Monfrecola, Mexico intermediary: “Lozano can be sold, there’s a clue. ADL? A genius. Mertens refused a great chance out of love for Napoli” | CN24 VIDEO EXCLUSIVE

Alessandro Monfrecolaintermediary and Mexican market expert, was a guest of CalcioNapoli24, during the Live Reaction of the World Cup match being played in Qatar between Mexico and Poland. Among many things, there was also talk of Mertens and above all of the future of Lozano:

Mertens in Mexico, how close was it? Had there been a warrant to bring him there?

“He had a large market in Mexico, there were clubs that had even offered 4-5 million net, but he was never enthusiastic about the idea of ​​moving there because he was tied to Naples and wanted to stay in Naples. Every time I tried to talk about it, with him and the prosecutors, they told me to see what happened but it never went further. As a Napoli fan, I was happy with his stay. America, Tigre and Monterrey were serious and wanted it but the negotiation never advanced as only Napoli was waiting. I don’t know if there was an offer or not, I won’t go into the merits. Once the Naples hypothesis had been skipped, it was already too late for the Mexican market. When the transfer market ends here on 1 September, there they are already on the fourth or fifth day and the teams have found expensive alternatives. Mertens didn’t go to Mexico for too much love of Naples”.

Giuntoli has a very active scouting, is there a Mexican footballer who would suit the Azzurri?

“Giuntoli’s work is being recognized and nobody questions it, but Napoli’s scouting with De Laurentiis is the club’s excellence. Managers and coaches changed, but Hamsik, Lavezzi, Cavani, Kvaratskhelia and many others arrived in Naples. The real strength is scouting which has always been the same since the arrival of De Laurentiis. Everyone laughed at Lavezzi’s arrival, then we know how it ended”.

Is there any footballer who would be in the case of Napoli in Mexico?

“Before the arrival of Kvaratskhelia, a great intuition, Vega could have come in handy who would have composed an incredible trident with Lozano and Osimhen. I would have also taken Corona who went to Sevilla on a zero score but they are previous picks in Kvaratskhelia and I wouldn’t replace him with anyone. Bravo Napoli”.

Lozano, plays on the right in Naples, in the national team also as a centre-forward. But his ideal role? To the left? But there is Kvaratskhelia…

“He’s a winger, right or left but I still don’t understand why Ancelotti let him play as a centre-forward. Perhaps they had promised him that they would sell Insigne, but in the end he stayed and the management of the Mexican wasn’t the best, even if he is a winning coach who paid the price for it in Naples. The left is his ideal role for him, because he is capable of centralizing and scoring, while on the right he is skilled in assists. On the left, however, we can’t see him because Kvara is there but he could reach double figures there. However, today’s Napoli set-up is perfect”.

Yet you were also in the Lozano negotiation. Is there a background to that negotiation that has never been told?

“Raiola was there when he arrived. He took him from PSV and brought him to Naples for 45 million. I wasn’t a part of that negotiation but it was all out in the open. High rating, but regular situation.

Was it worth 45 million?

“I consider him among the strongest in the world but he’s not worth 45 million. I offered him to Napoli a few years earlier for 4 million, it was a bargain. Lozano is a 25 million player. He wasn’t taken but I don’t intend to blame Napoli who preferred to go to already established players. Kvaratskhelia has already been established, although not many knew about it. I, for example, didn’t know him but because I deal with South American and not Georgian football”.

But could it be Hirving Lozano’s last year in blue?

“From an insider’s impression, I think it could be the last year in Naples. I’m not in the negotiation but I think they can leave because Napoli, who are working very well and De Laurentiis is a genius, are lowering their wage bills and are leading the standings and, currently, the highest paid is Lozano with 4.5 million. He’s strong for me, but right now he’s not the one who’s giving the most in the squad. Cutting his salary can help the club even more. Having a great World Cup could help sell him for a fair amount. Keeping it at 4.5 million would lead others to think about asking for an adjustment to those figures. Then if he were to do badly in the World Cup, he could stay as Napoli are not selling at a loss”.

Is it true that there are requests from MLS? Or is there only the Premier League?

“MLS to be excluded, Premier yes as he has relied on some prosecutors specialized in the Premier League and that is his aspiration. In 3-4 years he could go to the MLS but for now it’s early ”.

But those outings that he sometimes has in Mexico, how do you explain them?

“He’s the idol in Mexico, he’s untouchable even if he doesn’t play well in 10 games. He’s also overrated sometimes. Lozano is very strong but feeling confident he shows more personality ”.

But between Lozano and Mourinho, beyond the post-Rome controversies, have there been contacts in the past given your esteem?

“There have been no contacts to bring him to his teams but Mourinho is number 1 in shifting attention in press conferences. In that match, Roma didn’t make a shot on goal and shifted their attention sympathetically to Lozano “.

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Monfrecola, Mexico intermediary: “Lozano can be sold, there’s a clue. ADL? A genius. Mertens refused a great chance out of love for Napoli” | CN24 VIDEO EXCLUSIVE

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