LIVE! The 73rd anniversary of the Superga Tragedy

Live the day of celebrations for the 73rd anniversary of the Superga Tragedy

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Dear readers, today’s is a very important anniversary in the grenade world. We are ready to tell you about this long day of celebrations for the 73rd anniversary of the Superga Tragedy live, minute by minute. The program foresees at 11.00 (ceremony starts at 11.30) at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin (entrance from via Varano 35) the official Commemoration which includes the deposition of crowns and the blessing of Don Riccardo Robella at the burials of the fallen in Superga. At 12.30 the gates of Filadelfia will open again: after more than two years from the last time, the grenade fans will once again be able to attend live a training session of the team. In the afternoon – at 5.00 pm – Juric’s men will go up to Superga by bus. Don Robella will celebrate mass in the basilica, then the grenades will move to the tombstone where Belotti will return to read the names of the fallen. Finally, in the evening, from 22.00, the Mole Antonelliana and the main bridges over the Po will be illuminated with grenades.

17:40 – Mass is still in progress with the grenade players present

17:15 – The celebration of the mass began at 17:03 precisely, the time of the crash of the plane

17:03 – The mass held by Don Riccardo Robella begins in which, in addition to the grenade card holders, former prominent figures of Turin and the relatives of the victims are also participating

16:50 – The Torino players have arrived in Superga and are taking their seats in the Basilica

16:35 – More and more people arrive at the Basilica of Superga ready for the start of mass at 5 pm The former Torino goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino has also arrived

16:28 – The President of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio made some statements on the Grande Torino directly from Superga: here his words

16:14 – Two great ex-bulls such as Claudio Sala and Angelo Cereser arrive at the Basilica of Superga

15:30 – Also present in Superga was a group of cyclists from Granada who chose the Basilica as their destination on this special day

14.35 – In the meantime, the First team had a training session under the direction of Ivan Juric: HERE you can find the training report with the photos taken at Filadelfiareopened to fans after more than two years

13.50 – Signed an agreement with the municipal administration which entrusts the Circolo Soci with the maintenance for the next 4 years of the Grande Torino niches in the Monumental Cemetery and of the Superga tombstone

13.47 – The president grenade at the lunch at the Industrial Union organized by the Circolo Soci of the President Leonardo D’Alessandro, in which there are many relatives of the fallen, said: “I am pleased to see all the relatives of the fallen again. Susanna Egri is an extraordinary woman. I also saw little Bacigalupo who tell me that he is becoming an excellent goalkeeper. I am also pleased to see the Ballarin family again. And then here is Franco Ossola, a great character who keeps the memory of the Grande Torino alive. I also see Zaccarelli here. I have a background regarding him. I took the Bull because at a certain point he called me the lawyer from Asti Trombetta, a friend of my brother-in-law. He told me to come to Turin because Chiamparino wanted to meet me. The mayor knew my mother was from del Toro. He asked me to embark on this adventure. But I didn’t know anything except that it was a very difficult world. This is why I called Zaccarelli and asked him to meet me. We met one afternoon in a bar. I asked him to help me but he was really tired from the experience he had, that promotion he had obtained as a coach that he saw vanish. And he told me he didn’t feel like it. But we have to go back to that bar together to have coffee. Who knows what hasn’t happened before will be there in the future… I’m happy to be here, it’s a special occasion to remember our kids and it’s nice that there is such an intense memory. The bull? We have become an aggressive team. At a certain point, after the matches with Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Sassuolo, we hoped to be able to look even higher. But then we lost incredible points with teams that never won! Too bad, but then we recovered well. We are optimistic and confident for the future“.

13.35 – At the Unione Industriale the lunch of the Members’ Club. Present Cairo

13.00 – President Urbano Cairo at the Monumental Cemetery: “There are no ex grenades, when you are grenade you are for life”. And on Belotti … (HERE the complete statements)

11.36 – “When I won the administrative, I dedicated the victory to Aldo Rabino: it was he who made me fall in love with the history of Grande Torino, a symbol of grit, determination and hope for the future.“said the mayor of Turin Stefano Lo Russo (HERE the complete statements)

11.34 – The president of Torino Urbano Cairo arrived at this time

11.19 – We are still waiting for President Cairo

11.05 – Present Claudio Sala, Angelo Cereser, Giuseppe Pallavicini, the mayor of Turin Lo Russo, the director of the youth sector of Turin Ruggero Ludergnani, Andrea Fabbrini, Renato Zaccarelli and Franco Ossola jr

11.01 – We remind you that the commemoration is organized by the Circolo Soci Torino 1906 with the collaboration of Torino FC

10.59 – The arrival of the president of Turin Urbano Cairo is expected at the Monumental Cemetery

10.45 – The first messages on social media arrive in memory of the Invincibles: from Benfica to Juventus (HERE the details).

10.15 – Tonight the Coverciano Auditorium will light up with a grenade. “The world of football – said the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina – must look to the future without forgetting the past and have the duty to remember that legendary team, which in the second post-war period had the extraordinary merit of reuniting the country after years of suffering” .

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LIVE! The 73rd anniversary of the Superga Tragedy

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