Monza GP: Verstappen wins over Leclerc, Russell and Sainz. Controversy for the final with the Direct safety car

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At the Italian GP, ​​the President of the Republic Mattarella, Ferrari is also looking for victory

16:23 – over. Verstappen wins ahead of Leclerc. The race ends behind the safety car

Whistles on arrival in Monza, this final was handled very badly by the race direction with the arrival behind the safety car. Verstappen wins in front of Leclerc and Russell.

16:21 – Lap 53/53 The race will finish behind the safety car

The car with the sirens is making the last lap.

16:19 – Lap 51/53 The safety car is regrouping the group

Very little remains to be played in this Monza race, perhaps we will only be able to do one lap before the checkered flag.

16:16 – Lap 50/53 Safety car again

The recovery operations of Ricciardo’s McLaren are delayed, there is a risk that the race will end up behind the safety car.

4:14 pm – Lap 49/53 Pit stop for Verstappen and Leclerc

They both ride red tires, Max ahead of Charles. They will start again attacked.

16:12 – Lap 47/53 Ricciardo stops, the safety car enters

The McLaren stopped between the first and second Lesmo, the race direction exhibited the virtual safety car and then let the real car enter. Sainz stops to change tires.

16:10 – Giro 46/53 Excellent debut for De Vries

The Dutch Williams (who went up in place of Albon with appendicitis) is doing an excellent race and tenth.

16:08 – Giro 46/53 Verstappen manages

Max has an advantage of 17 ” 4 over Leclerc with a few laps to go, without any unexpected events the race destined to end like this.

16:06 – Giro 44/53 the top 10

Verstappen, Leclerc, Russell, Sainz, Hamilton, Norris, Perez, Ricciardo, Gasly and De Vries

4:04 pm – Lap 42/53 Sainz on the attack by Russell

Consumer problems for Russell, Sainz are told to push to try to take third place. He would be extraordinary after starting 18th.

16:02 – Giro 41/53 Stroll retires

Race to forget for Aston Martin, after Vettel technical problems also for Stroll. Double withdrawal.

15:59 – Lap 39/53 Fast lap of Leclerc

Charles lowers the time to 1’24 ” 336, Sainz in the meantime fourth.

15:57 – Lap 38/53 Verstappen’s advantage

Verstappen has a 20 ” advantage over Leclerc, but has only made one stop. He doesn’t seem to be suffering from tire degradation, even Charles is lapping faster at the moment.

3:55 pm – Lap 37/53 Hamilton on the attack by Gasly

The world champion passes and takes seventh place.

15:54 – Giro 36/53 The provisional top 5

Verstappen, Leclerc, Russell, Norris and Sainz

15:52 – Lap 34/53 Leclerc switches to soft tires

Charles called back to the pits to switch to red tires, the fastest ones. Verstappen has the average, the Ferrari driver will attempt the attack in the final to try to win the race, a very difficult undertaking.

3:50 pm – Lap 32/53 Retreat for Alonso

Technical problems for Fernando who is recalled to the garage. The Spaniard gets out of the car, the race ended on the circuit where he won in 2010 with Ferrari

15:47 – Lap 30/53 Sainz in the pits

Carlos Sainz recalled to the pit stop, at the entrance he makes a conspicuous braking. He mounts the soft tires so he will be forced to stop again.

15:44 – Lap 29/53 Leclerc at a strategic crossroads

If he stops for a new tire change he loses his position on the track, if he continues he risks finding himself not only behind Verstappen in the final but exposed to attacks from others because his first pit stop happened very early.

15:42 – Lap 27/53 The top 5

Leclerc, Verstappen, Sainz, Russell and Norris

3:40 pm – Lap 26/53 Verstappen at the tire change

Max stops and mounts the yellow tires with which I will try to get to the end. From what he showed in the first stint, he will have no problem completing the race, n regaining first place.

3:39 pm – Lap 24/53 Russell stops

The Mercedes driver switches to hard tires, those with the white wall. Try the one stop strategy.

3:35 pm – Lap 22/53 Verstappen continues with the starting tires

Red Bull has a tire handling capability that no other F1, Verstappen has not changed yet. He started seventh and leader of the race, Leclerc’s stop under the virtual safety car was not rewarding for the Ferrari driver. Because the virtual was removed as he crossed the pit lane to get back on track.

15:32 – Lap 20/53 Hamilton meanwhile seventh

Lewis recovered from the penultimate place on the grid, also thanks to the pit stops in the middle of the group. a fatigue competition for the seven-time world champion.

15:30 – Lap 18/53 But Leclerc responds with the fastest lap

After the dialogue via radio, the Monegasque makes the fast lap. He is third at 15 ” 4 from Verstappen who hasn’t stopped yet. Excellent fourth place for Carlos Sainz, definitely one of the best of the day ..

3.17 pm – Lap 17/53 Changeover alarm for Leclerc

Charles was told by the engineers not to shift gears too fast when exiting corners. Him: I can’t do it, make sure the engine is okay.

15:24 – Lap 15/53 The top 10 after the virtual safety car

Verstappen, Russell, Leclerc, Sainz, Ricciardo, Gasly, Alonso, Norris, De Vries and Zhou.

15:22 – Lap 13/53 Verstappen does not stop and goes to the head

Under virtual safety, neither the Dutch nor Russell opted for a tire change, Leclerc returned third. The race gets complicated with the strategies.

3.10 pm – Lap 11/53 Vettel, virtual safety car stops. Leclerc at the pit stop

The German parks the Aston Martin on the track due to a breakdown, enters the virtual safety car, Leclerc goes to the pit stop and mounts the yellow tires in 2 ” 2

3.17 pm – Giro 10/53 Verstappen closer

Verstappen at 1 ” 4 from Leclerc, they ask Charles to choose if he wants plan D of the strategy. This is one of the strategic variables decided with the engineers in the pre-race briefing.

3.15 pm – Lap 8/53 Problematic pit for Perez

Early stop for Perez who has overheating problems in the right front and will have to return to the pit lane if he can’t put out the fire. Meanwhile Sainz eighth

3.13 pm – Lap 7/53 Leclerc has a 2 ” margin over Verstappen

The Dutchman continues to run at a very strong pace, already ready to go and catch Leclerc who tries to resist. Meanwhile Sainz tenth.

3.11 pm – Lap 6/53 Sainz’s good comeback

The Spaniard reassembled with the new engine, passing Stroll and Vettel and climbed from 18th to 11th. Hamilton, on the other hand, is third from last.

15:08 – Lap 4/53 Verstappen flies, already second

Leclerc keeps the lead over Russell, but Verstappen is already second after overtaking Russell.

3:07 pm – Lap 3/53 the top 5

Leclerc, Russell, Verstappen Ricciardo and Gasly. Behind Sainz he recovered: from 18th to 14th

15:05 – Lap 2/53 Verstappen already third

Sensational comeback of the Dutchman who started seventh and recovered four positions in one lap.

15:03 – Let’s go!

Chills immediately at the start, Russell tries the attack on Leclerc. Close contact at the first corner. But Charles remains in rest.

15:00 – Start of the training lap

Leclerc and Russell chose to start with soft tires, the group at the bottom with the yellow ones. Among those in front even Norris has the yellow

14:56 – Verstappen is looking for a comeback

The Dutchman starts from seventh place and showed a very strong pace in free practice and qualifying. In Hungary you won starting from the tenth box, in Belgium from the 14th. Four successes in a row, 10 in the season, 109 points ahead of Leclerc

14:52 – Everything is ready for the formation lap

The cars are about to leave the grid for the formation lap in a packed Monza. One hundred and fifty thousand spectators today alone, 336 thousand in the whole weekend.

2.46 pm – Bocelli sang the Italian anthem

After the minute of meditation for Queen Elizabeth, Andrea Bocelli sang the hymn of Mameli in front of the President of the Republic Mattarella. The Frecce tricolori flew over the track together with an Ita Airbus named after Enzo Ferrari.

14:41 – Pay attention to the first corner

At the first detached Monza has always given emotions and unexpected events, and this time with half the group penalized there could be even more surprises. The last two editions have been unpredictable: Gasly’s victory in 2020 and Ricciardo’s last year. Ferrari’s latest success of 2019 with Leclerc.

14:37 – The possible strategies

For Pirelli they are all very similar: starting with red tires to mount the hard bikes between the 18th and 24th lap. Or yellow and then hard. Those who manage to better manage the reds will be able to lengthen the first stint and then move on to middle school.

14:34 – Completed the warm-up laps, the starting grid

The cars are on the starting pitches: nine drivers are penalized. Here is the grid of the Italian GP
1 Leclerc 2 Russell 3 Norris 4 Ricciardo 5 Gasly 6 Alonso 7 Verstappen * 8 De Vries 9 Zhou 10 Latifi 11 Vettel 12 Stroll 13 Perez * 14 Ocon * 15 Bottas * 16 Magnussen * 17 Schumacher * 18 Sainz * 19 Hamilton * 20 Tsunoda * * pilots penalized for changes in elements of the power unit, changes or disciplinary measures

2.29 pm – President Mattarella visits the Ferrari garage

The President of the Republic arrived around 2 pm and entered the paddock and visited the Ferrari pits welcomed by the leaders of Maranello, John Elkann and Piero Ferrari. Sit in the central grandstand, his special visit on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the Monza racetrack. Then he also met the team principals of Red Bull and Mercedes, Horner and Wolff and the CEO. of Formula 1 Stefano Domenicali

12:50 pm – Minute of silence

In memory of the Queen Elizabetha minute of silence will be observed.

12:49 pm – Mattarella also arrives

The arrival of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarellacalled to do the honors of the house.

12:49 pm – The current ranking

The World Cup sees Max Verstappen well ahead at 310 points. Behind the Dutchman, Leclerc and Perez (at 201), and Russel (at 188) stand in pairs. Fifth is the other Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, with 175 points.

12:45 pm – Who among today’s drivers has won the Italian GP?

Among the drivers who will start today, 6, in their respective careers, have triumphed in Monza in the past. This is Lewis Hamilton (which in Italy has won 5 times), Vettel (three wins), Alonso (two), Leclerc, Gasly and Ricciardo.

12:44 pm – Illustrious fans in Monza

At the paddock there is something for everyone: sportsmen, singers, politicians: nobody wants to miss the Italian GP. In fact, Gimbo has arrived TamberiPecco Bagnaia and even the singer Andrea Bocelliwho will sing the Italian anthem.

12:44 pm – Leclerc starts on pole, Verstappen 7

The start is set for 3 pm, then the Monza GP will start with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc starting from pole in front of his fans. Behind him Russell and Norris, Red Bull rival Max Verstappen only 7 due to penalty remedied during yesterday’s qualifying. Sainz at the bottom.

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Monza GP: Verstappen wins over Leclerc, Russell and Sainz. Controversy for the final with the Direct safety car

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