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13:45 – Massimiliano Allegri presents Juventus-Monza, a match valid for the twentieth day of the Serie A championship, scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm at the Allianz Stadium in Turin. brings you the Press conference by the Juventus coach, scheduled for 2 pm, live.

14:01 – Allegri takes his place in the press room: the Juventus coach’s conference now begins.

How does Juve get to this match?
“We get there after two games in which we collected just one point with one defeat and one draw while conceding eight goals. We had conceded 7 goals in 17 games, 2 goals in 8 games. Plus the Coppa Italia 9, scoring only 6 goals. We need to go back to old habits. It’s true that football is strange and there are also these evenings. We need to improve on this. We face Monza who are a team that plays well, tomorrow they will have more owners than in the Italian cup, it is important to return to victory”.

Have you spoken to John Elkann these days and is it true that he can renew his contract?
“I spoke to Elkann but not about this, he asked me how the team is going. Right now there are so many things to do, you have to stay focused on the championship without losing sight of it. We have 4 months with goals to achieve”.

Will Pogba and Vlahovic be there?
“Tomorrow they will be there, Chiesa no because he has fatigue in the flexor of the operated leg, after 10 months there are setbacks that can exist, it will be a matter of two days and Thursday he will be there. Cuadrado also has a problem with his sciatic nerve, he has this inflammation but with Lazio it should be there. It will take a little more time for Bonucci, Pogba and Vlahovic are available like De Sciglio”.

McKennie available?
“Absolutely not, it is at the center of market rumours. I think the club has already reached an agreement with the other club where he should go, so it’s useless to bring him and let him play.”

Without wingers will the tactical set-up change tomorrow?
“It’s unlikely tomorrow, Chiesa is out and we’ll still have Cuadrado out so it’s unlikely we’ll change set-up. Also because it led us to score 38 points in the championship and we need to continue on this. Then when we’re all together, the moment, the game, changing won’t be a problem.”

How have you tried to isolate the group these days?
“We have to stay isolated from everything, we are asked to go on the pitch and win games. We have to be focused on what we’ve done so far, we have to get back at Monza because we’ve scored a point in the last two games regardless of external problems. There’s a strong club, we’re thinking about getting results and strengthening our standings which are 38 points. From that we must move forward. We finished a first leg, now we have 19 games in the second leg, starting tomorrow we have to try to score as many points as possible. Knowing that it’s a difficult game because Monza aren’t the ones in the first games, they’re doing very well.”

On the right wing, do you expect reinforcements from the transfer market?
“No, there won’t be reinforcements. If McKennie were to leave, we have Cuadrado, De Sciglio, Soulé who can also play as a winger. If necessary, we will also change set-up, the important thing is to recover almost all the players”.

How long can Pogba and Vlahovic play?
“They’re fine. They’ve done good training, a good test the other day. Vlahovic is better in terms of condition than Pogba, even in terms of physical structure, but Paul has come further forward in the last few days. If a player is called up, he can play. Of course he doesn’t They have 60 minutes in their legs, they’ll have 30 at the very least.”

Which ropes do you work on during the week in relation to the points you have?
“We scored 38 points. Otherwise certainties can be lost, the team scored 38 points on the field. We have to work on that ranking, then whether they give us them or not, there’s a strong club that works to defend itself. We have to defend ourselves on the pitch, rather attack because we need to score points”.

Can Paredes play from the start tomorrow?
“He’s fine, he had already played a good game against Monza and so he can play tomorrow. We are entering a period where we have one game every three days”.

A clarification: did McKennie say an agreement found between the companies?
“Agreement between the clubs, then I don’t know if it will go through. He’s a player on the market and therefore it doesn’t seem right and normal to bring him.”

Championship distorted in any case given the penalty in the current season?
“My thoughts are of little use. We have to be much more concentrated than before on the football aspect, we have to make an important effort which is not easy. Tomorrow we expect many fans to help us, we have to compact ourselves even more, be a granite block between the team, the club and the fans. We have to do the best we can.”

Now with everyone available, can this team score 50 points in a group?
“I don’t know, did you think that with all these absences, the team would score 38 points? We had a good first leg, so many young players stood out who are now full-fledged first team players. Those who return now they have even more responsibilities than at the beginning, they have to prove they are better than those who scored 38 points”.

Have you already thought about how to make all the offensive potential coexist?
“We have a match every three days. If we manage the substitution well we can take advantage of it, it all depends on the team’s work. From the desire to do something extraordinary: continue to do well in the championship and try to reach the final in the two cups” .

Do you trust Soulé tomorrow or will the tactical set-up change?
“No, it’s still too early to change our tactical set-up, but that doesn’t mean we should do it in the future”.

14:14 – Massimiliano Allegri’s press conference ends now.

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LIVE TMW – Juve, Allegri: “Ok Pogba and Vlahovic, out Chiesa. McKennie? The club has found an agreement” –

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