LIVE Mediterranean Games 2022 LIVE: Filippi in the semifinals in foil, now the women! All the swimming blues in the final




14:53 And speaking of medals, later Italy will go hunting for other successes with the swimming team and with Filippi in the men’s foil.

14:48 Meanwhile, we remind you that, after a sensational run-up, in the past few hours Italy has moved to the top of the medal table overtaking Turkey. Here the medals in detail

14:40 FENCING – Olga Rachele Calissi wins the second match with Mebarki. The blue passes 1-5

14:35 FENCING – Morgan Patru rules the Algerian Guemmar for 5-2

14:33 FENCING – The Spanish Maria Teresa Diaz Escalona beats the Portuguese Carolina Oliveira for 5-2

14:29 SCREEN – Another 5-0 for Erica Cipressa, this time against the Lebanese Jaoude

14:28 FENCING – The other Frenchwoman, Jade Marechal also continues her journey by beating the hostess Mebarki for 3-5

14:27 FENCING – The French Morgan Patru continues her path overcoming the Turkish Karamete for 5-4

14:23 SCREEN – We are waiting to know the response of the challenge between Martina Batini and Sonia Zebboudj

14:22 FENCING – No problem for Erica Cipressa, 0-5 against the hostess Guemmar

14:21 FENCING – Olga Rachele Calissi also falls at the Italian home, who had to give the pass to the Portuguese carolina Oliveira for 2-5

14:19 SCREEN – Pass without problems also for Morgane Patru who defeats the Lebanese Jaoude for 0-5

14:18 SCREEN – Maria Teresa Diaz Escalona beats without worries the Algerian Mariem Mebarki for 5-1

14:16 FENCING – The Turkish Irem Karamete rules the Algerian Guemmar for 5-0 and goes to the next round

14:15 SCREEN – Immediate victory for the blue Olga Rachele Calissi who passes to the next round overtaking the French Jade Marechal for 3-5

14:10 FENCING – Women’s foil qualification begins

14.04: FENCING – It will be the Serbian Cuk to face Filippi in the semifinal

13.54: SCREEN – Confirmed, unfortunately, 15-14 for Hamza. It remains to wait for Philippi’s opponent. The Serbian Cuk is ahead 13-11 on the Egyptian Abouelkassem

13.49: SCREEN – There is a protest taking place. The result of the match between Luperi and Hamza is not yet official

13.47: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 15-14. Touch the Egyptian and he will face Llavador in the semifinals

13.46: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 14-14

13.44: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 14-13 red to Luperi in a decisive moment

13.43: FENCING – The blue Filippi is the second semifinalist. The blue Bianchi beaten 15-8

13.43: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 13-12, Filippi-Bianchi 14-8

13.42: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 12-12, Filippi-Bianchi 13-8

13.41: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 12-11, Filippi-Bianchi 12-8

13.41: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 11-11, Filippi-Bianchi 12-8

13.40: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 11-10, Filippi-Bianchi 11-8

13.40: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 10-10, Filippi-Bianchi 11-8

13.39: FENCING The Spanish Llavador is the first semifinalist: the French Elice beaten 15-11

13.38: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 10-10, Filippi-Bianchi 10-8

13.37: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 9-9, Filippi-Bianchi 10-8

13.36: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 9-9, Filippi-Bianchi 9-8

13.35: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 8-9, Filippi-Bianchi 8-8

13.35: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 7-8, Filippi-Bianchi 8-8

13.34: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 7-8, Filippi-Bianchi 8-7

13.33: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 7-6, Filippi-Bianchi 8-7

13.32: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 6-6, Filippi-Bianchi 8-7

13.31: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 6-6, Filippi-Bianchi 8-6

13.31: FENCING – Hamza-Luperi 6-6, Filippi-Bianchi 7-6

13.30. Fencing – Hamza-Luperi 6-5, Filippi-Bianchi 7-6

13.02: SCREEN – These are the quarter-finals scheduled at 13.15. Italy already has the certainty of having its own representative in the semifinals as an all-Italian match is scheduled: Llavador Carlos (Esp) -Elice Meddy (Fra), Luperi Edoardo (Ita) -Hamza Mohamed (Egy), Cuk Veljko (Srb) -Abouelkassem Alaaeldin (Egy), Bianchi Guillaume (Ita) -Filippi Davide (Ita)

12.48 SCREEN – It will be the Egyptian Hamza who will face the blue Luperi in the quarterfinal of the foil at 13.15

12.36: SCREEN – The draw of the quarter-finals of the men’s foil is being completed. The appointment for the two challenges involving the Azzurri is around 1.15pm. From 14, however, the challenges of the preliminary rounds of the women’s tournament will begin

12.32: SWIMMING – The appointment with the swimming finals is for 19.00. You can follow them here and on the dedicated live

12.30: SWIMMING – In the final Brun, Fers Erzen, Mora, Restivo, Mira Albaladejo, Senica Pavletic, Chouchaoui, Arauz Conesa

12.29 SWIMMING – Second place for Mora in the second battery of the 200 backstrokes and therefore double entry into the final for the Azzurri. The French Brun wins with 1’59 “78, second Mora with 2’00” 66

12.23: SCREEN – Quarter-finals also reached for Edoardo Luperi who beat the Egyptian Essam 15-8. The blue will face the winner of the match between the French Ediri and the Egyptian Hassam in the quarters

12.22: FENCING It will be a derby between Guillaume Bianchi and Davide Filippi in the quarterfinals of the men’s foil. Bianchi overtook the Tunisian Minuto in the round of 16 15-4

12.20: SWIMMING – The Slovenian Fers Erzen wins the first battery of the 200 backstrokes with 2’00 “35, second place for Matteo Restivo with 2’00” 66

12.18: These are the protagonists of the final of the 100 backstroke women: Avramova, Rodrigues Revelo, Zofkova, Weiler Sastre, Zamorano Sanz, Gastaldi, Ntountounaki, Segel

12.17: SWIMMING – The Turkish Avramova wins the second battery of the 100 backstrokes and sets the best time with 1’01 “89, second the Spanish Zamorano Sanz with 1’02” 84, third the blue Gastaldi with 1’03 “10 . Two blue in the final also here

12.16: SWIMMING – Carlotta Zofkova is second in the first battery of the 100 backstrokes with 1’02 “19 behind the Portuguese Rodrigues Rebelo with 1’01” 92

12.14: SWIMMING – These are the finalists of the 100 men’s breaststroke: Ogretir, Pinzuti, Bidard, Meretsolias, Marc, Sakci, Thomoglou, Fusco

12.13: SWIMMING – Two Azzurri in the final in the 100 breaststroke. Pinzuti, second in his battery with 1’01 “590 and Fusco third in his battery with 1’02” 44

11.11: These are the finalists of the 200 breaststroke: Garcia Urzainqui, Blazevic, Gunes, Gomez Ramos. Angiolini, Vazquez Ruiz, Cavagnoli, Angelaki

09.12: SWIMMING – Lisa Angiolini, second in her battery with 2’32 “97 and Vanessa Cavagnoli, third with 2’36” 93, are in the final in the 200 breaststroke.

12.05: SWIMMING – These are the finalists of the men’s 200 freestyle: Megli, Dominguez Calonge, Unlu, Proietti Colonna, Boskan, Bouchaut, Turan, Markos

12.00: SWIMMING – Filippo Megli achieved the best time in the heats of the 200 freestyle: 1’48 ″ 08

11.50: SWIMMING – Unfortunately, once again timing blocked and real-time results are missing

11.35: SWIMMING – Alessio Proietti Colonna wins the second battery of the 200 freestyle with 1’49 “94, usual timing problems for the first heat

11.29: FENCING – Two Azzurri on the platform for the round of 16 of the men’s foil. Davide Filippi is already in the quarterfinals. Guillaume Bianchi faces the Tunisian Minuto, Edoardo Luperi the Egyptian Essam

11.27: These are the finalists of the 400 freestyle: Ertan, Caramignoli, Cesarano, Fain, Bocekler, Holub, Soares Martins, Juste Sanchez

11.26: SWIMMING – The Turkish Ertan with 4’11 “26 dominates the second battery of the 400 freestyle beating the blue Caramignoli with 4’14” 50 and Cesarano with 4’14 “80. Both Italians enter the final with the second and third best times

11.23: FENCING – The blue Bianchi in the group won 5-2 with the Algerian Heroui, 5-2 with the French Ediri, 5-2 with the Cypriot Tofalides and lost 2-5 with the Serbian Cuuk and 3-5 with the Egyptian Abouelkassem

11.19: FENCING – In the group Luperi defeated the Egyptian Essam 5-2, the French Elice 5-2, the Egyptian Fellah 5-1, defeated the Croatian Files 5-4 and lost 3-5 to the Spanish llavador

11.18: SWIMMING – The Slovenian Fain wins the first battery of the 400 freestyle with 4’15 “08, overtaking the Turkish Bocekler with 4’15” 84

11.15: FENCING – Only victories for Davide Filippi who defeated the Portuguese Macedo 5-3, the Frenchman Bibard 5-3, the Algerian Madi 5-1, the Turkish Minuto 5-3 and the Egyptian Hamza 5-4

11.12: SWIMMING – The French Rihoux wins the third and last battery of the 100 butterfly with 53 ″ 05. There are two Italians in the final: Valsecchi with the second and Rivolta with the third fastest time. These are the finalists: Syoud, Valsecchi, Rivolta, Rihoux, Huille, Matic, Vazaios, Stamou

11.06: SWIMMING – Algerian Syoud with 52 ″ 52 wins the second battery of the 100 butterfly, according to the blue Valsecchi with 52 ″ 63, third Vazaios with 53 ″ 23

11.03: SWIMMING – Matteo Rivolta wins the first battery of the 100 butterfly with 52 “97, according to the French Huille with 53” 05

10.57 SWIMMING – Soon the start of the 100 butterfly with Rivolta and Valsecchi

10.47: Lorenzo Mora and Matteo Restivo are among the big favorites of the 200 men’s backstrokes. The main opponents are the Portuguese Santos and the Turkish Saka

10.43: Carlotta Zofkova and Anita Gastaldi will be the rivals of the Turkish Avramova in the 100 backstroke. Attention also to the Spanish Weiler Sastre

10.39: Alessandro Pinzuti and Alessandro Fusco are the most successful opponents of the Turkish Emre Sakci but also of his teammate Ogretir, super favorites in the 100 breaststroke

10.36: Still battle between Italy and Turkey in the 200 breaststroke. Lisa Angiolini, already gold in the 100 and 50, faces the race that she loves less than her and with her the rookie Vanessa Cavagnoli. The number one opponent is the Turkish Gunes who has the last chance to take home a gold from this event. Attention also to the Spanish Garcia Urzainqui who is a specialist of this distance

10.32: Filippo Megli is the big favorite of the 200 freestyle. Alessio Proietti Colonna starts with him on the drums, aiming for a place in the final and maybe something more. The most feared opponent for gold is Turkey’s Unlu

10.28: We continue with the women’s 400 freestyle where Martina Rita Caramignoli has what it takes to aim for the podium and Antonietta Cesarano aims for the final. The favorite, however, is the Turkish Ertan who was silver in the 800s and attention also to the other Turkish Bocekler

10.25: It starts with the heats of the 100 butterfly men: Matteo Rivolta is among the favorites to win gold and Edoardo Valsecchi makes his debut at the Games with the aim of winning a place in the final

10.20: The swimming program closes today. At 11 the last heats will start, at 19 the last session with eight finals scheduled

10.15: As always, updates from the fencing platforms will start arriving in the late morning

10.10: The program has just started with the men’s foil. Three blues in the race Guillaume Bianchi, Davide Filippi, Edoardo Luperi

10.07: In Oran, Algeria, another 10 titles will be awarded today after the 223 distributed so far: several medals are expected for Italy, with 2 golds up for grabs in fencing and 8 in swimming.

10.04: It is the fight for the last gold medal between Italy and Turkey. Yesterday there was overtaking thanks to the triumphs in swimming, volleyball and fencing but the coup de grace with football was missed and therefore today the blue contingent relies on swimming and fencing, the only two sports scheduled on this penultimate day

10.00 Hello to all friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Stream of the penultimate day of the Mediterranean Games. Eyes on the Italians in the race, the Azzurri chase the record in the medal table!

Hello and welcome to the live textual live broadcast of the twelfth and penultimate day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games. In Oran, Algeria, they will be assigned today other 10 titles after the 223 distributed so far: they promise several medals for Italywith 2 golds to be won in fencing and 8 in swimming. She flew to the last breath between Italy and Turkey for the medal table victory.

OA Sport offers you the live textual live broadcast of the twelfth and penultimate day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games: news in real time, minute by minute, race after race, so you don’t really miss a thing. It starts at 10.00 and will go on until about 21. Have a good fun.

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LIVE Mediterranean Games 2022 LIVE: Filippi in the semifinals in foil, now the women! All the swimming blues in the final

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