Milan-Napoli Primavera 2-2 (19′ Gioielli, 47′ Spavone, 56′ Bartesaghi 90′ El Hilali): Azzurri mocked in the final

Naples FootballMilan-Naples Spring, Frustalupi’s team away with the aim of winning. Back on the field with the game of Spring 1 Championship where they compete Milan And Naples. It is the 13th day where they play Milan-Naples.

Spring Championship, Milan-Naples: live text

98′ – Final whistle! Napoli is mocked in the final

97′ – Fantastic goal by El Hilali from outside the area, the result is now 2-2

95′ – Frustalupi’s deputy expelled. so prolongs recovery

95′ – Bad collision with the head in the penalty area, the Napoli goalkeeper remains on the ground

94′ – Milan very close to the equalizer, the ball touches the post

90′ – 5 minutes of added time allowed

88′ – Hard foul by Alastuey, the blue was booked

87′ – Paloschi also punished with a yellow card

82′ – Two substitutions for Napoli: Pesce and Lamine take the place of Rossi and Giannini

76′ – Omoregbe nearly equalized

73′ – Immediately yellow card for Omoregbe, very harsh intervention on a player from Naples

70′ – Napoli change: Russo replaces Spavone

66′ Another substitution for Milan: Scotti makes way for Omoregbe

62′ Jewels booked for holding back: the author of the goal stops an insidious AC Milan restart

57′ Another simultaneous substitution for Milan and Napoli: Alesi replaces Sia for the Rossoneri, Acampa replaces Marchisano for the Azzurri

56′ Goal Milan! The Rossoneri shorten the distance with a header from Bartesaghi from a cross, but Boffelli did badly on the occasion who went empty

47′ DOUBBLE NAPLES! Great individual action by Spavone who sends the Rossoneri defense into a tailspin, skipping two, and finishing on the net

45′ Change for both: Pluvio leaves Milan and Stalmach enters, Iaccarino leaves and Boni enters for the Azzurri


45′ Great header by Marchisano who thwarts a potentially dangerous opportunity at the end, with the opponent already twisting behind him: half-time at Vismara

34′ After a close attempt by the Devil within two minutes: first El Hilal tries close to the small area, then Gala with a shot from distance. Blue goalkeeper responds on both occasions

32′ Even more tense match now: Milan suffered the psychological blow

19′ Surprise at Vismara despite the premises so far: Naples ahead! Jewels unlocks it with a dead ball head

18′ For the moment, balance reigns: closed teams, Napoli above all, with Milan trying the lunge

7′ New AC Milan attempt: the blue defense avoids the worst in extremis on El Hilal

1′ Immediately first Milan ring: accelerated by Scotti who goes into the area and shoots on goal, decisive Boffelli who deflects for a corner


Official formations:

  • Milan: Torriani, Simic, Gala, El Hilali, Pluvio, Eletu, Bakoune, Scotti, Sia, Paloschi, Bartesaghi.

Bench: Bartoccioni, Nsiala, Alesi, Stalmach, Foglio, Perera, Robotti, Parmiggiani, Omoregbe, Longhi, Mangiameli, Casali. All. Abbot

  • Naples: Boffelli, Barba, Giannini, Marchisano, D’Avino, Obaretin, Spavone, Alastuey, Rossi, Gioielli, Iaccarino.

Bench: Turi, Acampa, Pesce, Pantanda, Boni, Russo, Nosegbe, Sahli, Lamine. Herds Frustalupi.

They will take the field today at 13:00 Milan-Naples for the TimVision Spring Championship.

The summoned of Whip Wolves:

  • Acampa, Alastuey, Barba, Boffelli, Boni, D’Avino, Giannini, Gioielli, Iaccarino, Lamine, Marchisano, Mutanda Kasongo, Nosegbe, Obaretin, Pesce, Rossi, Russo, Sahli, Spavone, Turi.

Where to see Milan-Napoli Primavera?

Milan Napoli Primavera Championship, where to watch it in streaming and on TV? The match will be available live on TV on Canale Sportitalia and also in streaming thanks to Sportitalia streaming.

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Milan-Napoli Primavera 2-2 (19′ Gioielli, 47′ Spavone, 56′ Bartesaghi 90′ El Hilali): Azzurri mocked in the final

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