LIVE Giro d’Italia Women 2022, today’s stage LIVE: Van Vleuten roars and takes the pink jersey. Third Marta Cavalli


15.40 Thanks for following us and good continuation of the day. Soon.

15.38 Marta Cavalli worries about the collapse accused in the final. To understand what will be the response of the blue on the real mountains. Either way, the podium seems largely within reach.

15.35 Van Vleuten, 40 in a few weeks, is confirmed as the undisputed favorite for this Giro d’Italia Women 2022. The Spanish Mavi Garcia, 38, is surprising: it is not a race for young people …

15.33 The new general classification. We are only at the third stage, but the first three have dug a very heavy furrow on the pursuers:

1 7 ▲ 6 VAN VLEUTEN Annemiek Movistar Team 8 8:46:33
2 31 ▲ 29 GARCÍA Mavi UAE Team ADQ 0:25
3 13 ▲ 10 HORSES Marta FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope 0:57
4 6 ▲ 2 LONGO BORGHINI Elisa Trek – Segafredo 5:00
5 17 ▲ 12 LUDWIG Cecilie Uttrup FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope 5:13
6 19 ▲ 13 SPRATT Amanda Team BikeExchange – Jayco 5:14
7 30 ▲ 23 CHABBEY Elise Canyon // SRAM Racing 5:21
8 45 ▲ 37 FISHER-BLACK Niamh Team SD Worx 5:28
9 49 ▲ 40 PERSICO Silvia Valcar – Travel & Service 5:29
10 84 ▲ 74 MAGNALDI Erica UAE Team ADQ 6:10

15.30 The order of arrival of today’s stage.

1 VAN VLEUTEN Annemiek Movistar Team 50 3:13:13
2 GARCÍA Mavi UAE Team ADQ 40 0:01
3 HORSES Marta FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope 30 0:43
4 PERSICO Silvia Valcar – Travel & Service 25 4:51
5 SPRATT Amanda Team BikeExchange – Jayco 20 ,,
6 LONGO BORGHINI Elisa Trek – Segafredo 18 ,,
7 CHABBEY Elise Canyon // SRAM Racing 15 ,,
8 MAGNALDI Erica UAE Team ADQ 10 ,,
9 LUDWIG Cecilie Uttrup FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope 8 ,,
10 FISHER-BLACK Niamh Team SD Worx 6 ,,

15.27 Sixth place for Elisa Longo Borghini.

15.25 Now the rest of the platoon is expected to arrive to determine the stage classification and the general classification.

15.23 ANNEMIEK VAN VLEUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN wins in front of MAVI GARCIAAAAAAAAAAAA! Marta Cavalli arrives third at 41 ″.

15.22 Last kilometer! All Annemiek van Vleuten and Mavi Garcia are at stake.

15.20 Last 3 km!

15.17 The 8 pursuers who form the first large group are more than 4 minutes away.

15.15 Just over 5 km to the finish. Marta Cavalli makes the elastic: she is now back at 13 ″.

15.13 Marta Cavalli does not give up: the blue approaches the two leaders, is at 8 “.

15.10 The climb to Carpineta is over. There are 9 km to the finish in Cesena.

15.10 Attack Annemiek van Vleuten! Mavi Garcia, however, does not think in the least to break away!

15.09 Retrieve Marta Cavalli. It is now less than 10 ″.

15.06 There are 10 km to the finish. Marta Cavalli is 15 ″ from the head.

15.02 Unfortunately Marta Cavalli comes off. Mavi Garcia and Annemiek van Vleuten leave.

14.59 Attention 10 km from the finish at the tear of the Castle of Carpineta.

14.57 Elisa Longo Borghini is in the second group, the one that is about 3 ‘from the head of the race.

14.55 During the race the temperature measured is 35 °.

14.52 There are 20 km to the finish. Cesena is getting closer and closer!

14.50 The pink jersey is currently at 4’25 “.

14.47 The three leading riders cross the hill in Monteleone: Mavi Garcia, Marta Cavalli, Annemiek van Vleuten.

14.45 Less than a kilometer to go to the brow.

14.41 We start with the climb that will lead up to Monteleone.

14.38 The advantages and disadvantages, in terms of seconds, fluctuate between the various groups in the race.

14.35 We proceed 27 km to the finish.

14.31 Between the head of the race and the most immediate pursuers there are almost 2 ‘now.

14.38 The Monteleone GPM is in the viewfinder.

14.35 The withdrawal for the Swedish Wilma Olausson (Uno-X Pro Cycling Team) arrives.

14.33 There are 30 km to the finish.

14.30 The pink jersey has slipped by over 3 minutes.

14.27 Marta Cavalli, Annemiek van Vleuten and Mavi Garcia: now they have more than a minute ahead of their immediate pursuers.

14.24 Running average, after the second hour: just over 37,000 km / h.

14.21 Less than 40 km to the finish.

14.18 Elisa Balsamo, the current pink jersey, is 2’40 ”from the leading trio.

14.15 At the helm there are therefore: Marta Cavalli, Annemiek van Vleuten, Mavi Garcia.
At 30 ″ chases Kristen Faulkner
At 1 ‘the group.

14.12 This is the order of transit on Colle del Barbotto: Garcia, van Vleuten, Cavalli.

14.10 Brow at Colle del Barbotto: 3 remain. They are: Cavalli, van Vleuten and Garcia.

14.08 The four have a 25 ″ advantage over the rest of the company.

14.05 Four of them leave: Cavalli, Cavalli, van Vleuten, Faulkner and Mavi Garcia!

14.02 Elisa Balsamo’s detachment from the head of the race grows rapidly: we went from 15 to 30 ″.

13.59 Elisa Balsamo, the Maglia Rossa, detaches from the head of the group! She is now 15 ″ behind the first head section.

13.56 The group begins to split up.

13.54 The climb of Colle del Barbotto begins.

13.50 It is shortly, less than 5 km, to Colle del Barbotto.

13.47 “Stall” phase in this moment of the race.

13.43 More than 60 km in the archive, half of the stage has therefore been covered.

13.40 Nothing to do! The group also absorbs this attempt.

13.37 A squad with 14 fugitives is attempting the new escape. There are 14 seconds of advantage.

13.34 Warning: an attack attempt to try to break up the group.

13.30 Average of the first hour of the race: 41,200 km / h.

13.28 There are 70 km to the finish.

13.25 Group that at this moment proceeds on the course without further attacks.

13.21 Meanwhile, here is the result of Bortinoto’s GPM:
1. Avoid Muzic (FDJ) +6 points
2. Elise Chabbey (CSR) +5 points
3. Amanda Spratt (BEX) +4 points
4. Erica Magnaldi (UAD) +3 points
5. Elisa Longo Borghini (TFS) +1 point

13.18 At this moment the group raises the pace and goes to pick them up.

13.16 The two earn 15 ″.

13.14 Shot by Evita Muzic, the Frenchwoman, at the Bortinoto GPM. The Swiss Elise Chabbey, the Swiss, also goes with her.

13.10 Compact group! Brausse resumed 80 km from the finish.

13.06 Brausse passes first, behind him Silvia Zanardi and Marta Cavalli.

13.03 Here is Bertinoro’s flying finish line.

13.00 Before the start of the climb we will pass the flying finish line of Bertinoro.

12.58 Brausse, already leader of the ranking of female climbers, having taken the lead on the only GPM so far, can go hunting for other points.

12.56 5 km at the start of the first GPM of the day.

12.53 Already 20 ”of advantage for the German.

12.50 Ceratizit unleashed! After Teutenberg’s attempt and Vieceli’s extension, try to attack Franziska Brausse alone!

12.47 Just over 10 km to go before the start of the Bertinoro climb. Classified as a 3rd category GPM, it measures 4 km and has an average gradient of 4.5%.

12.44 At km 22 the group is therefore compact again. Very high speed in this first part of the stage.

12.43 Acceleration in the group, Lara Vieceli reabsorbed.

12.40 Now Vieceli’s advantage rises to 20 ”.

12.38 After the first 20 km, there are 100 to the finish.

12.35 The rider of Ceratizit took a margin of 15 ”on the group.

12.32 An athlete has now left the group and is trying to take advantage. This is Lara Vieceli, already seen in the attack in recent days.

12.29 The situation does not change while leaving the province of Cesena to enter that of Ravenna

12.26 We are still traveling very fast. The group is still compact.

12.23 Still no escape when the first 10 km have been covered. After Teutenberg, other athletes from Ceratizit also attempted the extension.

12.21 Now the pace in the group is very high. As long as you go this fast it will be difficult to hit an escape.

12.19 Among the most active is the German Lea Lin Teutenberg (Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling), grandson of the great Ina-Yoko Teutenberg.

12.17 For now, however, none have managed to really take advantage. The shots continue.

12.15 Already several escape attempts. It seems that many are tempted to attempt the attack from afar.


12.10 Today’s track will see the first 35 km completely flat before tackling the three GPMs of Bertinoro, Barbotto and Monteleone on some of the roads made famous by the Nove Colli.

12.08 We remind you that Elisa Balsamo wears the Maglia Rosa as leader of the general. The World Champion would also be the leader of the points classification but today the jersey is on the shoulders of Marianne Vos.

12.06 After the initial time trial and two sprinter stages, today the athletes will face the first climbs in the 120 km scheduled.

12.03 The first rides have already started from the group heading towards km 0 and the official start of the fraction.

12.00 Friends of OA Sport, good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the fourth stage of the Giro d’Italia Women 2022!

Friends of OA Sport, good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the fourth stage of the Giro d’Italia Women 2022! Leaving Sardinia, after the rest day, it is time for the group to resume pedaling. It starts from Romagna and in particular from the cities of Cesena which will host the departure and arrival today.

After the short initial time trial and two rather easy stages, today’s route includes the first ascents of this edition. In the 120.9 km scheduled for today, 3 GPMs will be distributed, two of the 3rd category and one of the 2nd. After 35 km completely flat we will start with the Bertinoro climb, starter of a treacherous stage finish.

The hardest ascent will be that of Colle del Barbotto, with its 4400 meters at 8.3% average gradient. It will end with the tear of Monteleone and that of Carpineta, not classified as GPM but still very demanding. The very fast final will come after a long stretch of descent.

Elisa Balsamo starts again in the Maglia Rosa, splendid leader of this race that today will probably have to try to defend herself. Difficult to identify a favorite because the terrain lends itself to different interpretations, but our Elisa Longo Borghini and Marta Cavalli will be able to be found ready. Departure from Cesena scheduled at 12.00, we at OA Sport will tell you every moment of the fraction with live and real-time updates. Do not miss!

Photo: Massimo Fulgenzi / PMG Sport

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LIVE Giro d’Italia Women 2022, today’s stage LIVE: Van Vleuten roars and takes the pink jersey. Third Marta Cavalli

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