LIVE – Zaniolo, Milan pulls back definitively. In the next 48 hours Bournemouth will try to convince the player

LIVE – Zaniolo Milan pulls back definitively In the

LATEST NEWS AS ROMA – The discourse linked to the possible continues to hold the court in Rome sale of Nicolò Zaniolo before 31 January at 20, when the transfer market will close in Italy.

The Milan remains the team that is pushing the hardest to have it after the Tottenham he called himself off by taking Danjuma from Villarreal. However, the agreement with the Rossoneri is far away, with Pinto asking for 30-35 million and above all a sure redemption obligation.

Maldini and Massara waver, wanting to link the redemption to the qualification of Milan in the Champions League, and take time. But watch out for Bournemouthwho advanced aofficial offer to Rome: 30 million plus bonus and a 10% percentage on future resale. A proposition he has Pinto’s ok, but not that of the footballer.

UPDATE 19:10Milan is called out. The Rossoneri club, he reports Gianluca DiMarzio of Sky Sports, let Roma know of not being able to submit definitive offers for Zaniolo. Therefore the Rossoneri hypothesis for the 22nd vanishes. In the next 48 hours Bournemouth will try to convince the striker yellow and red both from an economic point of view, both in terms of importance in the team, and as a showcase for the British championship. Then the ball will pass to Nicolò Zaniolo who will have to make his own decision about the future.

UPDATE 16:30 – The Milan is not willing to grant an extra budget to Massara and Maldini for other purchases, claiming the great effort made in the summer for the strengthening campaign. The property will accept only loans or exchanges. A cold shower for Zaniolowho was waiting for a move from the Rossoneri after Bournemouth’s offer. (

UPDATE 12:55Zaniolo and his entourage are not interested in the hypothesis of a transfer to Bournemouth: player he aspires to a top tier club and still hope for Milan or, secondly, in Tottenham which, however, seems to have slipped away. (

UPDATE 11:50 – The Bournemouth at the moment he has not yet talked about the salary of Zaniolo with the player, who anyway does not seem interested in the destination. Matteo De Santis of La Stampa writes it on Twitter, specifying the figures of the English offer to Rome: 28 million sure plus 4/5 bonus and 10% on future resale.

UPDATE 11:30 – Official offer from Bournemouth to Rome for Zaniolo: 30 million plus bonuses and a percentage on future resale. Gianluca Di Marzio writes it in these minutes. A proposal that meets the demands of the company yellow and red. If Milan does not reach those conditions, Roma is ready to close the deal with the English, then leaving decision to the player.

UPDATE 11:00 – The Bournemouth he is ready to make an offer of 30 million to Roma. This was revealed by the online edition of The Republic in these minutes. However, the player does not like the destination (the club sails in the last positions of the English championship) and is still waiting for a relaunch from Milan.


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LIVE – Zaniolo, Milan pulls back definitively. In the next 48 hours Bournemouth will try to convince the player

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