LIVE Italy-Germany 6-5, European Curling Championships 2022 LIVE: the Azzurri also win the fifth match!





18.53 Our LIVE LIVE from Italy-Germany of the European Curling Championships ends here. Thank you for following us and have a good evening everyone.

18.51 A balanced, unspectacular match: the Azzurri are very good at managing it. Tomorrow there will be a challenge against Switzerland at 9.00, the first real direct match for Italy on the way to the semi-finals.

18.49 Rejected by Retornaz: Germany scores a point, but that’s not enough. 6-5, Italy also wins the fifth game.

18.46 Last shot for Germany trying to make things more complicated in Retornaz.

18.43 Last two shots: Joel Retornaz can give Italy the fifth victory.

18.40 Wrong rejection by Mosaner who manages to push away only the guard.

18.36 For now, Italy is limited to rejecting: there are many two points to manage.

18.32 Crazy shot by Totzek who manages to get the point with a lucky joint: 6-4 before the last end.

18.28 Last shot for Italy: the Azzurri have a valid stone at home.

18.24 Difficult situation for Germany who must try to score two points to stay in the game.

18.21 Another good rejection: Italy has built a good defense with its stones in the house.

18.19 Crazy rejection of Mosaner! Double take-out and stone who warns himself.

18.15 Meanwhile, Scotland has beaten Turkey and Switzerland is also beating Denmark.

18.12 TOTKEK WRONG! Stolen hand by Italy: 6-3 with two ends to go.

18.10 Last roll for Retornaz who can put a stone behind the guard.

18.07 Masterpiece by Amos Mosaner! Another rejection that also perfectly settles our guard.

18.06 Splendid double failure by Arman! This end is looking good for the Azzurri.

18.04 Very good rejection by Arman.

18.02 Double failed in Germany.

17.58 No points in the seventh end: we remain at 5-3 and proceed to the eighth end.

17.55 Rejections and counter-rejections: the situation is not resolved.

17.52 First shots of the seventh end rather interlocutors.

17.48 Joel Retornaz’s shot is perfect: 5-3 in favor of Italy after six ends.

17.47 Totzek misses the shot: the Italian stone is the valid one. Retornaz can go for the two points.

17.45 An Italian stone remains inside the house.

17.43 Conciliabolo between the Azzurri for Retornaz’s shot: the moment is very delicate.

17.41 Mosaner’s shot is central: it can be a support for Totzek.

17.39 Excellent double failure by Amos Mosaner.

17.37 The stones of Germany in the house are very exposed: some mistakes for the Germans.

17.35 Good shot by Giovanella: placed the stone externally and discreetly covered by the guard.

17.33 Hammer to Italy in the sixth end.

17.27 Beautiful shot by Totzek: it goes to the break at 3-3.

17.26 Retornaz’s shot is not powerful enough: Germany can score two points.

17.24 This time Totzek’s take-out succeeds: there is the last shot for Joel Retornaz who must try to limit the damage.

17.22 Totzek’s rejection was not fully successful: a stone remains at home for Italy.

17.21 Strong shot by Mosaner and at this moment two points would arrive for Italy. Now at work Totzek and Retornaz.

17.19 Good take-out from Amos Mosaner!

17.17 Great shot by Harsch who removes the Italian stones: there are two points at the moment for Germany.

17.14 Great play by Sebastiano Arman who supports the stone against the opponent on the edge of the house.

17.11 Mosaner’s shot comes out: 3-1 for Italy and the hammer passes to Germany.

17.09 Covered central line: difficult shot for Joel Retornaz. We’ll see what his choice will be.

17.06 Penultimate shot for Italy: at the moment only one valid stone.

17.03 Mosaner puts it at the center of the house! Three more stones remain on each side.

17.01 Sutor removes the Italian stone and at this moment the point would be German.

16.58 Three Italian stones in the house: now it is up to Germany to reject them. Good texture of the blues.

16.55 Hammer passing again to Italy in the fourth end.

16.52 Totzek goes very close to the second point with a very strange shot! Only one point for Germany: 2-1 Italy.

16.49 Many stones at home: there is the last shot for Italy who tries to give Germany only one point.

16.46 A very difficult shot in Retornaz almost fails: the point for now remains German.

16.43 Many trajectories covered: now Italy must think about what to do.

16.40 Harsch covers the trajectory of the center of the house to defend at least one point.

16.37 Right now the point would be Germany, but Italy can still manage to remove the stone from the center of the house.

16.33 Two stones placed by Giovanella on the central line, but Griendl still manages to hit the house.

16.29 STOLEN HAND OF ITALY! Totzek fails to remove our stone: 2-0 Italy.

16.27 Totzek takes off his guard, but fails to reject the Italian stone! Last stone each.

16.26 What a shot by Joel Retornaz! The Italian red stone slips into the center of the house: at this moment the point would be the blues.

16.24 Amos Mosaner removes one of the two German stones from the center of the house.

16.22 What a shot by Harsch! Perfectly in the center of the house.

16.20 Great shot by Sebastiano Arman! Remove the German stone from the house and avoid taking the other Italian stone.

16.19 Griendl avoids the guard well by placing the stone in the center of the house.

16.17 Good start to the second end for Italy: Giovanella hides the German stone by placing her stone.

16.14 Retornaz lets go of the stone and is satisfied with the first point: 1-0 Italy.

16.11 Harsch’s successful take-out: now Retornaz has to decide whether to settle for a point or come back with the hammer in the second end.

16.09 The German stone does not remain inside: only one stone inside the house is the Italian one. Two more stones each.

16.06 Stone rejected and repeated: still an interlocutory phase.

16.04 Giovanella rejects the German guard.

16.03 IT BEGINS! Hammer to Italy in the first end.

16.02 The quartet from Germany consists of Dominik Griendl, Magnus Sutor, Klaudius Harsch and Sixten Totzek.

15.59 It is played at the Ostersund Arena, in Sweden, in a decidedly wintery climate: a lot of snow even outside the arena.

15.56 Joel Retornaz, Amos Mosaner, Sebastiano Arman and Mattia Giovanella want to show that they can have the credentials to be one of the favorites at this European Championship.

15.53 Italy is also traveling fast for women: four successes and one defeat for our girls who are in full swing for the semifinals.

15.50 Italy is first in the round robin together with Scotland and Switzerland: these two national teams will face Turkey and Denmark in this game session.

15.46 Germany beat Norway 9-5: the Germans, in case of victory, would hook the Azzurri to four successes.

15.43 Italy beat Turkey 9-4 this morning, winning the fourth match out of four played in this European Championship.

15.40 Good afternoon friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Germany, fifth match of the round robin of the 2022 men’s European Curling Championships.

Italy’s match schedule

Good morning OA Sport friends and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Germany, fifth match of the round robin of the 2022 European Curling Championships.

Joel Retornaz, Amos Mosaner, Sebastiano Arman and Mattia Giovannella they try to continue the clear path: three wins out of three against Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The Azzurri want to go a long way in this competition and are off to a great start. Together with Italy with three victories there are Scotland and Switzerland.

There Germany instead it is two wins and one defeat, which came against Scotland. It will be essential to win for Dominik Griendl, Magnus Sutor, Klaudius Harsch and Sixten Totzek to fuel the semifinal goal.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Germany, fifth match of the round robin of the 2022 European Curling Championships. It starts at 16.00 in Ostersund (Sweden). Good fun!

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LIVE Italy-Germany 6-5, European Curling Championships 2022 LIVE: the Azzurri also win the fifth match!

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