Juventus, capital gains trial: the Public Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 9 penalty points. The club: “Appeal inadmissible”

ROME – About twenty minutes late the new process on capital gains, a remake of what between April and May 2022 had brought only acquittals: for the Juventus and the other companies involved. It starts again after the request for revocation of the prosecutor’s office, daughter of the Prisma investigation of the Turin prosecutor’s office: interceptions, notes, documents, the famous “Black Book of FP”, in which the Juventus manager Cherubs had pinned the modus operandi of the former sports director Fabio Paratici blaming the excessive use of exchanges with young people at high prices that engulfed depreciation. And yet emails and documents in which the exchange between teams is thought of without worrying about identifying the names of the players to be exchanged, replaced by “x”, but already entering the values.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office: penalize Juventus by 9 points

There is not only Juve, connected to follow the hearing remotely: Sampdoria, Empoli, Genoa, Parma, Pisa, Pescara, Pro Vercelli and the old Novara responded to the appeal that opened the sporting process. Among the executives called up, the old Juventus top obviously stands out, with LambsParatici, Nedved And Arrive well, in addition to Cherubini, the only one still in the saddle. The former president of Sampdoria is also judged Ferrero, Courses of Empoli together with his daughter Rebecca, now director of Lega Serie A. At the beginning, the word to the prosecutor Giuseppe Chine, for the indictment which must motivate the request for revocation. And immediately extreme requests: “to penalize Juventus by 9 points”, asked Chinè. And then: 16 months of inhibition for Agnelli, 20 months and 10 days for Paratici, 10 months for Cherubini and 12 months for all other Juventus directors.

The penalty would be effective immediately. Even in the event of a conviction, the club could appeal to the Coni guarantee college. The other requests followed the procedures of last spring.

The defense of Juventus

Then, the ball went to the defenses. During the exposition of his defensive line, the Juventus lawyer Nicola Apa asked that the revocation procedure be rejected for a formal question. The Public Prosecutor’s Office allegedly exceeded the time limit for presenting the request. The story deserves to be told in detail: the sports justice code prescribes a 30-day deadline for submitting the revocation request. Prosecutor Chinè signed it on 22 December. According to the documents, on the afternoon of 24 November the federal prosecutor’s office received the documents of the Prisma investigation from the secretariat of the Turin prosecutor’s office: therefore, the 30-day deadline was perfectly respected. But there is a but. The request from the Football Federation prosecutor’s office actually started on 27 October, 3 days after the investigation was closed. Indeed, a man from the Public Prosecutor’s Office would have left for Turin (he had told it Republic), in those hours. Is it possible that he already received the folders on that occasion? Of course, the federal prosecutor’s request is filed in the registry on November 24th: yet it shows the original date of the request, i.e. October 27th. Is it possible that a request has remained unanswered for a month? The doubt is that the Public Prosecutor’s Office – considering the amount of papers and the very short time of 30 days to start the revocation – started studying the papers from the end of October, but only formally received them on 24 November, thus having more time to study the enormous amount of material. This, at least, asked the defenders of the Juventus club. Emphasizing, also, the right to ne bis in idem, i.e. not to be judged twice for the same violation. And other possible procedural flaws.

The decision of the Court of Appeal

Now the Court must decide whether to admit the revocation or definitively close this chapter. A decision in this sense is expected in the evening.

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Juventus, capital gains trial: the Public Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 9 penalty points. The club: “Appeal inadmissible”

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