Marotta, Conte and Juve: the return is a double-edged sword – Transfer market

The names of Giuseppe Marotta and Antonio Conte continue to be linked to Juventus with a view to the future: pros and cons of possible returns

What consequences will the investigation involving directly the Juventus? It is still too early to answer this question, but the investigations are continuing and there is a feeling that other unpleasant surprises may come out.

Antonio Conte and Giuseppe Marotta © LaPresse

Not only there Public Prosecutor’s Office of Turin: recently also the FIGC has decided to reopen the capital gains process – as we had anticipated exclusively on the pages of – to further investigate the thorny story, in order to see more clearly. The Prosecutor’s Office Football Association specified that “the Federal Prosecutor, having examined the documents and investigative acts of the ‘Prisma’ criminal investigation transmitted by the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Turin, proposed an appeal for partial revocation of the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal to United Sections n. 89 of 27 May 2022, requesting the sentence to the sanctions that will respectively be requested during the hearing to discuss the appeal before the Federal Court of Appeal“.

After the powerful earthquake generated by resignation in mass of Board of Directors black and white, there is curiosity to understand how the ‘Old Lady’ will reform its corporate and managerial organization chart in the months to come. Some choices in this regard have already been made, even if the new board of directors – which will be officially announced on January 18th – is likely to represent only one temporary solution, waiting for better and quieter times. The same goes for the sporting side, with coach Massimiliano Merry and Frederick Cherubs which, for now, have remained in place. But at the end of the season many things could change radically: this cannot be ruled out at all, especially if the team were to fall back into the crisis of the last few weeks.

Marotta, Conte and Juve: because the return is a double-edged sword
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And always pay attention to possible returns of two successful former Bianconeri such as Joseph Marotta and Anthony With youthe latter in expiry of the contract June 2023 with the Tottenham. Both continue to be linked to the Turin club. Just a suggestion destined to vanish into thin air? Maybe, or maybe not. What is certain is that their uncommon skills (under pressure they bring out the best in themselves and Marotta is very good at working even with little money available), in addition to their experience, could be of great help to Juventus. Also because they know the Juventus environment very well, so they wouldn’t need much time to integrate again.

Marotta and Conte back to Juventus. Would it really be the right choice?

But there are cons to consider. Above all, of course, the Inter history which unites the two figures. L’Interas is known, is Juventus’ bitter enemy, consequently many fans may not like the scenario described above.

Marotta, Conte and Juve: because the return is a double-edged sword
Conte © LaPresse

The leading manager of the ‘Beneamata’ is absolutely central to the Nerazzurri project and does not seem to reflect much on a possible separation. In addition, the Exor club right now would need more long-term planning, with Conte who would not be exactly the ideal profile for this type of path. Among other things, the shadow of the so-called ‘heated soup’ is always around the corner. In short, the return of Marotta and Conte to Juventus is a Yes not too small, but with some reservations.

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Marotta, Conte and Juve: the return is a double-edged sword – Transfer market

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