Koulibaly, veto Naples to Juve! And De Laurentiis is offering 6 million until 2027

NAPLES – California dreaming, Kalidou dreaming. The two news items are wedged, they are the market puzzle that every single inhabitant of the blue planet would have liked to admire after the shock of the Ramadani-Madame match: Napoli makes it known that it will not sell Koulibaly to Juve even if it were to offer the 40 million euros of its evaluation. Or maybe more, much more: this is a fixed point, it is an impassable wall until proven otherwise. That’s it, it goes like this: if an offer arrives in a black and white envelope from Turin, it will be returned to the sender. Adios. And off with the counter-move orchestrated directly from Los Angeles a few days ago, without even waiting for the return to Italy on Sunday’s agenda: De Laurentiis moved all-in and in turn offered Kalidou a pharaonic renewal of the contract expiring in 2023. Between one year. The details: extension until 2027 to the same figures as the relationship expiring in 2023. That is: 6 million euros which therefore equalize his current engagement. A real theatrical coup that sweeps away the sad mask of the crisis – not only of football – and overcomes the self-imposed limits of the club. And now, the ball passes to the player. That he still feels the fascinating eyes of Chelsea, PSG and Barça on him. Otherwise: yes or no, tic-toc.

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Naples, 21 million salaries saved for Koulibaly

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And then, DeLa went boom and boom. An Oscar-winning take from LA in spite of the company’s policy aimed at reducing the wage bill and in compliance with a promise dated May 30: “We will do everything to get the Scudetto back.” K2 is too high a peak, too important to risk remaining helpless downstream to read and reread the internal rules; and then, as we know, every rule has an exception and Spalletti also defined Kalidou: “A special one”. He is his Commander, his leader, his captain and a thousand other things: Mr. Luciano publicly armored him before and after the end of the championship with very clear words and asked the president for confirmation at all costs. That he first thought about it; then he offered a first time running into a refusal; and then he retouched it considerably. Multiplied. Amazed: Kalidou turned 31 on June 20 and yet for him, his charisma and the strength of him overflowing the registry does not count. Like any Juve millions: you can’t pass, you can’t.


The renewal offer of 6 million net for five years, 60 gross until 2027, is a pharaonic turning point. Princely for the times: the junctions of Insigne, Mertens, Ghoulam and Ospina are the proofs, they are the confirmation; but the law is not the same for everyone and now Kalidou will have to consider whether to join Napoli for life, up to 36 years, or to take other paths. Yes, now it’s all in his hands and in his legitimate aspirations as an extraordinary champion and mature defender eager to win and win trophies as well as universal praise and compliments. If in the end they don’t come to an agreement and refuse again, and if DeLa doesn’t receive an offer of 35-40 million for his card, he will start the season on expiry. For the moment? Proposals not even official from around twenty million, already rejected. The clubs involved are the usual three: Chelsea, Barça and Psg. And then Juve, of course: net of vetoes.

Naples, do everything to keep Koulibaly

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Naples, do everything to keep Koulibaly

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Koulibaly, veto Naples to Juve! And De Laurentiis is offering 6 million until 2027

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