Lukaku is the light at the end of the tunnel: from today he is back on the pitch

From next week he will work with the team. Without the Belgian giant, the Nerazzurri lost leadership

Romelu will not be enough, even if big and thick as he is, to stop the wind blowing on Inter by himself. Lukaku will never be able in solitude to lift a team that is full of problems from head to toe from the ground: to solve them it takes a collective effort, not the magic wand of an individual. But the return of the Belgian to his lands, on October 1 against Roma at San Siro, still gives a new meaning to the Inter restart: even if he will not win the games alone, the number 90 is the light to follow to get out of the tunnel. Among other things, the team was starting to be drawn on the center-forward, like a compass, everything seemed destined to revolve around him. Romelu had been revived with a reckless loan from Chelsea to restore an unknown force to the attack the year before. Inzaghi was simply thrilled to train him and was starting to use the wrecking ball in his own way to knock down opposing defenses. The trouble with the left thigh flexor, however, completely changed the insertion design. He missed a precious month that would have been used to bring him to top form. Now we start from scratch with the aim of doing faster than expected because in the meantime the calendar started running, like so many in Italy and in the Champions League.

The restart

Lukaku scored in the first Salento ball, on the debut of his second life as an Interista. Then he ruled the match against Spezia, the most tender so far, without jolts, while his third and last presence was made against Lazio, in the defeat in which the first crunches were heard. When he came out, the team lowered and handed over to Sarri until the right final defeat. The next day Rom got hurt and from then on the collapse of results and play came with him as a simple spectator: while he was recovering from the injury a little at a time, he saw his Inter regress dangerously. Even in London Roma has always felt like a Nerazzurri fan and throbbed on TV every week, imagine how much he suffers now that he is back to take back the city crown. The good news for Simone is that from today Rom begins to work on the field, under the control of the staff, an important step forward in his recovery after weeks spent in the pool, weight room and infirmary. Next week, however, he will work directly with the team to prepare the match at home with the old maestro Mourinho: if everything continues to go well, and there is no reason to think otherwise, Lukaku should be in his place at the center of the attack. after the break. And it is not excluded that Calhanoglu also play a trick on Roma: his injury came later than that of his partner and had a different development. He involved another flexor muscle, but even in his case, recovery is going fine. In Simone’s therapy, in addition to the return of Rom, that of the Turk also weighs: in Udine there was no strength ahead, but not even inventiveness in the middle.

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Lukaku is the light at the end of the tunnel: from today he is back on the pitch

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