Koulibaly replies to De Laurentiis: “He must have respect for Africans”

Koulibaly replies to De Laurentiis: “We need respect”

Kalidou Koulibalybesides being a great player at club level, he is also captain of his own national team, the Senegallatest winner of the Africa Cup of Nations.

Koulibaly is keen to answer De Laurentiis, which he had stated in an interview to no longer be willing to sign African players unless they sign a declaration of renunciation of the African Cup, a competition that takes place in the middle of the season and often brings players back to physically broken clubs.

These are the words of Koulibaly:

“I think that what is most important is respect for everyone. When I was playing in Naples, I was also a representative of Senegal. It is the truth that was very hard when we left for the African Cup, but respect is also needed for African nationals. As captain of Senegal, I think it is not correct to speak of an African national team in this way. I respect what you think, if you believe that the team is able to play without Africans, it is your right. But I am sure that in Naples there are a lot of people who don’t think like him. I take these statements as something he thinks, not what the city or society thinks “.

Koulibaly introduces himself to Chelsea fans: “I’m ready to help the team”

The former powerhouse of the Naples comes to Stamford Bridge really excited for this new experience, but asks the fans time to settle in and to find the right physical condition:

“It will take me some time to get used to it. In two or three months I will be at my best, but now I am taking it easy, I am improving with every game. I am energized and ready to help the club, I will give everything What can I do for the team and the fans. Napoli? I have so much respect for the fans and for the president, I never insisted on leaving, but it was a great time to leave, after eight years in Naples. I have grown a lot. Why Chelsea? It was the only club that really wanted me to come. The first contact was in 2017, they wanted me in the days of Antonio Conte. I’m happy to be here. “

Koulibaly, the “pressures” of Mendy and Jorginho

In recent days, Jorginho he had revealed that he had written to his ex-partner when the negotiations were underway. Today, during the presentation, Koulibaly he admits he also wrote to the goalkeeper MendySenegalese like him and his national team mate:

“Edou is like a brother to me, we talked a lot about Chelsea with Senegal. In the summer he wrote to me in a friendly way, without pressuring me, to move me to Chelsea, just like Jorginho did. I had a great time in Naples with him. He told me to come here. I missed him when he left Naples and I’m happy to be with him again here in London “.

Koulibaly and the call to Terry: “I didn’t want to disrespect him”

During the presentation, there is also room for a question about the shirt number, the 26. This number had not been used since the retreat of the legend John Terry in 2017:

“I was waiting to sign the contract. I was talking to the coach about the numbers and he told me which ones were available, but not on 26. I asked and he replied that John left him in 2017 and since then no one. He wore it more. At that point I had a chat with Gianfranco Zola, whom I know well since we have the same person who works for our business in Italy and I asked him for his number. At first Zola thought I was joking. I called Terry and told him that I wanted to get his number, I know it’s important for him, but it’s also important for me since I had it at Napoli. I’m aware of what he did for Chelsea, so when he said yes I was happy. I didn’t want to disrespect a legend of this club “.

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Koulibaly replies to De Laurentiis: “He must have respect for Africans”

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