Juventus U23 Piacenza 0-0: two woods save Zauli, the bianconeri’s dream continues

Juventus U23 hosts Piacenza in the first game of the Serie C 2021/22 playoffs: summary, slow motion, scoreboard, result and live news

There Juventus U23 plays a game of enormous sacrifice and great defensive attention, withstands the multiple assaults of Piacenza (two sensational traverses of the guests) and deservedly accesses the second round of the playoffs.

Juventus U23 Piacenza 0-0: summary and slow motion

1 ‘START WHISTLE – The Moccagatta challenge has begun!

5 ′ Study phase – No particular ring in these very first minutes of the game. The two teams are struggling to find useful spaces so far.

7 ‘Munari shot – Conclusion of a left-handed who does not hit the goal, no problem for Israel.

12 ′ Anzolin closes – Piacenza tries on a free kick. Anzolin closes the guests’ initiative and gives the first corner kick.

14 ′ Very dangerous Castile – On the developments of the corner, Castiglia is left free to strike. Fortunately for Juventus U23, he does not find the impact with the ball.

19 ‘Piacenza is better – More determined and convinced the guests in this game start.

20 ′ Soul is very dangerous – Left-handed touching the goal post defended by Tintori. Great opportunity for the bianconeri.

22 ‘Blaze of Zuelli – Great blow from the distance of the midfielder, ball in the arms of Tintori.

25 ‘Gonzi shot – Conclusion from inside the penalty area that ends high above the crossbar.

32 ‘Balanced match – After half an hour of play: match still in perfect equality in the first half in which there are no shortage of scoring opportunities.

35 ′ Conclusion Compagnon – Great shot from distance but does not hit the target.

39 ‘Munari shot – Weak and very inaccurate conclusion from the edge of the penalty area. No problem even in this case for Israel.

41 ′ Suljic punishment – Nice right foot from distance, Israel responds by blocking the ball in a safe grip.

45 ‘END OF THE FIRST HALF – There is no recovery: teams at rest after the first fraction.

46 ‘SECOND HALF – The second stage starts.

48 ′ Punishment Rabbi – High shot over the crossbar, no problem for the Juventus U23 rearguard.

51 ′ Munari opportunity – Munari very dangerous inside the penalty area. His right foot, however, is far from precise and even goes out in lateral foul.

54 ‘CROSS OF ANGER – Piacenza goes one step away from the advantage: Rabbi’s right foot presses on the crossbar. What a chance for guests.

62 ‘Piacenza on the attack – The guests turn up the revs of their engines in search of the goal that would put the qualification on the side of Piacenza.

68 ′ Tiredness on the pitch – The two teams are spending a lot and in this final the errors due to fatigue increase.

70 ‘Inside Sekulov – Zauli plays the Sekulov card instead of an exhausted Cudrig.

78 ‘Cosenza risks on Da Graca – The Juventus striker tries to surprise the central defense of Piacenza, who gets away as the last man not without some difficulties.

85 ′ Last assaults of Piacenza – The guests try with their last remaining energy: Greco’s team must find a goal if they want to hope to go forward in the playoffs.

90 ‘RED CROSS – Juventus U23 trembles: another crossbar for the guests with Rossi.

94 ‘TRIPLE WHISTLE – Juventus U23 pass the first round of the playoffs! The Bianconeri’s adventure continues.

Best of the match Juve: Poli REPORT CARDS

Juventus U23 Piacenza 0-0: result and match report

Juventus (4-2-3-1): Israel; Leo, De Winter, Poli, Anzolin; Zuelli (80 ‘Sersanti), Leone (56’ Iocolano); Compagnon (56 ′ Barrenechea), Soulè, Cudrig (70 ′ Sekulov, Da Graca (80 ′ Riccio). Annex. Zauli. Available. Raina, Siano, Stramaccioni, Verduci, Palumbo, Boloca, Lipari.

Piacenza: Tintori, Cosenza, Nava, Suljic, Dubickas, Marchi, Castiglia (77 ‘Lamesta), Parisi, Rabbi (86’ Marino), Gonzi, Munari (71 ‘Rossi). Annex. Greek. Available. Pratelli, Galletti, Rillo, Tafa, Bobb, Giordano, Armini, Ruiz Giraldo.

Referee: Panettella di Gallarate

Ammonites: 49 ′ Castile, 58 ′ Leo, 61 ′ Nava, 64 ′ Cosenza, 72 ′ Zuelli

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Juventus U23 Piacenza 0-0: two woods save Zauli, the bianconeri’s dream continues

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