Marcell Jacobs, the announcement is exciting: the fans are all with him! –

Marcell Jacobs, the announcement is exciting: the fans are all with him! The El Paso sprinter plans to win it all in 2023

After the physical ailments that conditioned his 2022 (especially the World Championships in Eugene in Oregon) now the idea is to prepare as best as possible for the next two years, which will lead to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Marcell Jacobs (Ansafoto)

In the Acqua Acetosa sports center in Rome, Marcell Jacobs he is carrying out a very intense training program, under the orders of the coach Paul Camossi. The American-born sprinter won both the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade that European Championships in Berlin in 2022.

From the treble point of view, therefore, this season has also been satisfactory, despite having missed what was the most important appointment, i.e. the world championship review of Eugene. With Fred Kerley it would have been a really exciting challenge, which will certainly be repeated in the future.

After the title of Tokyo 2020 Jacobs would like to extend its domain also to Paris. To do this, he must start planning the preparation down to the smallest detail, made up of double daily sessions of at least 2 hours each. Lots of work on the track and strengthening in the gym, all with the utmost attention to diet.

Marcell Jacobs, it’s time for tests: how is the Olympic champion?

Marcell Jacobs
Marcell Jacobs (Ansa Foto)

The 2023 is about to be born auspiciously, given that in training Jacobs has returned to express itself at the highest levels. The Coni Institute of Sports Medicine and Science follows him closely.

The track of Paolo Rosi Stadium is now his second home, as well as the workshop and gym of the Olympic Preparation Center of Acetosa Water in Rome.

Marcell just recently carried out tests to evaluate his composition and muscle strength.

They are fundamental tests – explains Jacobs himself – for me and for my team led by my coach Paolo Camossi. It’s important to understand which limb I push the most with and what I can improve on: we have to work on the details to be able to go even faster”.

Wanting to widen the focus, the blue sprinter added:I’m very good. This is the third week of preparation for next season. I feel the fatigue but I can’t wait to start the races. Targets? I want to do well at the European Indoor Championships in Istanbul at the beginning of March. Then there will be the Outdoor World Championships: it’s the only medal I’m missing, it’s the goal of the year“.

Jacobs’ plans for the future: the plan for Paris 2024

Jacobs test
Marcell Jacobs on the track (Ansa Foto)

Also Jacobs did something wrong with this 2022wanting to speed up recoveries that would have required more time.

As soon as we feel good, we athletes want to compete. In the new season I want to be in top form when it matters most. We have already demonstrated several times that we are capable of this. Paris 2024? It will be another great goal. I’ll get there as a reigning Olympic double champion and I don’t know what I’ll feel. I can’t wait“.

The hope of all Italian fans is that in France you can relive the very strong emotions that Tokyo gave to Jacobs and to the other blue athletes. Because of Covid the new Olympics will come only 3 years after the previous one.

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Marcell Jacobs, the announcement is exciting: the fans are all with him! –

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