Koulibaly: “Sale? I’m calm and I’m fine in Naples. ADL has had many offers, but …”

“You are served in Naples. You can’t complain about this. Sometimes you want to have intimate moments with your wife or children.”


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After the interview released by Kalidou Koulibaly to Onze Mondialnew extracts from the statements of the Napoli defender arrive, starting from the racism theme.

How do you become racist? “It is in education, when you see the adults around you that are racist, the little ones automatically think they are right. So they do the same. We all had examples when we were young: our parents or our brothers and sisters. What if these are. people are racist, you necessarily tend to do it. While if you constantly meet people who are tolerant, in diversity, in sharing, you become like that. My upbringing happened this way. My mother was tolerant, she always understood others, she never denied. That’s why today I am like that, I accept everyone, all religions. I am of Muslim faith and I have Christian and Jewish friends, we get along very well. This is what is beautiful. After, everyone has their own religion. I, I am a Muslim , I do Ramadan, people understand. In Naples I do Ramadan every day and there are no problems. People accept, they are also demanding, they ask questions: “How do you do it?”, “How does it happen?”, “You feel well ? “. It makes me happy, it shows people are opening up. I’m totally open, so I go to them too. It makes me want to go to them even more, to walk towards them, to share many things with them. I think this is the way to go to go towards a better world. I’m totally open, so I go to them too. It makes me want to go to them even more, to walk towards them, to share many things with them. I think this is the way to go to go towards a better world. I’m totally open, so I go to them too. It makes me want to go to them even more, to walk towards them, to share many things with them. I think this is the way to go to go towards a better world “.

You were once again a victim of racism in Bergamo on April 4th. How do you feel when you come home after such an event? (stammers) “It’s strange. At first you think you are to blame. You say to yourself:” Maybe I did something to them, maybe they didn’t appreciate a gesture from me “, the first few times you feel really guilty. But with the experience, you know you’re not at all to blame. People are stupid. These racists are really stupid again. So you don’t have to think that you are guilty, it is really they who are wrong every time. And you, you denounced it. And denounce it. And today it is not common to denounce racism because people are afraid of being taken for victims (Cut). It’s true, we are victims. But I am not a victim to the end because I attack racism, I want to fight racism, I will never give up on this fight. I will not be a victim and I will wait for something to happen. I want to eradicate racism, I want to move forward, to go against racism! This is how the subject should be approached. This is what I want to instill in my children. When I get home and see my son pa rla Italian and French, I’m proud. He is Neapolitan, French, Senegalese, I am very happy with his education. I want him to keep striving for this and he understands that. When he’s in France he wants to go back to Napoli, when he’s in Napoli he wants to go to France or Senegal. He speaks all languages ​​with his friends, translates, opens up. I want him to be such a person, open to all cultures and all kinds of people. ”

You are a professional footballer, you are privileged. But this scourge affects society as a whole. For less exposed people, it must be even more difficult to live with, right? “Of course! I have always said: I am privileged. I have already done an intervention within an association that helps immigrants in Naples. There are many people of African origin in this collective. This association helps immigrants to integrate in Italy, it helps them to read, to write, to do everything. I gave them the following speech: racism and discrimination, I fight them for me but also and above all for you! Because it is these people, the poorest, who suffer from more. These less exposed, less listened to people need even more help. And if I, in my position, do not speak, these people will never be heard. That’s why I have always said that I must actively participate in this struggle for these people. (interrupts) I don’t know, maybe at that moment, my parents were suffering from racism. We never had the opportunity to discuss it. But me, this is what I want to counter! I want racism to disappear from society and not alone in football. I have many friends of various origins – Senegalese, Turks, North Africans – who have suffered from racism. I want this scourge to leave our world, a world without racism is a more beautiful world. I am sure that if I persevere in this fight, these people will be listened to more. A world without racism is a more beautiful world “.

What makes you love the city of Naples? Everything (smile)! The sun, the sea, the people, the enthusiasm for football. Whether they are 10 or 70, they love football. Everyone talks to you about football. I really like their way of welcoming foreigners. My family and friends are welcomed more than I am when they come to town and say my name, they are welcomed with open arms, it’s something great. I love living here. Children love it. When we are in France, they ask to return to Napoli. They love Italian culture. My children are fluent in Italian. I’ve been here for 8 years. If I’m still here despite everything that’s happened, it’s because I feel good here. “

The city lives for football. Isn’t it hard for a player to feel so much pressure? “It’s true. It can be heavy. But when you’re young, what are you looking for? You want to sign autographs, take pictures, be recognized by people on the street. In Naples you are served. You can’t complain about this. Sometimes you want to have intimate moments with yours. wife or your children. When you go to town, you want to feel comfortable. That’s why I share things. When I’m with my family, I try to take as few photos as possible. I tell people I’m with my family and they understand. When I’m alone or with friends, I stop for everyone. When I’m with my family, I tell them: ‘I’m with my family, can we do it again?’. And they understand. “

Did you imagine staying that long when you arrived? “No. Especially since my first year was difficult, I was about to leave. A lot of people didn’t see me get to where I am today. Frankly, I didn’t plan on staying eight years at Napoli, especially as I had offers from some clubs. I really thought. that the leaders would sell me out, but they didn’t. They decided to keep me. Staying eight years in the same club, few players have achieved this in their careers, it’s rewarding. Today I’m happy because despite everything I’m doing a good career, I have a good level and I’m trying to improve further “.

Why is it so difficult to leave Naples? Players often find it difficult to leave this club. “To begin with, there is the will of the supporters. Here the supporters are listened to. The president takes their opinion into account. When they don’t want a player to leave, that player doesn’t move. The president tries to please them. , there is also the price claimed by the president. Sometimes it was too high for some clubs and blocked negotiations. You should know that I am not a guy who likes to fight each other to get something. If I have to leave someday, I will leave cleanly, rather than fighting with the club. Napoli fans don’t deserve me to fight or misbehave with the president or any leader who leaves. They trust me and I try to give them back on the pitch. My education it means that I don’t want to go to the fight to leave. If I have to leave one day, I’ll leave, but for the moment I’m completely calm and I’m fine in Naples. We’ll see what happens at the end of the season. ”

What is missing from Napoli to become champion of Italy? I do not know. We give everything on the pitch. We are trying to win this championship that has eluded us for more than 30 years. Something is missing. An external eye could help us. From the inside, it seems to give the best. Personally, I try to give my best in every game. Sometimes we don’t win the games that would allow us to take the lead, it’s a shame. I can’t tell you what we’re missing. I think an external eye would help us understand. “

Is the weight of Diego Armando Maradona’s legacy difficult to bear? “Yes, it is difficult to play behind Maradona. Maradona is a very, very important player for all the Neapolitans. He is the player who won them the Scudetto. We will not say alone because football is played in eleven, but he was the star who managed to gather all the players behind her to win the Scudetto. Also, at that moment, the fight between the South and the North was raging. And she won this battle. She always said she would fight for the people of the South and He did. He managed to win this Scudetto. Today playing in a stadium that bears his name puts a little pressure on everyone, especially since we failed this year. We are trying to live up to his name, by this stadium and I hope the club is successful. ”

Isn’t it difficult to play in front of such demanding fans? “It’s complicated, but that’s the beauty of it. I, I love playing under pressure, that’s what it takes. It’s true that they are demanding, but they are right to be demanding. If they are not demanding with us, who will be? Naples is a city where everyone breathes football, so when the game starts they stop eating, everyone watches the game, whether the youngest is 2 or 3 years old or the oldest is 80/90 years old. It’s difficult but it’s something that shouldn’t slow us down. “

If you could have one superpower, which one would you choose? To multiply myself. This way I can spend more time with my parents, with my friends, with everyone because sometimes I run around. Sometimes it is even difficult to talk on the phone. Come on, let’s say above all the power to stop time! That way I can spend more time with everyone. “

If you were a journalist, what question would you ask Kalidou Koulibaly? “That’s a good question! (Thinks long) Seriously, I’m jumping (laughs). Let me think a bit. I’ve already talked about everything. I don’t have a hidden passion. I like reading but this, everyone knows (keep reading think). It’s not easy to answer. Okay, I have one. I would ask him: “What would you have done if you weren’t a footballer?”. This, few know! “

Is that so? “At school I liked math, numbers. I was a bit gifted. If I took the exams and the baccalaureate it is really thanks to math. I got 19/20 in math. I would have liked to work in banking, accounting or insurance. These are areas that attracted me a lot, so let’s say something like that, which touches the numbers. I liked the numbers.

So you have to negotiate your contracts well. (laughs) “I try to negotiate them well. For the moment, I have nothing to blush about.”

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Koulibaly: “Sale? I’m calm and I’m fine in Naples. ADL has had many offers, but …”

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