Milan-Fiorentina, the case of the guest sector: 500 from Florence without a ticket, the South sides with the Viola. OFFICIAL: the coupons for the Third Green have been canceled

The AC Milan-Fiorentina guest sector is a coincidence. Hours frantic to resolve the problem of the Third Green Ring of San Siro: the risk is that they will find themselves in that slice of the stadium mixed supporters of both teams, notoriously not friends. The reason is that the Rossoneri supporters also bought the tickets usually dedicated to guests, in that specific sector.

THE PROTESTS OF BARON AND THE 500 WITHOUT TICKET FROM FLORENCE – Yesterday they also arrived thereand words of Joe Barone, CEO of Fiorentina:Wednesday evening I spoke to Paolo Scaroni, I told him that I am very angry about this situation. We were not respected. Milan are aware that we are very angry about this situation, let’s see if there will be more openings between now and Sunday. ” Little positive news comes from Florence in terms of public order: in fact, about 500 viola fans without tickets would be ready to leave from the Tuscan capital. In these hours they are happening operational meetings at club and institution level, with the participation of the Police Headquarters and the Ministry of the Interior.

THE SOLD OUT STADIUM AND THE QUESTURE DECISION – Milan claims to have strictly followed the rules for the sale of tickets, in concert with Fiorentina. The stadium on Sunday will be sold out and now the Milan Police Headquarters is ready to cancel all tickets sold to AC Milan fans in the away sector: they will be put back on the market another 4,100 but only for purple supporters, as Fiorentina wanted.

THE SOUTH CURVE IS WITH VIOLETS – He also took a stand on the subject Curva Sud, the heart of the Rossoneri fans, who signed a press release together with the Milan Club Association: “The management of the sales of the away sector for AC Milan-Fiorentina is only the latest in a series of episodes that this season have seen stadiums in which the guests’ tickets have been sold / bought by home fans. We therefore ask AC Milan, which has always been attentive and sensitive to the legitimate needs of the fans, to act as spokespersons for all the clubs for away matches, bringing the issue to the observatory table and at the same time finding an immediate solution to remedy the situation. this unpleasant situation in view of Sunday, because we want to say it clearly and firmly: for us the away sector is sacred and it is fundamental in every stadium. For us it is unthinkable not to have a sector from which to support our AC Milan away. A stadium without the guest sector, without rival supporters or without us as hosted supporters, is the furthest and most inconceivable thing from our idea of ​​stadium and football. “

THE OFFICIAL NOTE OF AC MILANThis is the official note released by Milan in the evening: “THIRD RING GREEN TICKETS The security operating group has evaluated to proceed with the cancellation of all the sales of the guest sector: the details The GOS (security operating group) * at the end of the security meeting held today in view of the AC Milan match -Fiorentina (Sunday 1 May, 3.00 pm, San Siro Stadium), has decided to proceed with the cancellation of all the sales of the guest sector “Terzo Anello Verde”, for reasons of safety and public order. This new decision modifies the indications expressed up to now by the competent Authorities regarding the meeting in question, which AC Milan had followed. The Club intends to specify that all the rules and provisions on the matter have been respected throughout the ticket sales process, and that therefore the previously sold tickets followed a correct and regular process. In line with the determination of the National Observatory for Sporting Events (dated 20 April), which did not place restrictions on the match in question, the Club had in fact put on sale the tickets of the third green ring (a sector of 4100 tickets that the Club intends to welcome visiting fans). As usual, the Club had notified the visiting team 24 hours in advance of the sale, receiving confirmation of receipt, including in the reply the specification that it had already conveyed the information to its fans. No particular further requirement was communicated by the ACF Fiorentina offices. Since then, the Club has remained in constant dialogue with all the bodies responsible for and involved in the event, as well as with ACF Fiorentina, to manage any critical issues and ensure the health and safety of fans at the stadium. Aware of the new scenario, but above all always having as an absolute priority the health, safety and respect of all sports fans, AC Milan therefore acknowledges the new determination and will immediately proceed with the cancellation and direct refund of all the seats in question. . According to the new indications of the Authorities, the Third Ring Green tickets will again be available for sale, but exclusively for the fans of the Guest Team: the purchase will be reserved for the holders of the ACF Fiorentina loyalty card issued no later than the day 04/28/2022. The Club is endeavoring to contact supporters who have purchased Third Ring Green tickets based on their data. The Club invites all holders of canceled tickets not to go to the stadium on Sunday, as they are in possession of tickets that are no longer valid to access the San Siro. The amount of the canceled tickets will be refunded in a different way according to the purchase channel used. In the next few days all useful information will be published on the website. Although not responsible for what happened, the Club apologizes for any inconvenience that this decision may have caused to the holders of the tickets sold to date, remembering that customer care is available for any further clarification or need: every day from 9.00 to 19.00 at 02.62284545 “:

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Milan-Fiorentina, the case of the guest sector: 500 from Florence without a ticket, the South sides with the Viola. OFFICIAL: the coupons for the Third Green have been canceled

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