Milan-Turin 0-1 aet, the report cards: Juric, a Toro feat. Double shame for Pioli –

MILAN – TURIN 0-1 aet – 117′ After

MILAN (report cards edited by Gaetano Mocciaro)
Tatarusanu 6 – Little busy, nothing can on Adopo.
Kalulu 6 – Center-right side of defence, closes as right-back always with good results.
Cage 6 – Good performance in the center of the three-man defence. Safe in interventions, good even in aerial play. from 77′ Théo Hernandez 5.5 – It does not affect.
Tomori 6 – Certainty regardless of the form. Good closures in the rare grenade sorties.
Saelemaekers 5.5 – Right full-back is a perfect role for a player who arrived in Milan as a full-back and adapted with good results up front. However, the Belgian struggles to break through, being well contained by the grenade wingers. from 67′ leao 5 – Enter to change the game. His performance is a stalemate.
Vrankx 6 – First as owner for the Belgian, who certainly doesn’t deserve for his commitment and grit. He deserves other chances. from 84′ Bennacer 5.5 – Gives order in the median but does not move the needle of the balance.
Tonal 6.5 – The captain’s armband suits him. He is the beacon of Milan, he dictates the times and often has the illuminating play. Precious as always even in the containment phase.
Pobega 5.5 – Good in interdiction, lousy in support, bad in the insertions. from 77′ Giroud 5 – Too many useless heel strikes.
Dest 5.5 – Nothing to say about the commitment, with the American who often pushes. However, there are many inaccuracies.
Brahim Diaz 5.5 – In support of De Ketelaere, he sweeps across the field without being able to find the starting point. Not very precise in the support phase, he is the first sacrificed when Pioli tries to give a swerve. from 67′ Messias 5.5 – The start is promising because he enters and changes the inertia of the match, forcing Djidji to receive a red card. And instead he doesn’t go any further, remaining confined to the right wing.
De Ketelaere 5.5 – If nothing else, some occasion manages to create it. Few, but better than certain releases seen during the season. Better in the first half, almost none in the second half.
Trainer Stefano Pioli 4.5 – His Milan was unable to exploit either the field factor or the numerical superiority for 50′. Disappointing performance that leads to a double shame: exit from the Italian Cup after one game and against a team of 10 for a long time.

TURIN (report cards edited by Paolo Lora Lamia)
Milinkovic-Savic 7 – Among the great protagonists of the grenade enterprise. In the first half of the game he stood out with a couple of excellent saves, lifting the ball kicked by Dest over the crossbar and then blocking De Ketelaere’s shot from outside. Decisive in several circumstances also in the second half, as well as in extra time.
Djidji 5.5 – He stands out with some good closures, even advancing to midfield when the Bull tries to restart. however, he stains his test with the intervention on Messias which costs him the second yellow card.
Schuurs 7 – Gigantic in the middle of the area, on several occasions preventing the opposing attackers from kicking with punctual defensive closures. He doesn’t lose concentration until the final whistle.
Good morning 6.5 – On the whole, he defends well in his area of ​​competence, removing some insidious balls and sometimes even proposing himself forward.
Single 6.5 – Good match in the two phases, given that he alternates pushing on the right with moments in which he helps more in the defensive phase. from 111′ Bayeye 6.5 – He repays the coach’s trust in the best possible way, serving Adopo the ball for the winning goal.
Lukic 7 – Illuminate the median grenade. His best chance in the first half of the game, when he is hypnotized by Tatarusanu. He has a lot to do against Tonali while, from the second half onwards, he shows himself more in the offensive phase by starting the lead action in a big way.
Hedgehogs 6.5 – Rather shy start, then grows especially in the interdiction phase. He does a great job until the end in this sense, going off at the end of regular time. since 91′ After 7.5 – the 21 grenade will hardly forget this evening. He comes on at the start of extra time, gives freshness to the midfielder and, in the final, scores the goal to go through to the round.
Rodríguez 5.5 – Try on a couple of occasions to push in the left lane, but without creating major problems for the opponents. from 81′ Voyvoda 6 – He replaces his partner well, without particularly obvious plays or gross errors.
Miranchuk 5.5 – Rather in the shade, both in terms of presence in the Milan area and in terms of finishing. From 90+1′ Seck 6.5 – He enters the game well, giving vitality to the Torino attack during extra time.
Vlasic 5.5 – One of the most awaited players, who however struggles to make an impact in the last few metres. He doesn’t improve in the second half. from 81′ Linetty 6 – He shows up in some circumstances in the opposing area, giving his contribution even in the non-possession phase.
Sanabria 6 – He plays as a buoy that builds banks for his teammates rather than as a solver. At the start he puts Lukic in front of Tatarusanu, who blocks his shot. from 71′ Zima 6 – He comes on to fill the gap caused by Djidji’s dismissal, overall delivering a tidy performance.
Ivan Yuric 7.5 – Enterprise da Toro, obtained with suffering for numerical inferiority but also with the right bravado which is rewarded in the end. Probably the greatest satisfaction since he drives the grenades.

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Milan-Turin 0-1 aet, the report cards: Juric, a Toro feat. Double shame for Pioli –

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