LIVE Italy-Serbia 9-12, World League waterpolo 2022 LIVE: defeat in the final for Settebello


22.07 Thanks for following us and see you at the next live!

22.05 Italy-Serbia 9-12. It must be said that there have been over 40 expulsions in this match, Settebello who still comes out with his head held high from this final. Appointment in July for the Super Finals, Italy too.

0.00 Serbia wins against Italy for 12-9. Proof of pride for Settebello.

0.20 Cinnamon error.

1.13 Goooooooooooooool, Damontereaction of pride of Settebello, Italy-Serbia 9-12.

2.00 Net from Mandicextends the Serbian national team, Italy-Serbia 8-12.

2.19 Net canceled in Fondelli for pushing.

3.20 Goooooool, Sumshorten distances, Italy-Serbia 8-11.

3.41 Net from Jaksicshot from outside, Italy-Serbia 7-11.

4.28 Gooooooooooooooool, Presciutti from a secluded position, Italy-Serbia 7-10.

5.00 Net from Gogovextends the Serbian national team, Italy-Serbia 6-10.

5.27 Di Fulvio fails to score, Dobozanov again.

6.19 Dolce gets the shot parried by Dobozanov.

7.50 Italy winning all the sprints.

The last period begins!

0.00 The third time ends, result of Italy-Serbia 6-9.

0.30 Del Lungo saves a shot from Serbia.

1.20 Dobozanov saves Cinnamon’s shot.

1.58 Goals from Drasovicwho with a feint confuses Del Lungo, Italy-Serbia 6-9.

2.25 Gooooooooooooooooooool, Sum, Italy-Serbia 6-8.

2.40 Italy timeout.

3.38 Net from Vico who takes advantage of numerical superiority, Italy-Serbia 5-8.

4.11 Martial ground shooting.

5.24 Net from Gogov from a secluded position, Italy-Serbia 5-7.

6.12 Stojanovic post.

6.40 Cinnamon cross.

7.50 Goooooooooooooool, Bruni take advantage of a distraction, Italy-Serbia 5-6.

The third quarter begins!

0.00 The second quarter ends, Italy-Serbia 4-6.

0.05 Net from Radulovic, Italy-Serbia 4-6.

0.34 Palo by our Di Fulvio.

1.05 Absolutely spectacular but very hard match.

2.05 Net from Mandicspectacular shot, Italy-Serbia 4-5.

2.40 Del Lungo parade on Stojanovic.

3.47 Goooooooooooooooooool, Damonte from an external position, Italy-Serbia 4-4.

4.14 Del Lungo mistake who gives a net to Rasovic, Italy-Serbia 3-4.

4.40 Mitrovic saves Fondelli’s shot.

5.10 Take out of Dolce.

6.35 Goooooooooooool, Of Fulviospectacular net on the fly without seeing the door, Italy-Serbia 3-3.

6.50 Shot out of Rasovic.

7.30 Di Somma gets his shot saved by Mitrovic.

7.50 Sprint won by Italy.

The second quarter begins!

The first quarter ends, Italy-Serbia 2-3.

0.02 Damonte calls Mitrovic to the miracle.

0.55 Shot of Walled Cinnamon.

1.25 MItrovic parade on Dolce.

2.02 Jaksic’s cross.

2.37 Goooooooooooooool, Martial which exploits numerical superiority, Italy-Serbia 2-3.

2.58 Network of Randelovicin difficulty the Settebello, Italy 1-3 Serbia.

3.48 Ball out of Bottoms.

4.30 Numerical superiority for Italy.

5.00 Lazic crossroads.

5.30 Net from Gogovvery strong shot over the goalkeeper’s head, Italy 1-2 Serbia.

5.46 Penalty for Serbia.

6.30 Goooooooooooldraw of Bottoms that takes advantage of the extra man, Italy-Serbia 1-1.

7.00 Mark Rasovicadvantage for the Serbs, Italy-Serbia 0-1.

7.50 Sprint won by Italy.

The first quarter begins!

20.57 The players enter the pool.

20.55 National anthems in progress!

20.50 The players arrange themselves before the national anthems.

20.45 Del Lungo was the protagonist of all the Settebello matches with extraordinary performances.

20.40 We remind you that both Italy and Serbia are already qualified for the Super Final in July.

20.35 Good evening and welcome to the direct live text of Italy-Serbia final of the European phase of the World League Water Polo.

Good evening and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text of Italy-Serbia men’s World League Water Polo, Settebello facing the Olympic champions in the final.

2022 World League final, European phase. After the victory against Croatia in the quarter-finals and Montenegro in the semifinals, Settebello faces Serbia. Italy is therefore qualified with Serbia and the third classified (Montenegro or Spain) plus France, host country for the Super Final, scheduled for 23 to 29 July in Strasbourg.

The blues called up for this event: Edoardo Di Somma and Vincenzo Dolce (AN Brescia), Francesco Condemi and Simone Rossi (CC Ortigia), Francesco Di Fulvio, Nicholas Presciutti and Marco Del Lungo (Army / Pro Recco), Luca Damonte (Ferencvarosi), Giacomo Cannella, Gonzalo Oscar Echenique (Pro Recco), Lorenzo Bruni, Andrea Fondelli and Matteo Iocchi Gratta (RN Savona), Luca Marziale (Telimar) and Pierre Pellegrini (Iren Genova Quinto).

Event: Italian-Serbia men’s World League Water Polo.
Date: 04/30/2022
Schedule: 21.00
TV Channel and Streaming: Rai Sport web.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE of Italy-Serbia men’s match World League water polo: news in real time and constant updates. Start at 21:00. Good fun!

Photo: Lapresse.

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LIVE Italy-Serbia 9-12, World League waterpolo 2022 LIVE: defeat in the final for Settebello

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