LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS WOMEN 1-1 ARSENAL – Triple whistle, Miedema responds to Beerensteyn

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22:56 – TRIPLE WHISTLE! The match ends here. Beerensteyn gave the Bianconeri the lead in the 52nd minute, then Miedema equalized in the 61st minute. With this result, the English remain first with 7 points in the group, Juventus remain at 5, +1 over Lyon.


94′ – SAVE EVERYTHING PEYRAUD-MAGNIN! Foord launches towards goal after a mistake by reddish, but the latter extends the ball too much and is harpooned by the Juventus goalkeeper.

ninety two’ – Beerensteyn is always the most dangerous of the black and whites, but her shot goes out in the arms of Zinsberger.

90′ – There will be five minutes of recovery.

88′ – Conclusion attempted by Foord, sweeps away Rosucci. Then Cantore earns a foul.

87′ – Not a very brilliant phase of the match, there is a lot of tiredness on the pitch.

83′ – Yellow card for Beerensteyn, author of a foul on McCabe.

82′ – Double change for Juventus: Caruso and Bonansea out, Cantore and Bonfantini enter in their place.

80′ – Last ten minutes at the Stadium, there will probably be something to recover from the injury suffered by the Arsenal player.

79′ – Wienroither is unable to continue and has to be replaced, Maritz enters in his place.

78′ – Game momentarily stopped due to a particularly hard contact between Caruso and Wienroither, the latter had the worst of it, perhaps suffering a blow to the head.

75′ – Montemurro is ready to make the first changes to shake up the match-

72′ – Arsenal still dangerous with Miedema, a conclusion that however turns out to be high.

70′ – Twenty minutes plus added time for the hopes of the club.

68′ – The match also lights up on a competitive level, many more contacts in mid-field in this phase.

66′ – Corner that doesn’t create dangers for Arsenal, the Gunners start again but Grosso closes the counterattack in a lateral fault.

65′ – Juventus tries to react after the goal conceded. Beerensteyn wins a corner.

64′ – First change of the match for Arsenal: Nobbs out, Beattie in.

63′ – Yellow card at Arsenal, Blackstenius remedies it for a dangerous entry into the game on Salvai.

61′ – ARSENAL DRAWS. Following the development of a corner, Miedema takes advantage of a bad exit from Peyraud-Magnin and scores the ball into the net to make it 1-1.

57′ – Arsenal who will now necessarily have to discover themselves to look for the equalizer.

53′ – Juventus continues to travel on the wings of enthusiasm to bring home a victory that would be fundamental to say the least.

51′ – GOOOOOOOOOOL! GOOOOOOOOOL! GOOOOOOOL! JUVENTUS SCORE! From the goal almost immediately to the goal scored, a perfect counterattack by the black and whites with Girelli serving Beerensteyn’s counterattack. The latter part in speed and face to face with Zinsberger is not wrong! Bianconere ahead at the start of the second half!

50′ – DANGER FOR JUVENTUS! Save all Boattin on the line! On the developments of a corner kick, Wubben-Moy who anticipates Peyraud-Magnin, the Juventus defender saves everything one step away from the goal line!

49′ – Juventus risk big on a mistake by Lenzini, watch out for Peyraud-Magnin who takes refuge in a corner.

48′ – First yellow card of the match, Pedersen gets it for a festoon on Walti.

47′ – No changes between 10 pm on the pitch.

46′ – WE GO AGAIN! GO TO THE SECOND HALF! Juventus in possession of the ball.


21:49 – Teams resting at the end of a first half full of emotions. Guest very close to scoring with Blackstenius hitting the crossbar, but result still nailed to 0-0.


45′ – One minute of recovery.

43′ – Juventus try to react with Beerensteyn who gets rid of Catley and concludes, Walti takes refuge in a corner.

41′ – Arsenal up front again! Cross in the middle attempted by Foord for Blackstenius, the latter completely alone does not hook up and fails with a sure shot.

38′ – ARSENAL STILL DANGEROUS! Conclusion attempted again by Blackstenius, the best of the English ones: Peyraud-Magnin is not surprised and rejects the conclusion with a flash.

35′ – Ten minutes into the first half, it’s still Arsenal who have the game in this half-time finale.

33′ – CROSS ARSENAL! Blackstenius! The Swede receives a nice through ball and face to face with Peyraud-Magnin raises the conclusion too much. Football that is printed directly on the wood.

30′ – Arsenal reappears forward with Blackstenius, the ball ends up in the stars.

29′ – JUVENTUS DANGEROUS! Nice play by Beerensteyn who aims the opponent on the right, ball for Girelli who finishes twice with a sure shot: both times the English defense counters the ball.

25′ – Another forward action for Arsenal: Miedema tries the shot from the edge, rejected by Salvai who tries to re-launch the Bianconeri’s restart. The opportunity, however, fades.

23′ – Juventus try to show themselves forward with Beerensteyn, a cross from the left which however ends directly on the back.

21′ – Juve risked a direct back pass to Rosucci, the latter stretches out at the last minute and removes the danger.

20′ – Nothing done on the next corner, but Arsenal continued pressing.

18′ – Another corner won by the English, Salvai closes on Maanum’s cross.

15′ – A quarter of an hour on the clock, a balanced match at the Allianz Stadium.

14′ – Juventus are trying to shake themselves off after a start in which the initiative of the English had suffered, undoubtedly among the favorites to win the group.

12′ – Corner won by Arsenal, Rosucci sweeps on the serve. The ball was then put back into play by the English, with Peyraud-Magnin blocking and neutralizing.

10′ – Insisted possession of the ball by Arsenal who, however, do not sink the shot.

8′ – He pushes Juventus. Free kick won by Beerensteyn 30 meters from goal. Boattin tries to finish off the pitch, the ball filters under the barrier and then goes out in the arms of Zinsberger.

5′ – The English make the match, Juventus for the moment is not discovered.

3′ – Arsenal reappeared forward with a free kick awarded for a foul by Bonansea. On the set the English try to cross, Peyraud-Maignin blocks without problems.

2′ – The Gunners try to show themselves forward immediately with Maanum, a ball that however goes wide wide.

1′ – LETS GO! GO TO THE MATCH! Arsenal maneuver the first ball of the match.


20:58 – Teams on the pitch for the ritual formalities, then the match will finally begin.

20:57 – Juventus management in full force in the stands for this challenge.

20:52 – In the late afternoon in the black and white group, Lyon overwhelmed Zurich 3-0 away. The French momentarily hook the black and whites at 4 points.

8.50pm – Ten minutes to kick off the match.

8.45pm – Among the ranks of Arsenal out Mead (breakage of the crusader), in the last few hours forfait also for Hurtig.

8:00 pm – Friends and friends of Tuttojuve.comwelcome to the direct text of Juventus Women v Arsenal Women, valid for the third day of the group stage of the Women’s Champions League. The Gunners they are currently first in the group with six points, while the black and whites follow on four after the victory against Zurich and the draw against Lyon. Here are the official lineups:

JUVENTUS WOMEN (4-3-3): Peyraud-Magnin; Lenzini, Rosucci, Salvai, Boattin; Caruso, Pedersen, Grosso; Bonansea, Girelli, Beerensteyn. All. Montemurro

Available: Aprile, Forcinella, Gama, Cernoia, Cantore, Lundorf, Zamanian, Bonfantini, Arcangeli, Schatzer, Immaginant, Duljan

ARSENAL (4-3-3): Zinsberger; McCabe, Catley, Wubben-Moy, Wienroither; Walti, Nobbs, Maanum; Foord, Miedema, Blackstenius. All. Eidevall
Subs: Marckese, Williams, Beattie, Maritz, Iwabuchi, Agyemang, Reid

Referee: Iuliana Demetrescu ROU

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LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS WOMEN 1-1 ARSENAL – Triple whistle, Miedema responds to Beerensteyn

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