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  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: U-Power Stadium
    City: Monza
    Capacity: 18658 spectators19:56

  • The first leg of these Serie B playoffs, Monza hosts Pisa for this decisive challenge for access to the top flight.19:56

  • In the 16 Serie B playoff finals played from 2005 onwards, on 13 occasions the highest-ranked team has been promoted to Serie A; the exceptions were Sampdoria in 2012; Cesena in 2014 and Pescara in 2016 (in the last two cases they were the fourth in the standings against the third).19:57

  • The formations of the match are official: MONZA with 3-5-2, Di Gregorio – Caldirola, Marrone, Pirola – Molina, Barberis, Machin, Mazzitelli, Carlos Augusto – Ciurria, Mota Carvalho.19:58

  • Available to MONZA: Vignato, Mancuso, Gytkjær, Lamanna, Brescianini, D’Alessandro, Paletta, Sampirisi, Bettella, Colpani, Donati, Antov.20:02

  • The formation of PISA: 4-3-1-2 for the guests, Nicolas – Birindelli, Leverbe, Hermannsson, Beruatto – Marin, Nagy, Mastinu – Benali – Lucca, Puscas.19:59

  • Available to PISA: Torregrossa, Siega, Marsura, Masucci, Cohen, Sibilli, Livieri, Di Quinzio, Gucher, Berra, Dekic, De Vitis.20:03

  • Stroppa does not opt ​​for Mancuso or Gytkjær but for Ciurria paired with Mota Carvalho, in midfield Machin and not Colpani, in defense bench for Paletta.20:05

  • Only bench also for Torregrossa, with Lucca in tandem with Puscas. For the rest, D’Angelo confirms the winning team with Benevento.20:06

  • Great occasions atmosphere at U-Power Stadium, local fans who believe in promotion.20:23

  • The referee Marco Guida directs the match.20:06

  • 1 ‘

    START MONZA – PISA! First ball for the guests, which show the U-Power Stadium.20:33

  • 1 ‘

    Benali immediately gains a corner: the towers rise from the defense of Pisa.20:34

  • 2′

    Strong beat by Benali at the near post, Brown rejects, Ciurria’s counterattack starts but fails to prevent the ball from going out.20:35

  • 3 ‘

    Pisa started very strong, Monza trying to launch on the counterattack with its fast attackers.20:36

  • 4 ‘

    Sponda di Puscas, the striker complains about a deviation of Caldirola’s hand: Guida says that you can continue playing.20:37

  • 5 ‘

    Molina’s tactical foul on Puscas, call for the winger.20:39

  • 6 ‘

    Mastinu tries from midfield, the ball ends high over the crossbar with Di Gregorio in control.20:40

  • 7 ‘

    Birindelli very high in this early game also to force Carlos Augusto to a more defensive position.20:41

  • 8 ‘

    Great closure of Molina on Beruatto, goal kick for Monza.20:44

  • 9 ‘

    GOAL! MONZA – Pisa 1-0! Network of Dany Mota Carvalho. Restart Monza, opening for Ciurria who puts his first intention at the center: the striker arrives who scores his twelfth goal of the season from the spot.

    Look at the Dany Mota player profile20:44

  • 10 ‘

    Not even ten minutes and this first leg is unlocked, rewarded by the choice to unlock with the Pisan defense burned by the speed of the Brianza couple.20:45

  • 11 ‘

    Nicolas in high output blocks Molina’s cross, continues to push Monza.20:45

  • 12 ‘

    Cross by Birindelli that almost mocked Di Gregorio, ball in the corner for the deflection of Pirola.20:46

  • 13 ‘

    Pisa corner: Beruatto’s ball in the center, Lucca anticipated by Caldirola.20:46

  • 14 ‘

    MARIN! First intention shot of the mezzala, high ball over the crossbar.20:47

  • 15 ‘

    Nagy brings the ball and unloads his left foot from the edge, a shot blocked by Di Gregorio.20:49

  • 16 ‘

    Puscas tries from distance, ball wide to the side.20:49

  • 17 ‘

    Lucca defends a ball in the area and kicks first intention, Pirola in the corner: what a forcing now of Pisa.20:51

  • 18 ‘

    Nicolas tries the ball directly for Lucca, Di Gregorio coming out at the edge of his area anticipates him.20:52

  • 19 ‘

    Carlos Augusto, on the right, falls on the left-handed: Beruatto closes it.20:52

  • 20 ‘

    Very high rhythms in these first minutes of the game, you can see the importance of the stakes.20:54

  • 21 ‘

    MORE MARIN! Cross by Beruatto, the midfielder diving on the far post sends high!20:55

  • 23 ‘

    Benali late on Barberis, recall for the former Crotone and Pescara.20:56

  • 24 ‘

    Tense cross by Carlos Augusto, Mota Carvalho does not get there by a few centimeters, there is no one on the far post.20:58

  • 25 ‘

    Game that has moved to midfield, compared to the first few minutes the game has become more physical and tactical.21:00

  • 26 ‘

    Ciurria is still looking for Mota Carvalho, careful Leverbe in closing.21:00

  • 27 ‘

    CALDIROLA! Spizza of the defender on the ball of Barberis, a deviation almost mockery Nicolas!21:01

  • 28 ‘

    MOTA CARVALHO! On Mazzitelli’s ball, a header from the tip just wide!21:02

  • 30 ‘

    On the ground Lucca after a blow to the already bandaged wrist, the player, suffering, makes it clear that he wants to continue the game.21:03

  • 31 ‘

    Pisa which now seems to have taken the field, Monza which is waiting.21:05

  • 32 ‘

    LUCCA! Corner for Pisa, Benali low at the near post, the tip of first intention sends high!21:06

  • 34 ‘

    Cross of Lucca around Puscas, the companion does not arrive for a few centimeters!21:07

  • 35 ‘

    Carlos Augusto tries to break through on the left but dribbles too much, losing the ball.21:09

  • 36 ‘

    WHAT IS PUSCAS WRONG! Personal action by Birindelli who finds his mate in the area, the striker looks for the right to turn by first intention sending to the side.21:10

  • 38 ‘

    Machin for Carlos Augusto, a powerful cross that Nicolas smashed wide.21:11

  • 39 ‘

    Ciurria looks for a left-footed shot from the edge, a ball that ends far from Nicolas’s goal.21:13

  • 41 ‘

    Hermansson arrives for the deviation but hits badly, another opportunity wasted by Pisa.21:15

  • 42 ‘

    Ball around Barberis, none of the teammates understand the intentions of the halfback, however, with the ball getting lost on the bottom.21:16

  • 43 ‘

    What a challenge between Lucca and Pirola, the defender arrives before the very high host point.21:17

  • 45 ‘

    BENALI! Puscas manages to serve the insertion of the midfielder, anticipated in front of Di Gregorio by Marrone.21:18

  • 45 ‘

    THE FIRST HALF OF MONZA – PISA ENDS! 1-0 the partial result, in goal Mota Carvalho.21:19

  • First half played at great pace, Monza finding the advantage in the 9th minute with a Ciurria – Carvalho combination, with Mota bagging between three opponents.21:20

  • Pisa who reacted vehemently often finding the conclusion but never hitting the goal, eight conclusions, none between the posts.21:20

  • On the one hand, D’Angelo can be satisfied with the game and pace of his team, on the other hand he will have to evaluate whether to immediately insert his ace up his sleeve, Torregrossa.21:21

  • 46 ‘


  • 47 ‘

    No change in the interval, the two coaches bet on the same 11 of the first fraction.21:35

  • 47 ‘

    Mazzitelli sees Molina cut in the area, Hermansson risks but manages to send for a corner.21:37

  • 48 ‘

    On the developments of the corner, Machin’s conclusion on the fly: high ball over the crossbar.21:37

  • 49 ‘

    LUCCA! The striker snaps on the offside line, arrives in the area and kicks with power: Di Gregorio outgoing manages to reject.21:38

  • 50 ‘

    MIRACLE OF NICOLAS! Barberis în area finds the deviation of primary intention, the goalkeeper with a reflex sends for the corner!21:39

  • 51 ‘

    Contact in the area between Hermannsson and Mota Carvalho, Guida says we can continue.21:40

  • 53 ‘

    Monza started very strong in this second half, Pisa surprised by Brianza.21:44

  • 55 ‘

    Pisa now trying to take meters, great balance at the U-Power Stadium.21:44

  • 56 ‘

    Mastinu tries his left foot from distance, the ball far from Di Gregorio’s goal.21:45

  • 57 ‘

    Mazzitelli in the area tries a diving header, ball wide to the side.21:47

  • 58 ‘

    MONZA substitution: Luca Mazzitelli exits, Marco D’Alessandro enters.21:49

  • 59 ‘

    MONZA substitution: Patrick Ciurria leaves, Christian Gytkjær enters.21:49

  • 59 ‘

    Benali’s cross, Puscas was ready for the header but action stopped due to a previous touch of the playmaker’s hand.21:48

  • 60 ‘

    Stroppa focuses Molina, D’Alessandro from fifth in midfield.21:52

  • 62 ‘

    PISA substitution: Ahmed Benali exits, Nicholas Siega enters.21:52

  • 62 ‘

    PISA substitution: Giuseppe Mastinu leaves, Giuseppe Sibilli enters.21:52

  • 63 ‘

    POLE OF SIBILLI! Diagonal from a tight angle, a slight deviation by Di Gregorio sends the ball to the wood!21:53

  • 64 ‘

    Sibilli enters the area and falls after a contact with Pirola, the same player signals to the referee that there was no foul.21:54

  • 66 ‘

    Sibilli entered the field very well, Pisa now decidedly offensive with three strikers and Siega in the median.21:56

  • 67 ‘

    Beruatto closes D’Alessandro, Monza who tries with his outsiders to open the defense of Pisa.21:57

  • 69 ‘

    Cross by Mota Carvalho for the tow of Carlos Augusto, careful Birindelli in closing.21:58

  • 70 ‘

    Problem for Puscas lying on the ground: to understand if he is cramping or something muscular.22:00

  • 71 ‘

    PISA substitution: Marius Marin leaves, Robert Gucher enters.22:01

  • 71 ‘

    PISA substitution: George Puşcaş leaves, Ernesto Torregrossa enters.22:01

  • 73 ‘

    Mota Carvalho snatched the applause of his entire stadium after managing to defend the ball between three opponents, restarting his team.22:03

  • 74 ‘

    GOAL! MONZA – Pisa 2-0! Christian Gytkjær network. D’Alessandro’s cross, Mota Carvalho’s header that finds Nicolas: the goalkeeper can do nothing on the tap in of the striker who has just entered the cmapo.

    Look at the player’s profile Christian Gytkjær22:04

  • 75 ‘

    The Monza bench explodes, the U-Power Stadium explodes: a goal that skews the qualification decidedly towards Lombardy.22:05

  • 77 ‘

    MONZA CLOSE TO THE THIRD GOAL! Gytkjær’s header from D’Alessandro’s cross, ball just wide!22:06

  • 78 ‘

    MOTA CARVALHO! Powerful diagonal of the tip, Nicolas saves his by sending for a corner!22:07

  • 78 ‘

    Pisa now in difficulty, guests who do not find the reaction and risked suffering the third goal.22:08

  • 79 ‘

    MONZA substitution: José Machín leaves, Andrea Colpani enters.22:08

  • 80 ‘

    PISA substitution: Pietro Beruatto leaves, Filippo Berra enters.22:11

  • 82 ‘

    Pisa trying to push forward, pressing furiously against Monza who, however, manages to get out with the ball.22:11

  • 83 ‘

    D’Alessandro’s cross, Nicolas attentive in high grip with the goalkeeper who anticipates Carlos Augusto at the far post.22:12

  • 84 ‘

    Cramps for Birindelli, game temporarily stopped.22:13

  • 84 ‘

    MONZA substitution: Dany Mota Carvalho exits, Leonardo Mancuso enters.22:14

  • 84 ‘

    MONZA substitution: Lorenzo Pirola leaves, Mario Sampirisi enters.22:14

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