LIVE TMW – Juventus defeated in the final, Allegri: “Congratulations to Inter and the referee” –

Big disappointment at the Olimpico for Massimiliano Allegri, who in a few minutes will speak at a press conference after the defeat in the Coppa Italia final against Inter. All the words of the Juventus coach in direct text on TMW.

00.37 – Allegri’s press conference begins: where should Juventus start again?
“First of all from tonight’s anger, and to keep it inside. Having said that, we must congratulate Inter who had a good game and the referee who refereed a good game. We had a strong match, we took a goal naively, then we had chances and kept the pitch well. The last 15-20 minutes we lowered, we were tired and Cuadrado was in trouble on Perisic. But we did the performance we had to do, then I still had Locatelli who did half training, Arthur with his ankle in the middle. I just have to thank the team for the performance they did, for the season and the run-up they made by hitting the Champions League goal. Now we have this anger inside, because we have to go back to winning “.

Considered a ticket for next year even having lost today?
“The beauty of football is that next year we will be able to play again and try to win. We’re sorry, because after ten years Juventus won’t raise a trophy, but let’s look at the positive things that exist, such as increasing anger. in ourselves. We have lost too many direct confrontations in the episodes: they must be brought to our side. ”

What made you angry about the approach to the race and from the finish?
“The expulsion came because an Inter Milan goal arrived and I got a kick. I don’t know who he was, I got angry: I think it’s human. The referee saw me angry and threw me out. . The rest does not matter, it only counts that Inter won and we lost. It is not enough, we have to reflect and start from a good base next year. Now we have to think about the next matches: we leave with so much anger and disappointment, but football gives new possibilities “.

What does this team need next year?
“At this moment, talking about next year or who is needed … I’m not even so lucid: we come from a defeat and we are very angry. That says it all. Now we need to recover energy for the last two games, finish the season and then we will work with the company as we have done this year “.

Nice match for Juve, nice match for the referee. With whom is he more generous?
“Valeri was very good, he refereed with great authority: he was very good, he refereed well. And the team had a good match. The gap with Inter must be reduced and it is done with work: we will do it with the club. when we meet “.

It has changed a lot.
“Well, for example Perisic was taking over Cuadrado. I put in Locatelli who is a month and a half since … Arthur with the same stuff on the ankle. We did our best, I was hoping not to go to extra time because they would have an advantage and so it was “.

Is it ironic about the referee or not?
“I don’t remember the first yellow card because he warned me. I’m not ironic about the referee: Valeri refereed a good match, he was good.”

Compared to the beginning of the year, at this point of the season do you have more doubts or more certainties?
“Many more certainties. I’m angry about tonight’s game, because we lost, but it doesn’t change the judgment on the season, on the team’s value and on what we need to improve. Next year the players who arrived will get to know each other better: Vlahovic he did very well, despite being told more, but he will improve further. Then we have to recover Chiesa, McKennie and whoever is out “.

Allegri’s press conference ends here.

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LIVE TMW – Juventus defeated in the final, Allegri: “Congratulations to Inter and the referee” –

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