Lazio, what a character! Reassemble the spice three times. At 90 ‘Acerbi’s “redemption” goal

Forward with Amian, Agudelo and Hristov, the Ligurians have been recovered three times from Immobile (penalty), an unfortunate own goal by Provedel and Milinkovic-Savic. In the final the defender’s goal, who puts the controversy behind him after Tonali’s goal in the last round

From our correspondent Stefano Cieri

Seven goals, endless emotions, sensational blunders and author’s pearls. At the Peak everything happens and the opposite of everything. In the end, right at the end, Lazio wins and does it with the most talked about man of the moment, Francesco Acerbi. It is he, at the end of a match in which Sarri’s team makes a lot of mistakes (especially behind), but creates the same, who gives his three precious points for the European race. Bitter mockery for Spezia, three times ahead and up to a quarter of an hour from the end. Motta’s team does everything well, except to surrender in the final. And so the cry of salvation (which with the three points would in fact have been reached) remains in the throats of the Ligurians. Whose advantage over the third last is still 8 points over Salernitana (who, however, has two games less) and Genoa.

horror defense

The game starts as expected. Lazio trying to make the match and Spezia trying to stifle the opponents’ initiatives with pressure across the board and the determination of those who want to get back to making points. In the first minutes Sarri’s team almost always keeps the ball in the game but without finding outlets. The only blast is a shot of Immobile that goes off at the bottom. Then, almost out of nowhere, here is the first patatrac of the Lazio defense. It arrives at 9 ‘, on the first occasion in which Spezia enters the area. Free kick from the trocar of Verde, Hristov extends the ball with his head, stretching it too much though. Strakosha would have plenty of time to get out and block the ball, but he remains incredibly still and so Amian catapults himself on the ball and puts it in his head, also anticipating Basic who does not intervene, convinced that the goalkeeper comes out. Lazio feel the blow and it takes a while to rearrange ideas. However, he does it around the twentieth, when he forces Spezia to lock himself up in the area. Provedel denies the guests the equalizer in three circumstances: first on Basic, then on Immobile, finally on Milinkovic. At 33 ‘, however, he must surrender on the penalty kicked by Immobile. Pairetto decrees it for Nikolaou’s obvious handball on Milinkovic who tries to overtake him in the dribble. But Lazio does not even have time to rejoice that they are back down. And once again due to a sensational defensive blunder. Patric commits it, who does not control Cataldi’s pass well and gets the ball blown by Agudelo who arrives all alone in front of Strakosha and mocked him with a touch below. Lazio did not get up this time, on the contrary, they also risk the third goal a breath away from the interval. The defense still stands still (this time the error is collective) and allows Green to catch the ball and overcome Strakosha with a shot from the edge. However, starting from an offside position, which leads Pairetto to cancel the network.

dizzying recovery

The second half begins without substitutions and without changing the inertia of the match. Lazio trying to build and struggling to find the opponent’s goal and Spezia deadly in the restarts. Sarri’s team still manages to find a draw thanks to Zaccagni who, at 9 ‘, works a ball very well on the left side and then lets go of a round shot on which Provedel overcomes and deflects on the post. The ball, returning to the field, hits the back of the goalkeeper and ends up in the net. It’s own goal. As in the occasion of the first Lazio goal, the draw lasted only two minutes. Lethal for the Biancocelesti is still a punishment from Green. On the cross of number 10 Hristov stands higher than all (in particular Acerbi who is the closest) and puts the hosts ahead. Sarri tries to shake his by inserting Luis Alberto in place of Basic. It is the substitution that changes the game. It is precisely the Spaniard who invents the pass for Milinkovic which allows the Serbian to score the 3-3 (Reca is unable to resist). At that point Lazio believes in it and insists on the search for the overtaking goal. He seems to find him in the 35th minute, when Zaccagni enters the area and lets go a diagonal that exceeds Provedel, but goes off on the post. A few minutes later Milinkovic tries, but the Serbian’s conclusion ends just a little high. This brings us to the 90 ‘. La Spezia misses the restart, Luis Alberto intercepts the ball and serves it to Immobile who kicks without fail, but Provedel rejects once again, the ball ends up in Luis Alberto whose lopsided shot becomes an assist for Acerbi who throws it in for 3 -4 final.

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Lazio, what a character! Reassemble the spice three times. At 90 ‘Acerbi’s “redemption” goal

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