Pinto: “Frattesi? We can’t take anyone.” New Balance sues Roma

The gm closes the doors to new arrivals: UEFA’s stakes risk eliminating the Giallorossi market until 2027. Meanwhile, the American company is starting an arbitration procedure for the agreement between Rome and Adidas. Tomorrow the match against Bologna

Today was undoubtedly an important and significant day for the Rome. In fact, he spoke to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ Tiago Pinto, who gave an important interview in which he made the point on the market in a clear way: “Because of UEFA stakes today we cannot single out an ideal player, go to the property and ask him to make a further effort. But we lack nothing to compete to the end for the Champions. We need money to be able to operate on the market. Karsdorp? He committed a serious misconduct by not showing up for training and refusing to go on tour in Japan. Then he came back, trained and played. Unfortunately this week someone wanted to make the phenomenon“, the words of Pinto who also replied to the Dutchman’s lawyer. The Romanist gm underlined that Karsdorpit’s on the market, but it will never go down to zero”. On the defender: “Technically we would need it but any incoming movement will always be dependent on outgoing movement“. This therefore excludes the arrival of Frattesi:“Now no chance”. Up Smalling, instead, the ball passes to English: “We want to keep him, he has to give us one reply. He has a release clause.”

Shomurodov between Turin and Cremona. New Balance sues Roma over deal with Adidas

Meanwhile, market rumors continue. What the Primavera striker wants has been confirmed Satriano about to relocate at Heracles Almelo. The prime suspect, along with Karsdorp, then Eldor Shomurodov on which Turin is always strong: but with Roma the distance on the formula remains very important. Uzbek also likes a lot Cremona, like confirmed by Ariedo himself Braida:“Here we are interested to a possible transfer to Cremona, sometimes some players don’t know this reality well. We are not a second-rate square”. With the grenades, on the other hand, the future of Sasa Lukic with the Giallorossi that would be a lot interested, but they are not the only ones in Italy as in Europe. He spoke about the Serbian midfielder his coach Ivan Juric: “He’s an awesome boy reliable, I found it with desire and grit: for me it is essential, a fixed point. I don’t expect anything, except that he does six months great”.

But it wasn’t just the transfer market on this important day. New Balancethat the Rome has left to sign with Adidas (agreement never made official though), he would it causes to the Giallorossi clubor deeming null the agreement with the new technical sponsor as with the same offer, the renewal with the American company would be better. And according to the Capitoline club “the risk of succumbing It is probable”. Just today the indiscretion on what would be the detail of the shirt Adidas for next season, i.e. the return of wolf cub like 30 years ago. Meanwhile tomorrow there Rome will play against the Bologna by Thiago Motta, which will count on Marko Arnautovic, former player of Mourinho at the time from Inter:We know it will be tough. Let’s play Rome, the stadium will be full and i I really admire the Giallorossi fans. I will say goodbye before the game Mourinho, then again at the end”. There will be during the evening space also to celebrate the team female of Alexander Sponge, who in November won the Super cup. There will probably also be a standing ovation for Paulo Dybala, returned to the capital as world champion. His gold medal was entrusted to‘Historical Archive of the Club. Finally the words of Matthias Pharaohs, world champion of Kickboxing and great Giallorossi fan who revealed: “A Roma player called me because wants to train with me”.

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Pinto: “Frattesi? We can’t take anyone.” New Balance sues Roma

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