La Pimenta says it all: ‘The relationship with Raiola, Haaland-Juve, Donnarumma and Milan, the choice of De Ligt, Balotelli and the threats of male colleagues …’

All football. Rafaela Pimenta, the heir prosecutor of Mino Raiola’s empire, has developed a series of very important issues relating to its work and its clients. These are the words of him to the microphones of Sky: “I realize that I have an unusual job for a woman, but my goal is to be happy. What is it like to be one of the most powerful women in football? The players give me strength, I don’t take it from myself. If I can have recognition from my role I am pleased, it gives me great responsibility, especially towards other women. I was a law teacher, but I immediately started talking about football and sports. I have never played football but I the shoes for the rallies in Brazil “.

ABOUT RAIOLA – “I worked for Rivaldo and Cesar Sampaio, there I met Raiola. He smoked like crazy and asked a thousand questions about the law, on the second day he presented himself with a San Paolo player, who had to go to Italy, that is Montezine. From that moment we have started working together in a structured way and he found me a foothold in Padua, to learn everything. After two months I was out and about with Mino, I immediately started working. The relationship with him? Very intense, it was present and explosive , he would get angry. When he was nervous, I was quiet, but once a year I would let off steam and change roles. He was a more tolerant person than me. The last words he said to me? he only asked this thing in his life: “You must be happy, you must do your good.” His battles? No battle against Fifa, he had the principle of having a dialogue and an opportunity without prejudice to be able to do our job We cannot be out of the yes system, no one listens to us but we are part of this world. We are a reflection of the clubs, we need to continue this dialogue. “

ON THE WORK OF PROSECUTOR – “Like the lawyer, you have to defend your client. In football, however, you don’t need lawyers, you need agents and prosecutors, who give their opinion and help you evaluate, bringing their experience. Sometimes it can be confused with a family relationship , the boys open up to me and trust me. It’s a very male-dominated world, sometimes my colleagues try to steal the players from me, because they say I’m a woman and I don’t understand football. They tried a couple of times to intimidate me. “

ABOUT HAALAND – “His secret weapon is his father, he gives him serenity and tranquility. He is not lost and will never be lost. A player does not have to look for money, money comes by itself. They want to win, they end up in hospital for love. The top players are like that. Going back to Italy? At the beginning everyone wanted to go to Italy, not England. You can revolutionize it again, make it more spectacular, richer and more interesting, for investments. Haaland close to Juve? of him, but they went to the office and when we were there the idea was born to talk about Haaland, after calling him. After they asked. The clause to leave City and eventually go to Real? This is what the lawyer is talking about. “

ABOUT BALOTELLI – “He is a boy who does his own thing, he has always been like that, but he does it with happiness. We cannot replace him”.

ABOUT DONNARUMMA – “The choice to go to PSG? Right decision, play, feel good and don’t complain. Return to Milan? The future is unknown.”

ABOUT DE LIGT – “Away from Juve? He felt it was his moment, maybe he thought he wouldn’t be so competitive. But he had a path to follow. His moment of development was Germany.”

ON THE EXPLOSIONABLE TALENT – “How old Xavi Simmons and Arsene Zakharyan”

ON MY CHILD’S DREAM – “As a child, at the age of 6, I signed my first contract with my brother, who would be my” slave “for a day. I have always wanted to be a lawyer, represent and defend”.

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La Pimenta says it all: ‘The relationship with Raiola, Haaland-Juve, Donnarumma and Milan, the choice of De Ligt, Balotelli and the threats of male colleagues …’

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