Nagoya-Roma 0-0: Ibanez crossbar, Tahirovic did well

There Rome ended the friendly match in Japan against Nagoya Grampus in a draw. Few scoring chances from both teams, a 0-0 draw questioned only by crossbar from Ibanez. Good performance of Tahirovica young man who in 2023 will take up more and more space in Mourinho’s squad. Monday new friendly of the Giallorossi in Japan, the day after returning to the capital.

1:22 PM

93′ – Matic one step away from the goal

The left of matic from the edge of the area it ends a few centimeters from the post.

1:16 pm

88′ – Last substitutions for Roma

Mourinho also fields the young Tripi and Keramitsis. Outside Kumbulla and El Shaarawy.

1:09 pm

79′ – Contact in the area

Doubtful contact in the penalty area between Abraham and Tiago: the referee whistles for a foul in attack.

1:04 pm

73′ – Double substitution for Roma

Other substitutions in the Roma house. Inside Volpato and Camara, outside Tahirovic and Bove.


57′ – Ibanez crossbar

Sensational occasion of Rome to take the lead. Great shot from distance Tahirovicthe goalkeeper clears the ball which lands on the feet of Ibanez: the reactive Brazilian repeats on goal but hits the crossbar.


49′ – Abraham diving

Another opportunity for Rome. Cross from the left of El Shaarawy, Abraham in dip he finds the goal but also the goalkeeper with a header.


47′ – El Shaarawy attempt

Roma tries on a free kick. Shot from the edge of the area by El Shaarawy, the goalkeeper was good at repelling by diving.


45′ – The second half begins

Off to the recovery. Inside for Rome Celik And Shomurodov instead of missors And Cherubs.


Wijnaldum works out at the gym

Meanwhile in Trigoria Gini Wijnaldum is continuing its work of recovery after tibia fracture.

Watch the video

Wijnaldum, what muscles! The Dutchman at work in the gym shows his legs to the top


45′ – The first half ends

Double whistle, teams in the locker room at 0-0.


37′ – Roma’s first shot

Roma’s first goal goal. Tahirovic fishing off El Shaarawy, the Pharaoh from a distance tried the right shot that ended weakly in the goalkeeper’s hands.


34′ – El Shaarawy booked

First card yellow of the challenge for Stephan El shaarawy who in coverage on the right has committed a foul on Ishida.

12:00 pm

26′ – Abraham in the area

Rome in attack. Good boy Abraham to pick up the ball, turn around and accelerate in the area: then the low cross in the area but El Shaarawy does not find the advance on the defender.


16′ – Rome is dangerous

Rome looks towards the Japanese gate. Great passage by Tahirovic for Cherubshowever, the Primavera winger stumbles over the ball and can’t find a shot on goal.


8′ – Giropalla Roma, Nagoya restarts

Rome plays the game, high center of gravity and lots of ball possession. The Nagoya try to take advantage of it on the counterattack: bravo Smalling to close the spaces well.


2′ – Nagoya dangerous

Free kick for the Japanese from the left trocar. Good boy Smalling to insert himself between the attacker and the goal and to sweep with his head.


1′ – The match begins

Off to the friendly game between Nagoya and Rome. Mourinho’s team with the white uniform, the hosts instead with the red shirt.


Roma’s anthem at the Toyota Stadium

Surprise in the pre-match at Toyota Stadium many Giallorossi songs were broadcast. The last one with the teams on the pitch the anthem romanist.


Rome in the field

Mourinho’s team warm up at the Toyota Stadium


Rome, the official formation

Rome (3-5-2): debase; Ibanez, Smalling, Kumbulla; Missori, Tahirovic, Matic, Bove, El Shaarawy; Cherubini, Abraham.
Available: Boer, Celik, Keramitsis, Camara, Volpato, Tripi, Shomurodov.
Trainer: Mourinho.

This is the lineup of Nagoya: 1 Langerak, 13 Fujii, 2 Tiago, 4 Nakatani, 34 Uchida, 46 Ishida, 14 Senta, 20 Nagaki, 19 Shigehiro, 10 Mateus, 45 Nagai


Nagoya-Rome, where to watch the match

The first Asian friendly of the Rome will be visible on Dazn. The live text of the match is available on Kick-off at 11.30


Partnership between Rome and Nagoya

Through a press release published on its official website the Rome announced a new one partnerships with the Nagoya Grampus, the Japanese club with which the friendly is scheduled for today. The partnership will cover the activities of First team but also and above all the development of the youth sectors of the two Clubs.

Toyota – Toyota Stadium

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Nagoya-Roma 0-0: Ibanez crossbar, Tahirovic did well

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