Juventus defeated, Vlahovic becomes a case: Allegri does not hide

Bitter evening for the Juventuswhich five days before the final of Italian Cup against theInter suffered the comeback of Genoa falling away after more six months of unbeaten (last knockout in Serie A on 30 October 2021 against Verona).

The Marassi rossoblù is confirmed not very favorable for Allegri, who had already lost on the field of the Grifone on two occasions at the helm of the Juventusin 2016 and 2019. This defeat does not hurt the ranking, given that the qualification for the Champions League she was already certain, even if she risked irreparably removing third place, but the disappointment remains, above all for the missed opportunities in the final and the lack of personality in managing the advantage.

Juve defeated, Allegri disconsolate: “We have few setters”

Interviewed by ‘Sky Sport’ at the end of the match, the Livorno coach raised an alarm on features of their players: “We are sorry for not having won a match that was well channeled, we had to go 2-0 first and we did not succeed. The thing we need to improve is the management of the games: you can’t always think of winning by going at a thousand per hour, once Arthur, Miretti and Dybala were out we no longer had players on the field who dictated the timing of the game and slowed down the game. action. We all had counter-attackers, we did an action and one of them, we had opportunities, but we got them wrong and in the end we left our pens. It didn’t count for the standings, but regret remains. Let’s take advantage of these situations in view of the Italian Cup ”.

Juve, Vlahovic replaced and discontented: Allegri takes a stand

Yes, the Italian Cup, to which theInter approaches with high morale for the comeback against Empoli, while at Juve the doubts are the masters. Allegri then explained the reasons for the substitutions: “The changes were made to manage everyone’s forces and arrive in the best conditions on Wednesday: Arthur had been stopped for a long time and De Sciglio will be disqualified”.

The theme of the evening, however, in addition to the goal of Paulo Dybala who hooked up Roby Baggior in the all-time top scorer ranking 115 goalshowever, is the colorless performance of Dusan Vlahovic, never dangerous. The Serbian did not like the change with Morata in the 75th minute, but Allegri goes against the tide, promotes the performance of the former Fiorentina, while pointing out the defects to be erased: “I have tried many times to explain the concept, but I have always been an attack as if I was angry with Vlahovic. Dusan is a young boy, he has fewer games than the others in Serie A and it is normal that he still has to find a balance. Sometimes I say things but they don’t understand or they don’t pretend they don’t understand. He doesn’t realize the good performance, if he doesn’t score he feels at fault, but it’s not like that, I often tell him. Today he played an excellent match from a technical point of view, I replaced him just to let him catch his breath. If he always played like this it would be good for the team, I’m sure he will soon find the necessary serenity to express himself with the right rhythm on a mental level “.

Merry wand Kean: “It must play simple”

Few lights instead in the performance of Moise Kean, protagonist in the negative in the final with that wrong goal at the end decisive result. The vice president expressed himself in the pre-match on the former PSG Pavel Nedvedvirtually anticipating the player’s stay in Turin: “We expect more from him and all the forwards next season because they have quality.”

Allegri, on the other hand, does not spare some criticism of the player: “Sometimes things go well with only one chance, other times you have many opportunities and you don’t score any goals. Moise is a 2000, he has a lot of experience, but sometimes he fights too much, when he should play simple. He plays duels that are useless, but they are things that can only be improved: the more he plays, the more he improves ”.


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Juventus defeated, Vlahovic becomes a case: Allegri does not hide

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