudo and Bettega and leaving the summary proceedings in the hands of the lawyer Zaccone.
If the lawyer Chiusano, Umberto Agnelli and above all the late lawyer Gianni Agnelli were still alive, they would never have endorsed a suicidal defensive strategy of that type.
If today, after many years, there is still talk of unjust sentence, of “cardboard” championships, of prescription and more, it is only thanks to all those defendants who have not given up and certainly not thanks to those who today claim 38 championships. @stefanodiscreti

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Juvemania: Elkann says 38 scudetti, but in 2006 he did not defend himself

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