LIVE Athletics, LIVE U20 World Cup: Mori, Amani and Caiani in the final!


17.51 ​​The Brazilian Matheus Lima arrives in the semi-final in the men’s 400m hurdles with a time of 51.34, the Chinese from Taipei Chen and the German Fischer-Breiholz.

17.48 In group B of the women’s hammer throw the German Jada Julien (63.20) and the Ecuadorian Nereida Santa Cruz (62.37) qualify for the final.

17.45 Nice race by Abdoul Wahab who is in the semifinals with a time of 50.92, his personal best. The Japanese Moritaka and the American Blackwood also take the pass.

17.42 Amani officially qualifies for the final of the women’s long jump with the second measure, behind only 6.34 of the Spanish Yankey.

17.39 Third battery of the men’s 400 hurdles: at the start there are Blackwood (USA), Van Rensburg (Rsa), Ibanez Guevara (Esa), Mirzozoda (Tjk), Aldirawi (Irq), Kumar (Ind), Moritaka (Jpn) and Abdoul Wahab (Bel).

17.34 Second battery of the men’s 400 hurdles which is won by the Jamaican Clarke with a time of 50.71, stopping in the last meters. In the final also the American Williams and the British Okoh.

17.31 In the high of the female heptathlon arrive at 1.72 Dlauhy, Lusti, Sprengel, Hind, Dreimane and Vanninen.

17.28 Abakar, Muthoka and De Genaro qualify for the next round. Abakar signs the time of 51.29 and far outstripped the others.

17.25 First battery of the 400 men’s hurdles: at the start Bohler (Ger), Abakar (Qat), Vivin (Fra), De Genaro (Arg), Leacock (Tto), Muthoka (Ken) and Panozzo (Aus).

17.23 The second group of the women’s hammer throw begins: Rachele Mori has already landed in the final.

17.20 GREAT JUMP OF MARTA AMOUHIN AMANI! The blue climbs at the head of his group jumping 6.32.

17.18 Cesare Caiani thus passes to the final with the sixth and last repechage time.

17.15 Duguna, Kibet and Habarta in the final: time of 8: 44.83 for the winner of the battery.

17.12 1.66 the measure reached in the high jump of the female heptathlon. Some athletes have already been ousted.

17.09 Amani’s first attempt in the women’s long qualifiers is void.

17.06 Third and last battery of the 3000 male hedges: Mualem (Isr), Fajraoui (Tun), Duguna (Eth), Hovdejord (Nor), Leonardo (Spa), Kuroda (Jpn), Lauer (Ger), Kibet (Ken), Navarrete (Ecu), Habarta (Cze), Gomez (Crc) and Ndiwa (Uga).

17.03 Third repechage time for Caiani: the seventh of the third heat must do a time higher than his 9: 02.35.

17.01 Firewu and Wafula arrive together on parade, Onuma also qualified for the final. Fourth Cesare Caiani, we will see if he will be rescued.

16.58 Cesare Caiani is in fourth position when the group disintegrated one lap from the end.

16.55 In the belly of the Cesare Caiani group: the blue must try to stay hooked and hope for a third place or in the eventual repechage.

16.53 Firewu and Wafula take a few meters ahead of the rest of the group.

16.51 Second battery of the 3000 men’s hedges that sees the blue at the start Cesare Caiani, Pumpa (Aus), Onuma (Jpn), Megier (Pol), Suria (Spa), Firewu (Eth), Morales (Mex), Labar (Bel ), Chninni (Tun), Lentz (Usa), Bourse (Fra), Wafula (Ken), Bridger (Gbr).

16.49 The qualifications of the women’s long jump begin: for Italy there is Marta Amouhin Amani.

16.46 Ben Yazide, Chemutai and Dhabar take off the pass for the final of the 3000 men’s hedges.

16.44 The test of the women’s high jump of the heptathlon begins: the athletes are divided into two platforms.

16.41 Chemutai remains in front without accelerating too much: it is useless to force the battery.

16.38 The big group in the first battery of the 3000 male hedges is still compact.

16.35 First battery of the 3000 male hedges: Monteiro (Por), Zahlten (Ger), Chemutai (Uga), Ben Yazide (Mar), Daoud (Alg), Cartieaux (Fra), Matolin (Cze), Visser (Usa), De Carvalho (Bra), Dhabar (Bah), Marquez (Mex) and Noakes (Aus).

16.33 Good launch for the Dutch Jacobs who reaches the measure of 61.81. Third position, just ahead of the Japanese Murakami.

16.30 The second to qualify for the women’s hammer final is the Mexican Paola Bueno Calvillo: 63.14. For now, Rachele Mori has dominated the scene.

16.27 Diraneh, Slapak and Monreal recovered.

16.25 7: 55.60 for Kisalsak who wins the second battery. Samuel, Girma, Kibet, Sato and Lilleso also qualify.

16.22 Girma and Kisalsak lead the leading group: Kenya and Ethiopia always great protagonists.

16.18 RACHELE DIED IN THE FINAL IN THE HAMMER THROW! The Leghorn reaches the size of 64.83 and well exceeds the 62 meters required for the qualification.

16.15 In the second battery of the men’s 3000 meters at the start there are Aataati (Mar), Hauen (Nor), Morgan (Irl), Diraneh (Dji), Samuel (Eri), Sato (Jpn), Ter Haar (Ned), Diamond ( Aus), Girma (Eth), Kisalsak (Ken), Sanchez (Mex), Kibet (Uga), Ortega (Col), Guerra (Usa), Monreal (Spa), Lilleso (Den) and Slapak (Cze).

16.12 Korir, Kibet, Azize, Griggs, Yoshioka and Konteh qualify: the others will have to hope for a repechage.

16.10 Korir goes to win with a time of 7: 58.12: the Kenyan boy accelerates in the final to demonstrate his great strength to his opponents.

16.08 Azize also comes from behind and approaches Kibet and Korir.

16.04 Kibet and Korir attack from the very first meters and detach the competition: they want to head off, without waiting for the opponents.

16.01 At the start of the first men’s 3000 meters battery: Schrick (Ger), Sanchez (Mes), Vazquez (Spa), Griggs (Irl), Benchahyd (Mar), Yoshioka (Jpn), Korir (Ken), Azize (Eth) , Kibet (Uga), Cantlon (Aus), Nillessen (Ned), Hrebacka (Cze), Anthony (Nzl), Barnicoat (Gbr), Konteh (Bel), Brelivet (Fra) and Dalla (Alg).

15.58 At 16.11 Italian time the qualification of the hammer throw will start: for Italy there is Rachele Mori.

15.54 Now the program proceeds with the men’s 3000 meters heats: there are no blues present.

15.50 Luna Goureau jumps to the top of the standings with 1066 points.

15.48 Tempone of Goureau! The Frenchwoman runs in 13.39 and improves by a tenth and a half. Second Vanninen with 13.52, the Finnish also improves.

15.45 All the athletes at the start have a personal best of under 14 seconds.

15.43 In the third series the fastest athletes will start: above all the French Luna Goureau who signed her personal one at 13.53 this year.

15.41 There are already 1015 points accumulated by Cosculluela in the general classification of the heptathlon.

15.39 What an improvement for Sofia Cosculluela! The Spaniard signs a time under 14 seconds for the first time in her career: 13.74. Behind Eloise Hind and Marina Zanoni.

15.36 In the second series the Spanish Sofia Cosculluela is favored with a personal best of 14.05.

15.34 The Latvian Dreimane wins the first series with a time of 14.20, her personal best.

15.32 We start immediately with the three series of 100 obstacles of the female heptathlon.

15.30 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the third day of competitions of the Under 20 World Championships in Athletics which take place in Cali, Colombia.

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the third day of the Under 20 Athletics World Championships light underway in Cali, Colombia.

A day that will give away medals in six races: the women’s pole vault in which there are no blue, the women’s discus throw where there is at the starting line Benedetta Benedetti who qualified for the final in style and the finals of the 1500 and 110 men’s hurdles, but above all those of the women’s 800 meters with possibly Martina Canazza and that of 100 meters with the possibility of having Ludovica Galuppi And Agnes Music.

In the women’s hammer in the qualifiers will be engaged Rachele Mori who can center the access to the final, in the heats of the 3000 men’s hedges will be at the blocks Cesare Caianiin the long feminine Marta Amouhin Amaniin the heats of the 400 men’s hurdles Riccardo Ganz And Luca Ostanello, Loris Tonella in the 200 meters.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE on the third day of the Under 20 World Championships in Athletics which take place in Cali (Colombia). It starts at 15.30 Italian time. Good fun!

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LIVE Athletics, LIVE U20 World Cup: Mori, Amani and Caiani in the final!

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