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He wanted to participate in the NYC marathonFranco, even if it was quadriplegic, although he couldn’t do it with his legs. She had wanted to do it for years but then Covid, the canceled races, changed all the plans. But fate, and above all the will, won. The New York Marathon, thanks to his brother Dariuswho pushed him into a wheelchair for 42 km and 195 metersmanaged to run it, a few days ago, last November 6th. Yesterday evening Franco died but, writes his brother, “what makes me serene is that heaven wanted to give you, a few days before your end, your long-awaited dream”.

Franco was 52 years oldwas of Bellizzimunicipality in the province of Salerno, and was quadriplegic from birth. The idea, to his brother Dario, was born during the months of quarantine for the Covid. As the days went by, he realized that something was wrong. Because Franco suffered the quarantine more than anyone else, locked up at home. And so Dario decided to involve as many people as possible to allow his brother to realize his biggest dream: to run.

“I don’t want to live with the regret of ‘if I had tried, if I had committed’ – he said at the time on the page of Dreamactive – so I rolled up my sleeves to get ready to make Franco’s greatest wish come true. I will allow him to travel, to fly and to run with my legs“. That’s how he did it: two years of training, sacrifices, always together, he and Franco. Until 6 November when their happiness broke out in New York. Many supported them, cheered on them. Worldwide. The photos, the collection of the bibs, the meeting with the Italian consul. Everything perfect, especially those 42km and 195 meters.

“The message that Franco wanted to send was not to give up in the face of difficulties. The last 2-3 kilometers he pushed mehe was the one who didn’t make me give up”, said Dario at the end of the marathon. And it was always Dario who wrote, on Facebook, his farewell to his inseparable brother. “I can’t find words to describe the emptiness you leave in each of us, but, allow me, the emptiness in me is immense because in these last two years we have been more united than ever: you the mind, I your legs. Our workouts, the little trips to be able to participate in the various marathons, the laughter, the interviews, the photographs – wrote Dario – My brother, you left happy to have spent some wonderful days. You left in all of us the desire to never give up. You will always be with me, you will guide me and you will give me the strength to carry on the active dream of many other guys who have taken inspiration from your hard head. I love you Franco”. And there are many, many messages of pain that friends and enthusiasts are dedicating to Franco on social media in these hours. There are those who call him ‘stubborn’there are those who write ‘now you can finally run’. But everyone, truly everyone, thanks him for this: “For showing us that when you don’t give up, dreams can come true”.

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Ny marathon in a wheelchair, Franco’s last dream – Chronicle

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