Mihajlovic, letter to the Bologna fans: «Exemption that I don’t understand: one of you. I’m fine now “

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The former rossoblu coach, just exonerated, writes a letter published by Gazzetta dello Sportwhere he greets a city that has tightened around him since he discovered he had leukemia over 3 years ago: I’m fine now

Nothing eternal. She writes it Sinisa Mihajlovic in the letter published by the Gazzetta dello Sport. Just exonerated from Bolognawith Thiago Motta now ahead of Claudio Ranierithe Serbian technician wanted to say goodbye to a city that closed around him from that sad, very sad, July 13, 2019when he announced at a press conference that he had contracted a form of acute myeloid leukemia.

Same thing last March 26, when he revealed that he had to undergo a new cycle of treatments to counter the reappearance of the disease: This time the taste that leaves me my turning back one last time sadder. Because I don’t just greet fans who have loved and supported me in these three and a half years full of football and life, tears of joy and pain, successes, falls and starts. Greetings from the brothers and fellow citizens. My adventure a Bologna it wasn’t just football, it wasn’t just sport. it was a union of souls, walking together in a dark tunnel to see the light again. I felt the esteem for the coach and that for the man. Your warmth has warmed me in the most difficult moments, he writes Mihajlovic. And again: I tried to repay all this affection with my total commitment and attachment to the shirt: never sparing myself on the field or from a hospital bed. Many years in Italy and the suffering I experienced have softened me, but not completely changed. I rounded a few corners, but I remain a Serbian who is often hard, frank, brusque: I have not always been able to express my feelings of gratitude. Maybe I don’t know how to give too many sweet words, I don’t know how to throw myself into so many hugs: but I replied “present” with my ferocious sense of duty, neglecting nothing of my work, performing my role to the fullest, even in the most dramatic conditions, to give the fans and Bologna the satisfaction they deserve.

The adventure at Bologna, in these three and a half years, has been wonderful. Salvation conquered, the attempt to raise the bar, until this start of the championship. Then the three points in five games and the painful decision of the club redbl to exempt him: In our three and a half years together we got an incredible 10th place, then twice a twelfth and finally a thirteenth. Always reaching, despite everything – and you know what that “everything” was – a peaceful salvation: trying to make a proactive and offensive kick, throwing young players and allowing the club to earn a lot with the outgoing market, as the recent sessions show. Could I have done even better? Perhaps. Did I give my all? Yes, without the slightest doubt. And this allows me to look at everyone with my head held high and not blame myself for anything. If I did it thanks to you fans and all of Bologna. I will never forget your processions to the sanctuary of San Luca for me, the encouragement, the “force Sinisa do not give up” when you met me on the street, in Casteldebole, at the stadium. And my emotion when I received honorary citizenship feeling like a Bolognese among the Bolognese.

Sinisa, then, cannot fail to mention the exemption: I’ve never been a hypocrite, I won’t be this time either: I don’t understand this exemption. I accept it, as a professional should do, but I thought the situation was absolutely under control and could be improved. The company was not of the same opinion as me. We are just on the fifth day, I find it hard to think that all this depends only on the latest results or the classification and it is not a decision that has been hatched for the longest time. Pity. In Bologna, in fact, it is rumored that the club wanted to change in the summer, but then decided to continue the adventure with Mihajlovic. Who reassures the fans about health, saying he is improving: I want to say that my health conditions are good and constantly improving. I’m no longer taking care of myself, I’m just doing more and more occasional checks. I have followed all the training sessions in Casteldebole in recent weeks: my only temporary impediment is that of not being able to expose myself to a strong sun for too many hours. But I didn’t miss a day. Nothing prevents me from working and going on the bench. This is not the time for football analyzes on the last period, on the market, on the management of some situations that I did not agree with. Now, in remembering so many unique and unforgettable moments, I just want to say thank you, the Serbian continues. Extending a hand to the Rossobl supporters, al Bologna and to the players. Without forgetting the doctors: We will meet again, I hope soon, on the field. Whatever shirt you wear, it will never be an opponent, but always one of you.

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Mihajlovic, letter to the Bologna fans: «Exemption that I don’t understand: one of you. I’m fine now ”

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