LIVE Virtus Bologna-Schio 69-84, 2022 women’s basketball Scudetto final LIVE: Famila Wuber wins race-4, Venetian Champions of Italy!


22:15 Our LIVE LIVE ends here for tonight. Thanks to all of you, dear friends of OA Sport, for following us. Good continuation and a sporting greeting!

Top scorer for the Venetians, who avenge Game 3 and close the series 3-1, Laksa with 22 points and Gruda with 21 points. Giorgia Sottana also closes in double figures with 12 points (together with 5 assists). Honor also to Virtus Bologna, who fought as best he could in his first Scudetto final despite the change ‘in the running’ of coach with the alternation between Lino Lardo and Angela Gianolla. A 26-point Dojkic is not enough, together with 13 from Cecilia Zandalasini.


69-84 Barberis în penetration

67-84 Crippa in suspension

67-82 1/2 for Pasa to the free

66-82 Pasa with the placed

64-82 Gruda from two points, +18 Schio! -2’44 “to the final siren

64-80 Virtus Bologna scores

62-80 Laksa Bomb

62-77 Dojkic’s dribble, arrest and shot

60-77 Barberis from the undisturbed arch

57-77 Keys answered by two, Schio again at +20

57-75 Soft hand for Zandalasini who supports

55-75 Deadly penetration by Giorgia Sottana, which rises to 12 points

55-73 Gruda from the line, Schio returns to score

55-71 Dojkic from two points, the bianconere gnaw two more points in Schio (-16)

53-71 Bomb by Sabrina Cinili, -18 Virtus Bologna

50-71 1/2 for Barberis from the lunette

The last quarter begins at PalaDozza!

The third quarter ends: Famila Wuber Schio leads 49-71, with the goal of the Scudetto that seems to get closer and closer for the Venetians.

49-71 Dojkic doesn’t make a mistake even when the clock is stopped

47-71 3/3 for Martina Crippa from the free

47-68 Tripla by Beatrice Barberis, și shakes the PalaDozza

44-68 Dojkic from the line, 2/2

42-68 Andre ‘harpoons the rebound and scores

42-66 Bomb by Giorgia Sottana, Schio at +24 and maximum advantage

42-63 Gruda in support, the Vicenza ones return above +20

42-61 Turner still under the basket, the Bolognese are back under the twenty points margin! Schio time-out

40-61 Turner on the move, Virtus Bologna tries to react

38-61 Keys in the middle of the area, Famila Wuber in control

38-59 2/2 for Pasa from the line

36-59 Deadly penetration by Crippa, Schio continues to push, increasing the margin on the hosts

36-57 Triple from Crippa, Schio updates the maximum advantage to +21! Virtus Bologna time-out

36-54 Jasmine Keys with stop and shot

36-52 Dojkic scores from two points

34-52 Gruda replica from the painting

34-50 Bomb by Francesca Pasa

Everything is ready for the start of the third quarter at the PalaDozza in Bologna!

The second quarter also ends, with Famila Wuber Schio in absolute control at 31-50.

31-50 2/2 for Gruda from the line, the Vicenza players return to caress the +20

31-48 Placed by Zandalasini! Time-out Schio, with the Greek coach who does not want to leave anything to chance

29-48 De Shields from the corner, +19 bomb for Schio! Last two minutes at PalaDozza in this first half

29-45 Zandalasini bomb coming out of the blocks

26-45 2/2 for Andre ‘from the line, Schio nearly +20

26-43 Andre ‘from two points, what a blaze for Schio! +17 and maximum advantage less than four minutes from the second siren, immediate time-out of Virtus Bologna

26-41 Keys leans against the basket

26-39 Zandalasini with a very difficult basket, Virtus Bologna tries to make up for it

24-39 Giorgia Sottana gets up from the arch and shoots: bomb and +15 Schio

24-36 Laksa from the painted, good exit of the Venetians from the minute of suspension

24-34 Dojkic supports the basket, the hosts return to -10! Immediate time-out of Schio

22-34 Cecilia Zandalasini answers by two

20-34 Laksa bomb, Schio replicates and returns to +14

20-31 Pasa in penetration, 4-0 Virtus Bologna and -11

18-31 Dojkic takes care of it from the line to unlock the score for the bianconere

16-31 Gruda turns and scores using the mismatch, the Venetians never stop: 0-7 open partial, the Bolognese have not yet scored since the start of the fourth

16-29 Laksa ruthless from the bow: bomb and +13 Famila Wuber, Virtus Bologna seems to be in trouble

16-26 Francesca Dotto leans on the board for Schio’s first double-digit advantage

The second quarter begins. Excellent public setting at the PalaDozza in Bologna, with about 3,500 spectators present in the stands of the Bolognese stadium!

The first quarter ends here: Famila Wuber Schio is ahead 16-24 after the first 10 ‘.

16-24 1/2 for De Shields from the line

16-23 De Shields with the arrest and shooting, Schio responds

16-21 Valeria Battisodo makes no mistake with the clock stopped: 2/2 and -5 Virtus

14-21 2/2 for Laksa from the free, the Venetians take off

Dojkic’s unsportsmanlike foul on Laksa!

14-19 1/2 for Giorgia Sottana from the line, Schio returns to +5! Last two minutes at the PalaDozza

14-18 Dojkic shortens from the corner with the bomb! 12 points for her, -4 Virtus Bologna

11-18 Laksa from the painted, partial 7-0 for the Venetians

11-16 Keys with the pad, +5 Famila Wuber

11-14 Another triple from Laksa: Schio does not give up and returns to possession full of advantage

11-11 Dojkic promptly replies with the same coin, Virtus Bologna draws

8-11 Laksa bomb, Schio at +3

8-8 Dojkic replies promptly

6-8 Gruda irrepressible: another basket and eighth point for her

6-6 Dojkic from the line, Virtus Bologna back in contact

4-6 Still the Frenchwoman, Famila Wuber again in the lead

4-4 Gruda for two, Schio puts the match back in a draw

4-2 Dojkic by robbery, steals the ball and scores! Bolognesi still ahead

2-2 Gruda from the middle distance, Schio equalizes the score

2-0 Pasa from the line inaugurates the scoring of this evening

Everything is ready for the start of the match. Let’s go!

20:25 The notes of the Hymn by Mameli resound at the PalaDozza in Bologna. Less than four minutes to the duo!

20:15 The hosts are looking for the second success after the 72-71 48 hours ago to settle the score and postpone the Scudetto speech to race-5 scheduled, in the event, Sunday 8 May at the PalaRomare in Schio. Famila Wuber, for her part, tries to close the series this evening and you will sew the shield on her chest for the eleventh time in her history.
20:00 Good evening to all OA Sport readers! Welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Virtus Bologna-Famila Schio, the fourth match of the women’s basketball Scudetto series.

Lat the presentation of the match

Hello everyone, friends of OA Sport! Welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Virtus Bologna-Schio, game-4 of the women’s basketball Scudetto Final!

The Bolognese managed to snatch a point by winning game-3 at PalaDozza on Tuesday evening for 72-71, thanks to a blaze by Cecilia Zandalasini that made the Emilian public cheer by shortening the disadvantage in the series (2-1) and thus canceling in Schio the first match-ball available. Coach Gianolla’s team now wants to try to do an encore, balancing the scores and thus bringing the series to game-5 possibly scheduled for Sunday 8 May at PalaRomare in Schio (Vicenza).

Famila Wuber must certainly react to try to raise their heads after the defeat 48 hours ago, with the second and last match-ball available to close the games and sew the Scudetto on their chest for the eleventh time in its history. The Venetians will have to restart from the excellent third quarter, canceling instead what happened in the last fraction closed with only 9 points to the credit (against 22 scored by the bianconere).

Two-handed ball that will be raised at the PalaDozza in Bologna at 20:30. Have fun everyone with Virtus Bologna-Schio LIVE!

Credit: Ciamillo

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LIVE Virtus Bologna-Schio 69-84, 2022 women’s basketball Scudetto final LIVE: Famila Wuber wins race-4, Venetian Champions of Italy!

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