LIVE Musetti-Sakellaridis 6-1 6-1, Italy-Greece 2-0 United Cup LIVE: Lorenzo is not distracted and takes home the second point



13:56 Here ends our LIVE LIVE of the second singles of Italy-Greece, semi-final of the United Cup 2023. Thanks for following us. To all friends and readers of OA Sport have a good continuation of the day.

13:55 The match between Italy and Greece will start again tomorrow at 7.00 (Italian time) with the match between Matteo Berrettini and Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Azzurri will have the first match point towards the grand final.

13:53 Musetti does his duty, packing another double 6-1 after the one inflicted on the Polish Michalski. All easy for the blue talent, who served 61% of firsts and found the point on 72% of occasions. Very tender with the second Sakellaridis, able to win only 29% of the points.

LORENZO MUSETTI b. STEFANOS SAKELLARIDIS 6-1 6-1. The young Athenian’s forehand flies away, and Italy flies up 2-0 against Greece.

30-40 MUSETTI MATCH POINTS. Along the obverse of the Greek leaving the service.

30-30 The tape rejects the reverse of Sakellaridis. Italy two points from the match.

30-15 The blue’s recovery attempt does not pass.

15-15 Excellent change along the line with the backhand by Musetti.

15-0 Sakellaridis’ cross forehand is excellent, receiving compliments from the opponent.

5-1 Game Musetti. All simple for the Tuscan, who guarantees himself the possibility of serving for the match.

40-15 Loses control of the Sakellaridis backhand response.

30-15 Musetti winning service.

15-15 Along the reverse of the blue leaving the service.

15-0 ACE Musetti, the second.

4-1 DOUBLE BREAK MUSETTI! Along the reverse of the Greek. Lorenzo flies towards the finish line.

30-40 Musetti double break ball. Prolonged exchange, closed with the winning inside out forehand on the counterattack of the new ATP number 19.

30-30 Sakellaridis keeps good guard at the net, good at packing the winning volley.

15-30 The cut backhand of the Tuscan is very insidious, which sends the opponent out of revs.

15-15 Straight in the race of Musetti which goes off in the middle of the net.

0-15 The forehand of Sakellaridis runs away.

3-1 Game Musetti. The Greek’s answer stops on the tape. Lorenzo therefore confirms the break.

AD-40 He tries to get out of the rally with a Sakellaridis drop, but his buffer becomes an assist for the blue’s backhand.

40-40 Another smear by Musetti, this time with the serve and volley.

40-30 The low forehand volley of the Tuscan stops on the tape.

40-15 The straight defense of the young Greek is not included.

30-15 Well this time the Greek with the forehand who puts Musetti on the ropes.

30-0 Cue with the straight Sakellaridis.

15-0 Serve and perfect volley by the tennis player from Carrara.

2-1 BREAK MUSETTI! Lucky answer that kisses the tape, and becomes the premise for the winning forehand passer. Here comes the Italian break.

40-AD Musetti break ball. Despite the excellent defenses, Lorenzo manages to find the gap with the usual backhand down the line.

40-40 First in the winning center of the Greek.

30-40 Service and straight for the Athenian.

15-40 Two Musetti break points. First he defends himself with two backhands, then he changes to the top surprising the opponent. Still very good blue.

15-30 ACE Sakellaridis, the second.

0-30 Another bad mistake with the forehand by the Greek.

0-15 The number 803 ATP loses control of the forehand.

1-1 Game Musetti. The Greek’s answer runs away, and he now returns to the joke.

40-15 Rips with the backhand Sakellaridis.

30-15 Winning service of the blue.

15-15 Musetti double foul, the first of his game.

15-0 Along the backhand of the young Athenian.

1-0 Game Sakellaridis. He buries the forehand Musetti, who he has to chase in this second set start.

40-0 ACE Sakellaridis, the first of his meeting.

30-0 Service and straight for Sakellaridis.

15-0 The forehand of the blue is just wide.


6-1 FIRST MUZZLE SET. Service and backhand to come out to close the first partial after 32 minutes. Very well Lawrence.

40-0 Musetti’s winning backhand along the space line, the set points arrive.

30-0 The backhand of the Greek does not pass at the end of a prolonged exchange.

15-0 WHAT A POINT! Lorenzo jokes with some backhands in counter leap, and closes with a narrow crossed passerby with a backward forehand.

1-5 Game Sakellaridis. Musetti’s forehand breaks on the tape, which will now be used to archive the first set.

40-0 Sakellaridis climbs on this smash, which gets three chances to break the ice.

30-0 Musetti’s backhand runs away.

15-0 First winning outside of the Greek.

5-0 Game Musetti. Forehand cross and smash to close the fifth game. Italy flies. After the change of field Sakellaridis will serve to stay in the first set.

40-15 Lorenzo puts pressure with the forehand, which forces the opponent to a desperate recovery.

30-15 In the corridor the volley of the blue, who had tried the serve and volley.

30-0 Musetti winning service.

15-0 Sakellaridis’ answer is not included.

4-0 DOUBLE BREAK MUSETTI! A fireball arrives with a forehand along the line that leaves the opponent still.

15-40 Two balls from the Musetti double break. Great forehand response, and winning in the open field of the blue.

15-30 Blocked response, backhand along the line and forehand acceleration on the counterattack. Well Lorenzo.

15-15 Good crossed backhand of Sakellaridis.

0-15 Winning tape of the new ATP number 19.

3-0 Game Musetti. Thanks to his first ACE Lorenzo confirms the break and takes a seat at 3-0.

40-30 Another free one from the tennis player from Carrara arrives, this time with the forehand.

40-15 In the corridor the crossed backhand of Musetti leaving the service.

40-0 Winning service of the blue.

30-0 Straight down the winning line after the inside out for Lorenzo.

15-0 Backhand along the line and straight on the winning counterattack by Musetti.

2-0 BREAK MUSETTI! The tape rejects the Greek’s forehand leaving service. The break of the blue arrives immediately.

40-AD Musetti break ball. Bad mistake with Sakellaridis’s rebound smash.

40-40 Crossed backhand to send the opponent out of the field, and winning forehand on the other side. Well done Lorenzo.

AD-40 Exhausting defense by Musetti, who recovers on the opponent’s forehand trips, but sends the last backhand into the net.

40-40 He commands thanks to the forehand Sakellaridis, which cancels two consecutive break points.

30-40 Musetti lets himself be tempted and tries the backhand along the line. However, the ball goes out into the net.

15-40 Two Musetti break points. Double fault Sakellaridis, who also forces the second.

15-30 Once again the short ball and volley combination for the tennis player from Carrara.

15-15 The backhand of the blue is very deep, which causes the opponent to make a mistake.

15-0 In the corridor the straight line of Musetti.

1-0 Game Musetti. Lorenzo also looses with his backhand down the line, who holds the serve after canceling a break point.

AD-40 Long exchange always led by Musetti, who accelerates with the forehand sending the opponent out of revs.

40-40 Short ball and close cross volley from the blue to cancel the break point.

30-40 Sakellaridis break ball. The Greek pushes well with his forehand, which forces Musetti to make a backhand error.

30-30 Lorenzo’s winning straight inside out.

15-30 Asphyxiating pressure with the forehand by Musetti, which closes with a flying magic on the counterattack.

0-30 What a response from the young Athenian.

0-15 A large backhand passer from the Greek arrives immediately.


12:45 Musetti won the draw and chose to serve. In just over two minutes off to the match. Have fun and good tennis everyone!

12:44 For Sakellaridis two appearances in this first United Cup. Surprising the victory over the Belgian Bergs, defeat instead against the Croatian Gojo.

12:42 And here they are Lorenzo Musetti and Stefanos Sakellaridis entering the field. The pre-match warm-up is about to begin.

12:38 Lorenzo Musetti, during the blue path of the United Cup, beat the Brazilian Meligeni, the Norwegian Durasovic, and the Polish Michalski in two sets. Very affordable opponents for Carrara’s talent, who will have to keep his guard up without basking in Trevisan’s sensational feat.

12:34 A few minutes of waiting and the two protagonists will enter the splendid setting of the Ken Rosewall Arena. Very little is known about the eighteen-year-old Greek, seen for the first time on the ATP circuit in the last few United Cup matches.

12:30 This semi-final for the blues starts well. Musetti will have to enter the field concentrated, without underestimating the unprecedented opponent. Tempting opportunity for the team led by Vincenzo Santopadre.

12:25 Welcome back friends of OA Sport. The splendid match between Martina Trevisan and Maria Sakkari ended a few moments ago, with the blue capable of signing an authentic feat. Italy is therefore ahead 1-0, and soon it will be the turn of Lorenzo Musetti. The Tuscan challenges Stefanos Sakellaridis.

11:11 The second set of the match between Martina Trevisan and Maria Sakkari ended a few moments ago. The Greek won the tiebreak and pushed the match to the third and decisive set. Musetti-Sakellaridis will start following the women’s singles. See you later!

10:35 Good morning and welcome back to the LIVE LIVE written of the second singles of Italy-Greece. The challenge between Trevisan and Sakkari is underway, and Lorenzo Musetti’s opponent has been known for a few moments. It is, as per the rumors of the day before, Stefanos Sakellaridis. See you later!

Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE text of the second singles match between Italy and Greece, a challenge that will give away a pass for the 2023 United Cup final. Lorenzo Musetti challenges an unprecedented opponent, namely the Greek Stefanos Sakellaridis, who in the last few days has ousted his compatriot Pervolarakis. Captain Petros Tsitsipas will in any case dissolve the doubts a few hours before the match.

Musetti, a twenty-year-old from Carrara, comes to this appointment on the sidelines of a clear run, made up of three victories without losing any set. It must be said that so far the blue has not faced highly demanding opponents, with only the Brazilian Meligeni present in the ATP top 200. However, his next opponent is making himself known on the ITF circuit, and at just 18 he is starting to approach professional tennis thanks to the Australian experience.

Sakellaridis, eighteen years old from Athens, reaches this semifinal after the surprising victory against the Belgian Bergs, and the defeat suffered at the hands of the Croatian Gojo. 1.98 tall, he has one of his main weapons in the service. Number 803 ATP before his debut in the United Cup, at the end of the 2022 season he reached the semifinals of the ITF tournament in Monastir.

The second singles of Italy-Greece between Lorenzo Musetti and Stefanos Sakellaridis will be the second match starting from 9.00 Italian time after Trevisan-Sakkari. It will be played inside the Ken Rosewall Arena in Sydney with a splendid audience setting. It will be possible to follow the match live on Supertennis and in streaming on the official website of the aforementioned channel. OA Sport, as usual, will offer you LIVE LIVE written point by point of the event. Have fun and go blue!

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LIVE Musetti-Sakellaridis 6-1 6-1, Italy-Greece 2-0 United Cup LIVE: Lorenzo is not distracted and takes home the second point

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