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Zam’s analysis at the end of the Aragon weekend

September 18, 2022

What were the keys to the GP?

  1. The departure of Marquez. Paradoxically, he started too well: had he started worse when the traffic lights went out, the race would have been very different;

  2. The departure of Quartararo. Conversely, Fabio did not get off to a good start, immediately losing important positions;

  3. The speed of the Ducati. Here, the difference in straight line with the other bikes was more evident than usual;

  4. The great tranquility of Bastianini. Aware of being faster, Aeneas did not go crazy, not even in overtaking her decisively;

  5. The thought for the title. Bagnaia, on the last lap, did not go out of his way to keep up with his rival, because, as he said, the risks would have outweighed his advantages;

  6. Overtaking by Espargaro. In a category where it is never too easy to overtake, Aleix Espargaro confirms himself as a very tenacious driver, one who always tries.

Fastest laps in the race (the lap in which it was made in brackets)

G.Fastest races in the race (the lap in which it was completed in brackets).

Marini 1’47 “795 (4); Bastianini 1’47 “929 (4); Rins 1’48 “011 (3); A.Espargaro 1’48 “036 (5); Bagnaia 1’48 “076 (5); Binder 1’48 “092 (5); Miller 1’48 “142 (5); Martin 1’48 ”166 (5); A.Marquez 1’48 “221 (4); Bezzecchi 1’48 “222 (4)

Questions and answers

THEWhat position were Marini and Rins at the end of the first lap?

Marini eighth (he started 14th); Rins 16th (starting ninth).

Was the race stopped with the red flag?

In my opinion, yes: as Bagnaia said, when the drivers passed on the second lap in the two points of the accidents of the first lap, there were many pieces on the track. Dangerous.

Is there anyone who thinks that Marquez is at fault?

Yes. Johann Zarco: “Marquez exaggerated, that of the lowering device is an excuse not to take all the blame”

Important laps of the GP

G.important roles of the GP

3rd lap: Miller passes Bastianini to 1, is second;

Lap 6: Bastianini passes Miller to 14, is second;

Lap 7: Binder passes Miller, is third; A.Espargaro passes Miller, is fourth;

Lap 9: Bastianini passes Bagnaia to 1: he is first; Bastianini goes long at 11 (if I’m not mistaken …), he is passed over by Bagnaia and loses 0 ”737 on the finish line, maximum gap between the two;

Lap 21: Bastianini is very close, but Bagnaia makes a great braking at the last corner;

Lap 22: A.Espargaro passes Binder to 1 with a great overtaking;

Lap 23: Bastianini passes Bagnaia to 7, is first.

Confrontation between teammates

B.agnaia / Miller 10/4; Mir / Rins 4/6; Binder / Oliveira 12/3; Zarco / Martin 8/7; A.Espargaro / Vinales 11/4; Quartararo / Morbidelli 13/1

Comparison 2022/2021 after 15 races

Quartararo 211/254 (-43); Bagnaia 201/202 (-1); A.Espargaro 194/104 (+90); Bastianini 163/71 (+92); Miller 134/149 (-15); Zarco 133/141 (-8); Binder 128/131 (-3); Rins 108/81 (+27); Martin 104/82 (+22); Vinales 104/98 (+6); Oliveira 95/92 (+3); Marini 91/30 (+61) Mir 77/175 (-98); Nakagami 46/70 (-24); P. Espargaro 43/70 (-27); A.Marquez 39/54 (-15); Morbidelli 26/40 (-14)

Three reasons to remember the GP

1. The Bastianini / Bagnaia challenge;

2. Acosta’s victory in Moto2;

3. The Marquez / Quartararo accident

Three phrases from the GP

1. Bagnaia: “This race closes many mouths: after Misano I heard a lot of bullshit”

2. Zarco: “It is Marquez’s word against mine: perhaps, since he is stronger, his word is worth more than mine”;

3. Dall’Igna: “Five points more were important, but Bastianini deserved the victory”.

I said so

Andnea Bastianini (Thursday): “If the opportunity arises, I’ll try”. She tried …

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MotoGP 2022. Ideas, questions and considerations after the Aragon GP – MotoGP –

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