LIVE TJ – PRO VERCELLI-JUVENTUS U23 – 0-1 – Compagnon decides, Bianconeri qualified for the national play-off phase!

22:24 – Extraordinary feat of the boys from Zauli who at Silvio Piola in Vercelli beat the hosts of Pro Vercelli and qualified for the first time in the final phase of the Serie C play-offs. Mattia Compagnon’s goal decides. Thanks for joining us, to the next game!


98 ‘- Compagnon warned!

97 ‘- What a waste for Juventus! Three against two from Zauli’s team with Soulé being served by Compagnon in the penalty area but unable to kick on goal.

95 & # 39; – Continue to push Por Vercelli, but Zauli’s guys are giving their all and defending the result.

94 ‘- Belardinelli’s bank towards the center of the area but Israel is good at going out and blocking the ball in two stages.

94 ‘- Flag changed, the race starts again.

92 ‘- The flag of the first assistant broke, repair in progress. Stopwatch stopped by the referee.

91 ‘- Now it is a total assault by Pro Vercelli, who also brought their defenders on offense.

90 ‘- There will be 6 minutes of recovery.

89 ‘- Change in Pro Vercelli: Minelli enters and Auriletto exits.

87 & # 39; – The Juventus goalkeeper has recovered, who has just beaten the goal kick.

86 & # 39; – Cross stretched towards the center of the area, Israel dives very well and is anticipated by Belardinelli who puts the ball on the bottom. The biaonconero goalkeeper remains on the ground in pain.

83 ‘- Mirko Conte is bookedassistant coach of Juventus.

83 ‘- Stramaccioni warned!

83 ‘- CROSS CLAMOROSA OF DA GRACA! Launch from the rear for the Juventus striker who, face to face with Rizzo, kicks powerfully but hits the crossbar in full, failing to double the goal.

81 ‘- Change in Juvetus: Riccio exits and Stramaccioni enters.

80 ‘- Cristini’s header from a free-kick from Masi’s trocar. High ball.

78 ‘- A collaborator of Pro Vercelli expelled! Repeated protests against the referee who pulls out the red card.

78 ‘- Barrenechea came out limping, we hope that for him it is not anything serious.

77 ‘- Change in Juventus: Barrenechea and Barbieri leave, Leo and Cudrig enter.

75 ‘- A sensational opportunity for Pro Vercelli! After a shot from Comi, Gatto puts the ball strong and taut in the center of the area where Bunino hits the ball but sends it very high from two steps.

73 & # 39; – Nice cross by Crealese towards the center of the area, but the Juventus defense thwarts the threat again.

71 ‘- Moment of great push from Pro Vercelli, who is now hunting for the equalizer.

70 ‘- Cat! The Pro player focuses on the right and looks for the goal. Very high ball.

69 & # 39; – Cat’s deep cross towards the center of the area, but Israel is good at getting out and blocking the ball.

66 ‘- Nicolussi-Ankle warned! Louati jumps the black and white midfielder who knocks him out. Foul and yellow.

64 ‘- Triple change in Pro Vercelli: Vitale, Bruzzaniti and Panico leave, Rolando, Louati and Gatto enter.

62 ‘- Juventus opportunity! Vitale makes a mistake in the setting phase, Compagnon recovers the ball and reaches the edge of the area, jumps an opponent and tries to cross the left but the ball ends up on the side.

61 & # 39; – Now it will be Pro Vercelli who will have to react, but Zauli’s boys are pressing like possessed.

60 ‘- Warned by Graca! Irregular intervention against a defender of Pro Vercelli.

58 ‘- COMPAGNOOOOOOOOOOOON! JUVENTUS IN ADVANTAGE! The new entrant immediately strikes: Soulé supports for Compagnon who lets a lash out from the edge of the area that bags to Rizzo’s right.

57 ‘- Bunino tries with a volley from the edge of the area, but the ball ends weak in Israel’s arms.

56 & # 39; – Panic tries to go away to Barbieri, but the Juventus defender is good at containing him and earning the goal kick.

54 ‘- Double change in Juventus: Compagnon and Nicolussi Caviglia enter, Iocolano and Zuelli leave.

50 & # 39; – Soulé tries with the left from the edge, but his conclusion ends high.

48 ‘- Bruzzaniti’s cross from the right, but Israel is very good at coming out on the head of Comi who was stationed in the center of the small area.

46 ‘- Masi warned! Out of time intervention by the captain of the Pro Vercelli on Da Graca and yellow.



45 ‘- Nothing happens in the last minutes of the first half, no recovery.

42 ‘- Vitale warned! Do it on Soulé and a yellow card.

40 ‘- Panic’s punishment breaks on the barrier, the Pro Vercelli player tries again on the rebound but his conclusion ends on the side.

39 ‘- De Winter warned! Intervention by the Belgian defender on Bunino launched on the net. Free kick from the edge for Pro Vercelli.

38 ‘- Bunino tries! His header, however, ends up high.

37 ‘- Pro Vercelli again! Left from the edge of Vitale, Israel rejects badly but Riccio is very good at anticipating Bunino who commits a foul on him.

36 ‘- The Pro has raised the pace and is now trying to push in search of the goal of the advantage. Juventus very staid and scared after the Comi post.

29 ‘- Stake of Comi! A greedy opportunity for Pro Vercelli with the number 10 of the Pro who jumps De Winter and tries his right to cross at the far post, but the ball hits the wood and saves Juventus.

28 ‘- Soulé! Solo of the Juventus winger on the right and conclusion to return. His shot, however, is weak and ends directly between Rizzo’s gloves.

24 ‘- MIRACLE OF ISRAEL! On the developments of the corner, Auriletto detaches higher than all but the Juventus goalkeeper is overcome by rejecting the ball, the ball arrives on the feet of Comi who beats with a sure blow but a great intervention on the line of Anzolin sava the team of Zauli.

24 ‘- Moment of thrust of Pro Vercelli, which has conquered two consecutive corners.

17 ‘- Juventus again! On the developments of the corner, Anzolin tries with a razor from the edge of the area but Rizzo is good at lying down and blocking.

16 ‘- Juventus opportunity! Beautiful hole by Zuelli for Da Graca, the Juventus striker reaches the conclusion from close range but Masi intervenes with a great intervention and puts the ball in the corner.

15 ‘- Scheme on a Juventus free kick, but Barrenechea’s header ends directly between Rizzo’s gloves.

10 ‘- Soulé! The Argentine tries with a left-footed shot from the edge of the area, but his conclusion ends slightly high. First pitch of the competition.

10 ‘- Very balanced first minutes with both teams who do not want to discover each other.

7 ‘- Campanile in the Juventus area with Bunino chasing the ball, but Israel is good at going out and making the ball his own.

6 ‘- Try to knock out Zauli’s team, who are now trying to impose their game.

3 ‘- The home team started strong and immediately tried to put Zauli’s team under pressure.

1 ‘- The first ball was moved by Zauli’s team.


20:29 – Teams on the field, we’re off soon!

20:20 – After the warm-up of the two teams, the challenge begins in ten minutes!


PRO VERCELLI (3-4-3): Rizzo; Cristini, Masi, Auriletto; Bruzzaniti, Belardinelli, Vitale, Crialese; Panic, Comi, Bunino.

Available: Valentini, Minelli, Rolando, Della Morte, Jocic, Louati, Clemente, L. Rizzo, Macchioni, Iezzi, Secondo, Gatto.

Trainer: Andrea Nuti (Franco Lerda suspended).

JUVENTUS U23 (4-3-2-1): Israel; Barbieri, De Winter, Riccio, Anzolin; Sersanti, Barrenechea, Zuelli, Soulé, Iocolano; From Graca.

TO disposition: Leo, Stramaccioni, Sekulov, Leone, Compagnon, Verducci, Zuelli, Palumbo, Raina, Cudrig, Boloca, Nicolussi Caviglia, Siano, Lipari, Cotter.

Trainer: Lamberto Zauli.

19:28 – Friends of EverythingJuve, welcome to the live text of Pro Vercelli-Juventus U23, a match valid for the Serie C play-offs. Zauli’s boys are back from 0-0 with Piacenza, which allowed Juventus to pass the round thanks to the best position in the standings, as well as the boys from Lerda who qualified for the next phase of the play-offs thanks to a 0-0 draw with Pergolettese. This is the third cross of the season between the two teams: both in the first leg and in the return leg it was Pro Vercelli, who won 2-0 on both occasions.

Kick-off at 20:30.

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LIVE TJ – PRO VERCELLI-JUVENTUS U23 – 0-1 – Compagnon decides, Bianconeri qualified for the national play-off phase!

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