Marotta: “Dzeko deserves the renewal. Juve? I didn’t leave for the Ronaldo operation”

Inter’s CEO on Radio Anch’io: “We have two different paths, one at home and one away. The task for Inzaghi is to find solutions.”

“Compared to yesterday nothing has changed, there is the awareness of being able to be protagonists to the end in an anomalous and unprecedented championship, which will restart on January 4”. It is the analysis of Inter Giuseppe Marotta to the microphones of Radio Anch’io Sport, on Rai RadioUno. “It is something new and we are all curious to understand especially as regards the sphere of performance, between players who go to the World Cup and others who stay at home. For the athletic trainers it will be difficult, unprecedented, it will be necessary to understand player by player any shortcomings that will be demonstrated in this time frame “.


Marotta analyzed this first part of the Nerazzurri championship: “We had a mysterious, silent handicap, the origins of which I did not understand, then the team and the coach found the corrective measures. one path and another at home. We have suffered four away defeats, but in evidence there are the 18 goals conceded, which are many compared to the total 22. This is the element that must make us reflect and the coach will have to find corrective measures : these are our homework “.

The recovery

On the challenge that awaits Inter in the return of the championship, on January 4, against the capilista Napoli: “We played 7 games at home and 8 away, we have 4 points less than last year, when Napoli were leading with 36 points, 5 points less than now. There will still be 23 games to play and 69 points to be won: I don’t think the match against Napoli on January 4th is the decisive one. More important to understand in what physical conditions we will find ourselves “.

Dzeko and stadium

For the renewal of Dzeko Marotta has no doubts: “He deserves the renewal, he is a great professional, attached to the shirt and like so many old men around he has the vice of scoring. At the right moment we will initiate contacts: our desire is that, even if the player’s will counts. ” For now, no announcements of shots arriving on the January transfer market: The opportunities must be seized but, when it comes to big clubs, I don’t think there are opportunities that are right for us, we must still keep our eyes open, however I think this is a competitive group for what our goals are “.

When asked about the situation of the procedure for the new stadium, Marotta explained that “on the stadiums we are the rear, in Italy there are only four stadiums owned. There are many bureaucratic difficulties, we should have a more fluid procedure”. For the new stadium in Milan “we are now in a stalemate and I really hope that it can be resolved as soon as possible”.

On the eve of the Federal Council of the FIGC on the D’Onofrio case, the chief prosecutor of the Referees Association arrested for drugs, Marotta said: “It is a very sad page, one of the ugliest in Italian football. I am sure that Gravina will solve it in the best of ways “. On the ultrà issue, later the episode of the north curve evacuated after the news of the murder of the head ultrà Vittorio Boiocchi: “I don’t want to talk about repression but about prevention. A greater culture must be created than we have today, the stadium must not be a place where we clash, but a place of aggregation. Our youth has lost some values, we a a little more mature we must try to inculcate them “.

Zhang and Lukaku

“The Zhang family deserves respect – added Marotta -, because in recent years it has invested a lot of financial energy, we are around 800 million in investments. It has given a lot to the Italian football system and above all to Inter. Following the pandemic all the large industrial groups have had financial contractions; after the pandemic you can no longer show off millionaire investments, the consequent reduction in costs and investments is normal. very complicated world “. On Lukaku’s injury, he underlined how it was “unexpected and unpredictable, conditioned by the desire to return quickly, even with the motivation from the World Cup. We must be cautious. These situations are part of the business risk: in a shortlist of 25 elements. injuries are on the agenda. I am of the opinion that there should not be a competitive stress like the one that has been this season. I hope he can be back as early as January 4th “. (HANDLE).

Ronaldo and farewell

The Inter CEO, commenting on Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit against the Manchester United manager, then denied that Juve’s purchase of CR7 was at the origin of his farewell to the Juventus club. “Within a management structure of a club it is normal that there are different positions, but this does not mean that I was against the CR7 operation: he is an icon and a champion. But that was not the reason for the my divorce from Juventus “.

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Marotta: “Dzeko deserves the renewal. Juve? I didn’t leave for the Ronaldo operation”

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