Michael Schumacher, the memorable former Ferrari driver seems to be shrouded in an aura of mystery. Where is he at the moment? | Here daily

Michael Schumacher ended his legendary Formula One career nearly a decade ago in 2013 when he retired to privately recover from a devastating ski accident.

His son Mick he has since brought his legacy to the track, earning a place among the sport’s drivers, and keeping the Schumacher name in the spotlight. Haas driver Kevin Magnussen touched on this this week when he said he was “A bit difficult” to live like a Schumacher.

Talking with F1 Magazine, he said: “I feel he deserves to be here. It’s a bit difficult because she has this surname. His dad is the greatest Formula 1 driver ever, and some people might think he’s only here because he’s a Schumacher, but he’s really got what it takes. “

But that doesn’t mean people don’t have it yet questions about the original Schumacher, which hasn’t appeared in public for nearly a decade. Mick’s father is still alive thanks to his wife Corinnaaccording to the head of the Ferrari team Jean Todtbecame head of the FIA.

She managed to keep him from death while taking on significant responsibility, according to Todt. He told Bild: “I have spent a lot of time with Corinna since Michael had her serious skiing accident on December 29, 2013. She is a great woman and she runs the family.”

And he adds: “He didn’t expect it. It happened suddenly and she had no choice. But she does it very well. I trust her, she trusts me. Thanks to the work of its doctors and the collaboration of Corinnathat he wanted it to survive, survived, but with consequences. Right now she is fighting them. Let’s hope things improve slowly but surely ”.

Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt on the podium

But where is Michael Schumacher at the moment?

Michael Schumacher celebrated his 52nd birthday on January 3, 2022remaining in the private environment as he always did after his accident.

In December 2013during a ski trip with his family, Schumacher suffered one severe brain injury during the descent of the Combe de Saulire, near Méribel in the French Alps, with his son Mick.

While crossing an off-piste area between Piste Chamois and Piste Mauduit, he fell and hit his head on a rock. Although he wore a ski helmet, suffered catastrophic injuries. Schumacher was rushed to hospital and kept in a coma after the dramatic accident as doctors worked to save the racing champion.

They slowly pulled him out of unconsciousness, a process they completed a year later, in 2014. Subsequently, his family moved him to their home in Gland, Switzerlandwhere he continues his rehabilitation.

In 2014, the Telegraph reported that the runner was “paralyzed and in a wheelchair“. Schumacher’s former Ferrari boss Todt said the driver remained strong. He told Radio Monte-Carlo in 2019 that he had seen an F1 race with Michael and that he continues to fight.

Michael is in the best hands and is well looked after in his home. He does not give up and continues to fight ”. These are his words.

Meanwhile this secrecy regarding Michael Schumacher’s actual health conditions arouse more and more questions from fans. The family does not divulge further news and many wonder if the former Ferrari driver and champion is cerebrally aware of the world around him.

L’aura of mystery regarding his condition over the past decade, they are stirring up several assumptions never denied, but not officially ascertained.

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Michael Schumacher, the memorable former Ferrari driver seems to be shrouded in an aura of mystery. Where is he at the moment? | Here daily

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