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  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Allianz Stadium
    City: Turin
    Capacity: 41507 spectators8:00 pm

  • Welcome to the live match of the 2nd day of the Champions League group, Juventus and Benfica face off.8:00 pm

  • There is little time left for Juventus-Benfica. Bianconeri chasing the first points in the Champions League.20:01

  • JUVENTUS formation (3-5-2): Perin – Bremer, Bonucci, Danilo – Cuadrado, McKennie, Paredes, Miretti, Kostic – Milik, Vlahovic.20:03

  • BENFICA formation (4-2-3-1): Vlachodimos – Bah, Antonio Silva, Otamendi, Grimaldo – Fernandez, Florentino – Neres, Rafa Silva, Joao Mario – Goncalo Ramos.20:06

  • JUVENTUS bench: Pinsoglio, Carnations, Cats, Rugani, De Sciglio, Fagioli, Soulé, Di Maria, Kean, Barbieri.20:07

  • BENFICA bench: Helton, Brooks, Ristic, Gilberto, Aursnes, Draxler, Bernardo, Ciquinho, Goncalves, Musa, Araujo, Pinho.20:08

  • Allegri’s choices: forward the tandem Milik-Vlahovic, Kostic and Cuadrado the outsiders. Bonucci leads the defense, in the median space for Miretti. Di Maria starts from the bench.20:09

  • Schmidt’s choices: Goncalo Ramos the only striker, behind him the Neres-Rafa Silva-Joao Mario trio. Fernandez and Florentino in midfield, Bah and Grimaldo the full backs.20:09

  • Juventus have only won one of their six matches with Benfica in European competitions.20:10

  • 1 ‘

    First half of JUVENTUS-BENFICA. The German referee Zwayer directs the match.21:01

  • 3 ‘

    Benfica stretches forward, Paredes in a slip intercepts Rafa Silva’s pass.21:04

  • 4 ‘

    GOAL! JUVENTUS 1-0 Benfica! Milik network. Free kick beaten by Paredes, Milik’s winning header.

    Look at the player’s profile Arkadiusz Milik21:06

    Arkadiusz Milik
  • 6 ‘

    Juventus remains in attack after the advantage net, punishment from the trocar for the bianconeri.21:07

  • 8 ‘

    Milik first for Vlahovic, Antonio Silva is ahead but sweeps in a lateral foul.21:09

  • 10 ‘

    Juventus dangerous: Cuadrado’s cross, Kostic kicks in the area, deflection for a corner.21:11

  • 13 ‘

    Ball possession Benfica, Bremer anticipates Joao Mario and interrupts the maneuver.21:14

  • 14 ‘

    Benfica corner scheme: Neres cross, Bonucci jumps higher than all.21:15

  • 16 ‘

    Long phrasing of the guests, but Juventus does not allow gaps.21:17

  • 18 ‘

    Miretti wedges himself in the area after an exchange with Vlahovic, puts in the center but Milik does not arrive on the ball.21:20

  • 20 ‘

    Bonucci blocks Rafa Silva’s shot in the area, corner for Benfica.21:21

  • 21 ‘

    Neres cross on the development of the corner, Goncalo Ramos stands out, ball away from goal.21:22

  • 23 ‘

    Juventus restart, Cuadrado fails to skip Otamendi.21:24

  • 25 ‘

    Joao Mario tries to serve Rafa Silva in the box, but the pass is inaccurate.21:26

  • 26 ‘

    BAH warned for foul play on Miretti.21:26

  • 27 ‘

    Benfica’s first blast: Neres cross deflected by Danilo, central header from close range by Goncalo Ramos, Perin takes the ball.21:29

  • 28 ‘

    Cuadrado falls into the area after a contrast with Grimaldo, the referee lets him play.21:30

  • 29 ‘

    Rafa Silva tries from a distance, but the aim is to be recorded.21:31

  • 31 ‘

    Goncalo Ramos in the area touches the ball with his arm, the action of Benfica fades.21:32

  • 33 ‘

    Joao Mario returns to the right and ends weakly towards the goal, shot blocked.21:34

  • 34 ‘

    Cuadrado snatches the ball from Grimaldo, advances, but finds the obstacle Otamendi.21:36

  • 36 ‘

    Goncalo Ramos goes to the shot from the edge at the end of a choral action, Perin’s grip is comfortable.21:37

  • 38 ‘

    Paredes’ attempt from outside the area, Rafa Silva in a slip blocks the conclusion.21:40

  • 39 ‘

    BENFICA POLE! Counterattack action, conclusion from the edge of the area by Rafa Silva: the ball is printed on the post to Perin by now beaten.21:41

  • 41 ‘

    Var control in progress after a contact in the Juventus area between Goncalo Ramos and Miretti.21:42

  • 42 ‘

    PENALTY FOR BENFICA! The referee, after reviewing the images, concedes the penalty for a foul by Miretti on Goncalo Ramos.21:43

  • 42 ‘

    MIRETTI warned for incorrect play on Goncalo Ramos.21:44

  • 43 ‘

    GOAL! Juventus 1-1 BENFICA! Joao Mario network. Penalty kick converted by Joao Mario with a central shot under the crossbar, nothing to do for Perin.

    See the player’s profile João Mário21:45

  • 44 ‘

    Sparks after Joao Mario’s exultation (hands to ears under the Juventus curve), the referee restores calm with the help of two cards.21:50

  • 45 ‘

    JOAO MARIO warned for non-regulatory behavior.21:46

  • 45 ‘

    PERIN warned for non-regulatory behavior.21:46

  • 45 ‘+ 1’

    Referee Zwayer conceded four minutes of injury time.21:48

  • 45 ‘+ 3’

    Neres in the area stretches the ball and commits a foul on Bremer.21:49

  • 45 ‘+ 4’

    End of the first half: JUVENTUS-BENFICA 1-1. Milik and Joao Mario scored from the spot.21:51

  • The first fraction between Juventus and Benfica ends in a draw: in the 4th minute the bianconeri have the advantage thanks to a header by Milik from a free kick by Paredes. At 10 ‘opportunity for Kostic. Reaction of the guests, on the 39th minute of Rafa Silva’s post. At 43 ‘Joao Mario scored the equalizer from the spot. 21:54

  • Possession of the ball slightly in favor of Benfica in the first half: 53.7%. Nine total shots for the Portuguese, six for Juventus.21:56

  • 46 ‘

    Start of the second half of JUVENTUS-BENFICA. It starts from the result of 1-1.22:06

  • 47 ‘

    Bah tries from a long distance, a very wide ball.22:08

  • 48 ‘

    Vlahovic in the area turns and ends from a tight angle, shot deflected in a corner kick.22:09

  • 50 ‘

    JUVENTUS OPPORTUNITY! The action starts from a recovery by Bremer, a shot by Milik made insidious by the deviation of Joao Mario: Vlachodimos takes refuge for a corner.22:12

  • 53 ‘

    Beat and rebound in midfield, Fernandez’s hard slip on Paredes.22:14

  • 55 ‘

    GOAL! Juventus 1-2 BENFICA! Neres network. Fernandez fights in the middle of the field and starts the action, Perin saves Rafa Silva, but is unable to do anything about Neres’ subsequent shot in the area.22:17

  • 58 ‘

    JUVENTUS substitution: Di Maria enters Miretti exits.22:18

  • 58 ‘

    JUVENTUS substitution: De Sciglio enters Cuadrado exits.22:18

  • 59 ‘

    DANILO warned for foul play on Neres.22:20

  • 60 ‘

    BENFIC OPPORTUNITY! Bah to the shot in the area on the development of a free kick, Bonucci’s deviation was decisive.22:21

  • 63 ‘

    BENFIC OPPORTUNITY! Rafa Silva engages Perin with a right-footed shot from the edge of the box.22:24

  • 65 ‘

    Goncalo Ramos in the area does not find the space to finish, the Juventus defense closes.22:26

  • 66 ‘

    Benfica insists: Neres enters the area, Bonucci slips the walls and the conclusion towards the goal.22:27

  • 68 ‘

    BENFIC OPPORTUNITY! Rafa Silva sorts for Neres, the number 7 in the area kicks at the near post: Perin dives effectively.22:29

  • 70 ‘

    JUVENTUS substitution: Kean enters Kostic exits.22:31

  • 70 ‘

    JUVENTUS substitution: Fagioli enters Milik exits.22:31

  • 71 ‘

    JUVENTUS POLE! Kean’s cross-shot from the top of the area, Antonio Silva’s slight deviation, the ball hits the post. Di Maria picks up the ball but kicks weakly.22:35

  • 73 ‘

    PAREDES warned for foul play on Bah.22:33

  • 74 ‘

    Juventus with 4-3-3, Di Maria and Kean on Vlahovic’s sides.22:35

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