LIVE Italy-Scotland 10-4, LIVE women’s curling European Championships: blue domination, heavy victory in view of the semifinal!




11:48 OA Sport thanks you for following the emotions of this match with us and wishes you a good continuation of the day.

11:46 Costantini and his teammates will be back in the match tonight at 19:00 against Latvia, winning is mandatory to keep hoping for the semifinals!

11:43 A game bordering on perfection for the Azzurri, who are very good at getting out of some moments of difficulty and even better at making things happen when they get out of hand. With this result, Italy surpasses Scotland in the standings and rises to fourth place with two victories and one defeat.

11:40 AM IT ENDS HERE! Mistakes keep coming for the Scots, Italy steals the fourth hand of the match and takes the victory home!

11:37 Excellent shot by Morrison, last stone for Costantini.

11:35 Costantini places an excellent stone inside the house and forces the opponents to a difficult shot.

11:32 At the moment everything is clean inside the house, the Azzurri go for the rejection.

11:30 Romei’s mistake, the blue had gone for the double reject, but unfortunately she ended up moving two Italian stones.

11:27 At the moment two blue stone points and a good defensive guard.

11:24 The ninth end begins, it is absolutely necessary to administer.

11:21 AM STILLAAAA! THIRD HAND STOLEN BY THE AZURES! Costantini and teammates take advantage of a mistake from their opponents and bring home a point in this end as well.

11:19 At the moment there is a blue dot in the house, but the Scots have placed two good stones around it, still to be done.

11:17 The Scots discuss what to do, the last three heavy stones.

11:14 This time it is Lo Deserto who rejects the Scottish guard.

11:13 Same play in photocopy for Romei, Scotland plays in defense.

11:11 Romei rejects the Scottish guard.

11:09 Scotland continues to place guards, the first two plays not perfect for Zardini Lacedelli.

11:07 There are already two hands stolen by the Azzurri, now we need to administer and avoid big mistakes.

11:04 AM STOLEN HAND AGAIN! Morrison tries to find the point, but the stone goes long and the Azzurri take home two more heavy points!

11:01 The situation before the last Scottish stone sees four Italian points. Scotland will have to fail, let’s see.

10:58 The blue points become three, Scotland calls time-out. Three extremely delicate stones remain.

10:56 Scotland tries the double rejection, but at the moment there are still two blue points left.

10:54 AM SCOTTISH ERROR! Our opponents hit one of their guards and push one of our stones to the point.

10:52 Good shot by Sinclair, which sweeps away almost all the stones in the house.

10:49 We start, as usual, with a series of guards.

10:46 The excellent performance of the blues continues, this seventh end could already be decisive.

10:43 ANOTHER MAGIC OF CONSTANTINI! Perfect shot, stone inside the house and Italy takes home two points also in the sixth end!

10:40 Another good play by Morrison, Italy at the moment with “only” one point.

10:38 Great play by Costantini, Scotland must go for the double failure.

10:37 Scotland continues to place guards and Italy continues to reject them, everything is decided with these last stones.

10:36 Great coup from Sweden, which places a stone right between the two blue ones at the point.

10:35 At the moment there are two blue stones behind a Scottish guard.

10:32 The sixth end begins, Italy from the hand!

10:30 Now a small break before the start of the second half.

10:27 Two points for Scotland in this fifth end, it’s back to a draw.

10:25 The Scots take advantage of that light, reject our stone and are left with two potential points inside the house. Another great last stone from Costantini is needed again.

10:24 Costantini places yet another guard, probably the shot wasn’t perfect and there is a little light between the guard himself and the blue stone inside the house.

10:23 Scotland sweeps our guard away again, but the double reject is missing.

10:22 Double rejected for Scotland, at the moment there is a stone on each side in the center of the house, with the Scottish one at the point.

10:20 And Sinclair bowls it again.

10:19 Romei immediately places another one.

10:18 Good play by Sinclair, Scotland’s second blows away our guard.

10:16 AM The fifth end opens with both teams posting a guard.

10:14 No points for Scotland, Italy remains two ahead!

10:13 AMMA MIAAAAAAAA! TRIPLE REFUNK OF COSTANTINI! Italy comes out of an extremely complicated situation!

10:12 Costantini tries the double failure again, hopefully Scotland could bring home two points.

10:11 Costantini even touched the triple! Good shot by Stefania, as already mentioned, we need to limit the damage.

10:10 Costantini goes for the double failure!

10:09 The Azzurri call time-out, it is absolutely necessary to limit the damage.

10:08 The double rejection of Lo Deserto fails by a hair’s breadth, the last stones will be very delicate.

10:07 At the moment the Scottish points are even 4, Italy doesn’t even have a stone inside the house.

10:05 Marta Lo Deserto unfortunately hits a Scottish guard, now there is plenty of room for the opponents.

10:02 Not a perfect play by Romei, Scotland is now at the point.

10:00 The blues place a stone with a point and a guard at the start of the fourth end.

09:57 Scotland remains in hand, which at this point has suffered a 4-0 run in the last two ends.

09:55 It is true that the Scots have done too much wrong, but Costantini and his companions have always remained on track.


09:49 AM ATTENTION! The Scots fail to reject, everything is decided in the last two stones, but the sure thing is that Scotland won’t be able to get more than one point.

09:47 At the moment there are two blues at the point, Costantini consults with his teammates on what to do.

09:45 Romei places an excellent stone, the Scots should also fail one of their well-placed stones to sweep it away.

09:44 Start of the fourth end good for both teams, at the moment there is a Scottish stone, but it is still long.

09:41 HERE COMES THE GAME OF CONSTANTINI! Two points for Italy in this second end, blue perfectly running!

09:39 Excellent double rejection by Scotland, Costantini has the last stone available, it is difficult to bring home more than one point.

09:36 SCOTTISH MISTAKE! The blue opponents hit their guard, you have to make the most of this opportunity.

09:33 Good play from Italy, which has decided to open. Something interesting can be reconstructed now.

09:30 And unfortunately the double rejection arrives, everything has to be redone.

09:29 Romei places a second stone on the point, but we are at risk of being rejected.

09:26 Good start for Italy in the second end: a point stone right behind a Scottish guard.

09:23 LET’S LIMIT THE DAMAGE! The last Scottish stone remains short, we come out of this first end with two points conceded.

09:21 Costantini tries to patch up, Scotland has two sure points, but could also seek the third with the last stone available.

09:18 Unfortunately Costantini hits an Italian guard, there is a risk of coming out of this first end with 4 points conceded, it is absolutely necessary to limit the damage.

09:16 Costantini and Romei talk to decide what to do, the whole class of the Olympic Champion is needed in these last two stones.

09:13 Now the Scottish points become three, the blues need a double rejection.

09:10 Sinclair rejects one of our stones, at the moment there are two points for Scotland.

09:09 At the moment there is a Scottish point stone, but the situation could be complex, Costantini is quite nervous about the next game choice.

09:06 The blues place a guard, the Scots place a stone inside the house just behind the guard.

09.04 IT BEGINS! Scotland’s hand in the first end, consequently the opponents of the blue will have the last stone available.

09:01 There are seven places up for grabs for the women’s World Cup, qualifying for the world championship is the minimum goal for our national team.

08:58 Everything is ready, the teams are entering the competition field!

08:55 The Scottish team is historically listed, however in these European Championships they will have to deal with the absence of Eve Muirhead. Italy are underdogs, but they can absolutely try.

08:52 We remind you that the tournament formula provides for a ten-team round robin (in which each formation will challenge all the others only once) at the end of which the first four classified will qualify for the crossed semi-finals (first against fourth and second against third).

08:49 Scotland is currently leading the standings thanks to the successes obtained against Latvia and against Turkey.

08:46 In the first two days, Italy has collected a defeat against Germany (8-3) and a victory against Turkey (8-3).

08:43 The Azzurri will in fact be faced with a double commitment: in a few minutes they will challenge the formidable Scotland, while in the evening, in what could be defined as a real direct clash, they will have to deal with Latvia.

08:40 AllÖstersund Arena in Östersund (Sweden) continues the continental path of Costantini’s Italy, today will be a decisive day both in terms of qualifying for the World Cup and in terms of semi-finals.

08:37 Hello and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Scotland, a match valid for the third day of the 2022 European Curling Championships.

Friends of OA Sport, good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Scotland, match valid for the third day of the 2022 European Curling Championships. The action takes place at the Östersund Arena in Östersund (Sweden), in fact today there is a double challenge for the women’s national team, but we will also see the men on the ice.

Today will be a particularly important day for the Azzurri, both in terms of qualifying for the World Cup, but above all in terms of qualifying for the semifinals, the program in fact includes a first match in the morning against Scotland and a second in the evening (19:00) against Latvia. Italy’s journey didn’t start well with the defeat suffered on the first day against Germany (3-8), but luckily it continued much better thanks to yesterday’s victory against Turkey (8-3). Scotland are currently at the top of the table thanks to victories against Latvia and Turkey. The Scottish formation is very difficult, but it is a formation that presents itself to these Europeans without Eve Muirheadthe blues have a duty to try, because there are certainly no jokes!

The tournament formula provides for a ten-team round robin (in which each formation will challenge all the others only once) at the end of which the first four classified will qualify for the crossed semi-finals (first against fourth and second against third). There are seven passes up for grabs for the women’s World Cup.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Scotland, a match valid for the third day of the 2022 European Curling Championships, news in real time, minute after minute, stone after stone, emotion after emotion, so as not to really miss anything. the match will start at 09:00!

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LIVE Italy-Scotland 10-4, LIVE women’s curling European Championships: blue domination, heavy victory in view of the semifinal!

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