Ochoa, the Mexican goalkeeper who every 4 years at the World Cup becomes the superhero with 6 fingers – Il Fatto Quotidiano

A superhero it must necessarily have a physical characteristic that distinguishes it from the others. The supervision, the speed in the legs, the ability to breathe underwater. Even a Mexican hero has one, perfect for the job he does. TO Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Maganasaid Memogoalkeeper and superhero of América and the Mexican National, hands are needed and for this reason has six fingers who help him in his daily tasks, which are not to save the world (for the moment), but to make his team reach the eighths to the World Cup.

Ochoa plays in Qatar its fifth World Cup, even if the first two were a false start. In 2006 she had only 20 years old and on that face the curls that surround his face looked like those of a Michelangelo’s putto. She has to witness the exit of his Mexico in the round of 16 against Argentina for a goal in extra time by Maxi Rodríguez. Four years later, he moved up one place to second and must once again watch as El Tri loses again to Maradona-coached Argentina.

In the 2014 but there are no more obstacles, one takes the door to Mexico never to leave it again. On June 13, he played his first world match against Cameroon and nothing will ever be the same again. Mexico wins that match and goes to challenge the hosts of Brazil at the Estádio Castelão in Fortaleza. Brazil is much stronger than Mexico and play at home, a massacre is expected. Indeed La Verde plays in 30 meters field, crushed by the green-gold assaults. Ochoa also saves the incomparable on Paulinho, Neymar, Thiago Silva. It does instinctively, momentum, classy. The game ends 0-0 and everyone the next day is talking about that goalkeeper from Mexico, the one with the hedgehogs that really has something special. And what can be special about a goalkeeper if not an extra finger to save? That’s why Brazil failed to score. But that’s not the case.

Four years go by, Ochoa’s hands are still the same and Brazil meet him again, this time at the round of 16. Neymar and his companions are afraid of the Mexican superhero because in the first match of that World Cup, against the Germany defending champion, had redone the phenomenonremoving a free-kick of Kroos which still today must be revised to be understood. The game begins and there is the usual yellow assault. Ochoa with all his serenity starts to parry first on Neymar, then on Gabriel Jesusthen up Willian and so on, until he capitulated for a goal into an empty net by Ney, doubled by a goal of Firmino almost out of time.

Another World Cup, another round, under whose turn it is. This time it was a Robert LewandovskyBarcelona center forward with over 550 goals active. Penalty for the Poland during the first group match, shooting, save by Ochoa. Well of course, with an extra finger!

The legend of the six fingers it’s a fairy tale, a way to underline the skill of “Memo” Ochoa. A skill intermittent, because with the clubs he doesn’t always have these performances. Even if he has the same number of fingers as us, at the World Cup with the Mexico shirt it transforms really and becomes almost unsurpassed. However, this year, together with his teammates, he has another great goal: to pass the group and then overcome the eighth obstacle. Only so he could say goodbye at the World Championships, the event to which everyone expects him every four years. Although in 2026 it will have 41 years oldnot everything could end when it’s over.

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Ochoa, the Mexican goalkeeper who every 4 years at the World Cup becomes the superhero with 6 fingers – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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