Live Salernitana – Venice: 1-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Live the match – Virgilio Sport

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Arechi
    City: Salerno
    Capacity: 37894 spectators16:53

  • At the Arechi stadium everything is ready for Salernitana-Venezia, recovery of the twentieth matchday of Serie A.16:53

  • The two teams play the match scheduled for Epiphany and canceled for too many Covid cases among Campania: completely different conditions of squad and form compared to four months ago, it remains an authentic salvation play-off. The grenades, unbeaten for four rounds, could overtake Cagliari; the arancioneroverdi, returning from nine defeats in a row, are on the last call to get back in the running.16:56

  • Here are the formations. Salernitana with the 3-5-2: Sepe – Gyomber, Radovanovic, Fazio – Mazzocchi, Coulibaly, Bohinen, Ederson, Zortea – Bonazzoli, Djuric. Available: Belec, Russo, Gagliolo, Ruggeri, Dragusin, Obi, Kastanos, Di Tacchio, Capezzi, Perotti, Mikael, Verdi.17:41

  • 3-4-1-2 for Venice: Maenpaa – Svoboda, Caldara, Ceccaroni – Mateju, Ampadu, Peretz, Haps – Aramu – Okereke, Henry. Available: Bruno, Makadji, Ullmann, Crnigoj, Busio, Fiordilino, Tessmann, Kiyine, Cuisance, Nani, Johnsen, Nsame.17:40

  • Nicola finds Radovanovic in the center of defense and opts for the Bonazzoli-Djuric attack tandem with the former Mazzocchi and Zortea on the flanks.17:03

  • Soncin opts for Aramu behind Okereke-Henry. A starting chance for Svoboda in defense and Peretz in the middle.17:38

  • The warm-up phases are over, soon the start of the race directed by Mariani.17:42

  • 1 ‘

    START Salernitana-Venice, green and black ball.18:00

  • 1 ‘

    Punishment by Aramu, Okereke tames for Ceccaroni, right blocked in two halves by Sepe.18:02

  • 3 ‘

    Zortea reaches the bottom, Svoboda concedes the first corner of the race.18:03

  • 4 ‘

    Mariani is recalled to the VAR for a hand contact by Ceccaroni in the area on a high leg turn by Fazio.18:05

  • 5 ‘

    SALERNITAN PENALTY! Mariani after having seen the images assigns the penalty to the Campania region.18:05

  • 5 ‘

    WARNED Ceccaroni for hand ball.18:05

  • 7 ‘

    GOAL! SALERNITANA-Venice 1-0! Penalty by Bonazzoli. Dry low shot, Maenpaa immobile, Bonazzoli cold from 11 meters.

    Look at the player’s card Federico Bonazzoli18:07

    Federico Bonazzoli
  • 9 ‘

    Okereke stretches for Mateju, Zortea contains it.18:09

  • 11 ‘

    Ederson from the edge, right walled by Caldara.18:13

  • 12 ‘

    The action continues, Coulibaly tries from outside, a slipper picked up by Maenpaa.18:13

  • 14 ‘

    Launch for Okereke, Sepe arrives first.18:15

  • 16 ‘

    Round ball of the orange and green, high pressing of the grenade.18:16

  • 18 ‘

    Guests struggle to react, rhythms slightly lowered.18:19

  • 20 ‘

    Punishment from Fazio, Maenpaa comes out badly, touching her in the corner.18:20

  • 21 ‘

    Fazio in offensive projection, earns another corner.18:21

  • 22 ‘

    From corner, melee in the orange-green area, Ederson’s fortuitous deviation, slightly out.18:22

  • 24 ‘

    Ceccaroni falls on the wing, a cross too backward for everyone.18:40

  • 26 ‘

    Ampadu’s long throw, Henry extends his header, Caldara and Aramu are stopped by Radovanovic.18:30

  • 28 ‘

    Fazio on the ground, playing stopped for a few moments.18:28

  • 30 ‘

    Coulibaly earns a free kick from a favorable position, Ampadu’s foul.18:30

  • 31 ‘

    Radovanovic beats, violent but central low shot, Maenpaa without problems.18:31

  • 33 ‘

    Ederson tries to break through centrally, Svoboda does not let himself be overcome.18:34

  • 34 ‘

    Attempt from distance by Coulibaly, right in the curve.18:34

  • 36 ‘

    Ceccaroni spreads Mazzocchi, another punishment for the grenade.18:36

  • 37 ‘

    SALERNITAN OPPORTUNITY! Mazzocchi’s punishment, Gyomber’s overturned, Bonazzoli puts in the middle, Fazio svirgola, Djuric’s paw saved on the line by Caldara.18:39

  • 37 ‘

    Henry’s restart, Okereke engages Sepe but is offside.18:38

  • 39 ‘

    Ampadu along the line for Ceccaroni, a suggestion too deep.18:40

  • 41 ‘

    Mazzocchi’s cross, Caldara vanishes in a corner.18:42

  • 42 ‘

    From a corner, Coulibaly’s shot at the bell tower, Maenpaa’s smanacciata, Ederson on the fly shoots into orbit.18:43

  • 44 ‘

    Okereke looks for Aramu in the box but is offside.18:45

  • 45 ‘

    Two minutes of recovery.18:46

  • 45 ‘+ 3’

    END OF FIRST HALF. Salernitana-Venezia 1-0, Bonazzoli’s penalty decides.18:48

  • At the start Mariani assigns a penalty to Campania on the developments of the first corner, for a hand contact by Ceccaroni on a high turn by Fazio, Bonazzoli realizes it. The hosts close to doubling in the scrum, intangible orange-green forwards.18:50

  • Nicola can be satisfied with the result, he must avoid drops in concentration; Soncin needs to study alternatives, especially in the median, the team is struggling to build.18:51

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    Live Salernitana – Venice: 1-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Live the match – Virgilio Sport

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