LIVE TJ – PORDENONE-JUVENTUS NEXT GEN 1-1, Cudrig gives the bianconeri equal to the last breath

90 ‘+ 6 – It ends here !! Juventus Next Gen finds the draw at the very last second against Pordenone, and remains unbeaten after 2 days, just like the Friulians. Hosts who, on points, would have deserved the victory, but to admire the attitude of the bianconeri, never domi.

90 ‘+ 5 – GOAL OF JUVE !! CUDRIG !! At the last breath the bianconeri found the equal goal thanks to a header from the striker, prompted by Beso. 1-1 !!

90 ‘+ 1 – 4 minutes of recovery.

89 ‘- Little is played in the last minutes, many fouls break the rhythm of the game.

87′- Andreoni warned in the ranks of Pordenone.

86 ‘- From Graca !! Attempt from inside the area, nothing done for Juve.

83′- Barrenechea was warned.

82 ‘- Change for Juve: Sersanti exits, Cerri enters.

79′- Pirrello’s beautiful closing on Da Graca, holds the 1-0 for the hosts.

78′- Change for Pordenone: Biondi takes the place of Deli.

73 ‘- Cudrig !! Dangerous conclusion from inside the area, ball that touches the post.

70 ‘- Expelled Mezzanotti, second coach of Pordenone, for protests. 2 yellow for him.

68′- Arjeti warned.

68′- 2 changes in Juve: Rafia and Beso enter in place of Iling and Zuelli.

66 ‘- Piscopo !! Pordenone is still dangerous on a corner, this time Senko manages to save.

61 & # 39; – Pirrello !! Goal of Pordenone !! Corner of Burrai who finds the head of Pirrello, able to beat Senko. 1-0 !!

59 ‘- Change for Pordenone: Magnaghi exits, Piscopo enters. Pinato also enters, to give him the place is Torrasi.

56 ‘- Candellone !! Conclusion from a tight angle, Senko is prepared and para.

52 ‘- Pirrello warned.

51′- Corner for the clubs that produces no effect, it is always 0-0 between Pordenone and Juventus Next Gen.

49 ‘- Burrai !! Conclusion from the distance, para Senko.

46′- In Juve Iocolano did not return to the field, replaced by Cudrig.

21:05 – Shooting begins !!

45 ‘+ 2 – The first half ends: the 2 teams go to the locker room at 0-0, even if the hosts, who hit 2 bars, would probably have deserved the advantage.

45 ‘+ 2 – Bendetti looks for Candellone in the area, nothing done for Pordenone.

45 ‘+ 1 – 2 minutes of recovery.

37 ‘- Zammarini tries the shot towards Senko’s goal, but this time the Juventus defense manages to close at the last minute.

34 ‘- Candellone !! Cross of Pordenone !! Nzouango lets a ball slip which is picked up by the black-green tip: his shot hits the crossbar, the second for the hosts.

33 ‘- Juve too must resort to a change: Poli leaves, Nzouango enters.

30 ‘- Change for Pordenone: Bassoli exits due to physical problems, Pirrello is in its place.

28 ‘- Juve forward with Turicchia, but the action does not find dangerous outlets forward.

25 ‘- Candellone !! Conclusion on the side of the Pordenone striker.

24 ‘- Ammonito Iocolano: free kick from the edge for the premises.

22 ‘- Pordenone earning a corner.

21 ‘- Juve struggling to contain the opponent’s attacks now.

19 ‘- He pushes Pordenone in search of the advantage, but in this phase of the match the chances from the goal do not arrive.

12 ‘- Zuelli !! Attempt from the edge on the development of a corner, high ball.

9 ‘- Defensive carelessness of the green-and-blacks, Iling was about to take advantage of it, then stopped.

5 ‘- Traversa del Pordenone !! Magnaghi’s header hits the wood with Senko now beaten. Great opportunity for the locals.

5 ‘- Leds turned off in the field due to the water bomb that hit Pordenone before the match.

3 ‘- Pordenone on the pitch with the classic black-green shirt, Juve with the equally classic black and white.

20:01 – The match begins !!

19:49 – A few minutes at the start of the match, we only await the entry into the field of the 2 teams.

19:40 – The official formations of the challenge:

PORDENONE (4-3-1-2): Party; Andreoni, Ajeti, Bassoli, Benedetti; Zammarini, Burrai, Torrasi; Deli; Candellone, Magnaghi. Available Martinez, Turchetto, Giorico, Dubickas, Piscopo, Maset, La Rosa, Pinato, Biondi, Ingrosso, Pirrello, Baldassar, Bottani. Herdsman Di Carlo

JUVENTUS NEXT GEN (4-3-3): Senko; Barbieri, Poli, Stramaccioni, Turicchia; Sersanti, Barrenechea, Zuelli; Iling-Junior, Da Graca, Iocolano. Available: Raina, Ratti, Muharemovic, Nzouango, Sekulov, Cudrig, Mulazzi, Bonetti, Rafia, Cotter, Lipari, Palumbo, Cerri, Beso. Herds Brambilla.

19: 10- Two teams that want to remain at full points in the standings face each other. Both clubs, in fact, won on the first day: Juve beat Trento (2-0 at home), while Pordenone got the better of Triestina (2-0 away).

7:00 pm – Friends of, good evening and welcome to the direct text of Pordenone-Juventus Next Gen, match valid for the second day of group A of Serie C.

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LIVE TJ – PORDENONE-JUVENTUS NEXT GEN 1-1, Cudrig gives the bianconeri equal to the last breath

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