Juventus Next Gen Trento 2-0: Brambilla’s adventure begins in the best possible way

Juventus Next Gen hosts Trento on the occasion of the first day of Serie C 2022/23: summary, scoreboard, result and live news

There Juventus Next Gen cuts the starting line for the 2022/23 season and does so by beating the Trento at Moccagatta on the first day of Serie C. Three points at the debut for the Bianconeri as coach It shines.

Juventus Next Gen Trento 2-0 LIVE: summary and slow motion


1 ′ The match begins – Kick-off at Moccagatta.

8 ′ Iling tries! – Punishment of the English striker, ball that goes out on the bottom.

10 ‘Trento tries! – Botta from distance attempted by Fabbri, Senko manages to control.

13 ′ JUVE FORWARD! – Iling scored on a serve by the Argentine Barrenechea. Touch on the fly of the English and Marchegiani can do nothing.

20 ′ Check Juve – Trento struggles to find opportunities, Juventus are well placed on the pitch and in command of the match.

31 ′ Trento opportunity! – Bocalon’s descent from the right, the number 24 enters the area and lets the conclusion go on the outside of the net. Senko accompanies.

37 ′ Citizen Attempt – Shot from the distance of the midfielder that ends out. But now more dangerous guests.

43 ′ Again Trento – Attempt by Pol Garcia who turns well with the left-handed in the area. Bravo Senko again.

45 ‘Bocalon one step away from equal! – Cross from the left. header of the player of Trento who goes out a little high.


45 ′ Off to recovery – We leave again at Moccagatta.

46 ‘Guests ahead – Trento left with his head down in search of an equal.

50 ′ First guest opportunity – Dangerous descent of Ianesi who serves backwards for the rushing Citizen who shoots high however.

51 ‘DOUBLE THE JUVE! – Error by Trento which, on a high ball in the area, lets it bounce. He rushes like a Pecorino hawk that with a header shoves Marchegiani.

56 ‘Touch the Iocolano trio! – Splendid action by the bianconeri: Sekulov serves the rushing Barbieri on the right, a cross stretched in the middle for Iocolano whose shot is blocked in the corner.

59 ′ Iling one step away from the goal! – Powerful left of the Englishman from the left edge of the area, Marchegiani rejects as he can.

60 ‘Triple field in Trento – Brighenti for Bocalon, Belcastro for Osuji, Saporetti for Ianesi.

62 ′ Great opportunity for guests – Juve lost the ball badly, Saporetti found himself one on one with Senko but badly sparacchia out.

63 ′ Change in Juve – Bonetti takes over Barrenechea.

65 ‘Stramaccioni warned – Yellow for the defender who knocks out Brighenti on a counterattack.

68 ′ Protests of Trento – The guests claim a second yellow for Stramaccioni who risked something in the contrast with Brighenti.

69 ‘Palo del Trento! – Saporetti’s left from the edge that captures the upright, Juve lucky in this case.

70 ‘Double change in Juve – From Graca to Pecorino. Zuelli for Sekulov.

73 ‘Substitution in Trento – Out of Citizen, enter Mihai.

75 ′ Iling tries – Look for the big left from the distance for the attacker, ball abundantly high.

77 ‘Near the Belcastro goal – Damian’s cross, the midfielder comes out but the header goes off to the side.

77 ′ New change in Trento – Simonti for Semprini.

79 ‘Miraculous Senko – Pasquato’s left from distance, controls the goalkeeper. Shortly after Trento steals the ball, Mihai starts a great shot that finds the far defender ready, who puts it in the corner.

82 ‘Double change in Juve – Poli for Iocolano, Beso for Iling.

87 ‘Last minutes of the game – Juve in control of the double advantage.

90 ‘Recovery reported – Four minutes to go.

90 ‘+ 4 It ends here! – Three points on the debut for the bianconeri.

Best of the match Juve: REPORT CARDS


Juventus Next Gen Trento 2-0: result and match report

Markers: 13 ′ Iling-Junior, 51 ′ Pecorino

JUVENTUS NEXT GEN (4-2-3-1): Senko; Barbieri, Nzouango, Stramaccioni, Mulazzi; Sersanti, Barrenechea (63 ‘Bonetti); Iocolano (82 ‘Poli), Sekulov (70’ Zuelli), Pecorino (70 ‘Da Graca); Iling-Junior (82 ‘Beso). Annex It shines. Available: Raina, Daffara, Cudrig, Cotter, Lipari, Palumbo, Turicchia, Citi.

TRENTO: Marchegiani, Fabbri, Damian, Pasquato, Tena, Cittadino (73 ‘Mihai), Osuji (60’ Belcastro), Bocalon (60 ‘Brighenti), Carini, Semprini (77’ Simonti), Ianesi (60 ‘Saporetti). Annex D’Anna. Available: Tommasi, Trainotti, Ferri, Ruffo Lucci, Mihai, Galazzini, Ballarini.

Referee: Rispoli from Locri

Ammonites: Barbers, Stramaccioni

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Juventus Next Gen Trento 2-0: Brambilla’s adventure begins in the best possible way

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