Press conference Ranieri: «It will be important to start well. Nainggolan? It’s welcome”

Claudio Ranieri, new coach of Cagliari, intervenes in the press conference to present the match against Como

Claudio Ranierinew coach of the Cagliari, takes part in the press conference to present tomorrow’s match against Como. These are his statements:


IMPRESSIONS – «The sensations are positive, the group willing to be seen by me. With the change of coach, the team will understand the work better. We have to play and see where I will have to insist to understand myself. Tomorrow the stadium is full, I’m glad, I asked the fans for help, I can’t do it alone, they have to push us especially in difficult moments, everything doesn’t change with Ranieri. Players have to risk feeling the affection, I don’t know anything impossible and we’ll see what happens. “Help us” I say to the fans, I would also like to play badly and win we have to score points. As a solid and square team, it is the second team that creates the most goalscoring actions, they immediately aim for verticalization and make many counter-attacks, we must concentrate and be careful »

ABSENCES AND GROUP – «The group worked well, both those who were with me and those who differentiated, everyone helped each other and do what I say on the field. It’s important to start off on the right foot, it will be a very tactical match and we have to find the goal, I’m also fine with winning 1-0, Riva’s last career goal came against Como in a 1-0 draw”

EMOTIONS AND IDEAS – «I do this job for emotions, tomorrow will be a day full of sensations and memories. What I had seen on TV was reflected in training, but the match is different, tomorrow I want determination and the idea that everyone must have partially assimilated, 2/3 things to see on the pitch”

MODULE AND LEADERS– «I have always fallen into the category, I am determined and with the right stimuli. We have to evaluate the game system, tonight and tomorrow morning I will decide what is best to do. They’re used to the rumble in midfield, they’ve played like this for years and I’ll take everything into consideration, I won’t necessarily have to use the 4-4-2. Pavoletti yes, but everyone followed my directions and there are many leaders in a team. Pavoletti has experience and can be a leader, but there is a leader for everyone. Leader means making yourself available to the team and I would like 25 who think as a team and not individually selfishly, for me these are the leaders”

NANDEZ AND RETURN TO CAGLIARI– «Nandez is an added value, in 10 days I saw him super motivated, when I faced him he was a thorn in my side. The category suffered, B doesn’t wait for you and you have to always fight, here you have to lay down the law and be careful of your opponents. Going down a category costs money, but if I have to evaluate Nandez I would say super. No one sent me messages (laughs, ed) I was all pleased”

ROG – «He’ll come with me and then I’ll decide, tonight I’ll analyze these days and see if he can play from the first minute. I’m already in the game and my mind travels to us and our opponents”

MARKET AND NAINGGOLAN– «Nainggolan’s vicissitudes are known, if he wants to come and has the mentality to immerse himself in this situation, as I did, he will be welcome. In the other roles I always communicate with the DS and we make assessments”

DEFENCE – «I believe that to improve individuals and departments there is only work, talking, evaluating and viewing the films to understand the mistakes. If I could improve everyone by 1%, I improve everyone by 20%. My idea of ​​football is to improve the individual.”

LUVUMBO – «I think he can play both as a striker and as a winger. He has to speed up his thinking, in the matches that I have analyzed he creates confusion in one-on-one situations and in others he doesn’t make it clear how much he crosses the ball, I want to work on it he has great skills »

PEREIR – «He is part of the Cagliari players squad, he has excellent quality with excellent skills and must speed up the thinking of action and we will try to improve it »

COMO AND STADIUM – «It would be nice, I made my debut at Amsicora and then at Sant’Elia. I know that there is an opportunity for the new stadium, the ball is in the hands of the Region and the possibility of hosting the European Championships in 2032, wishing I was still on the bench would be presumptuous but I would be happy to enter the new stadium, cutting Cagliari off would be exclude all of Sardinia and it would be a shame. My players have had hands-on experience and nobody gives you anything, especially Como. We both want to win and there’s nothing written, we start from 0-0 and I’ll settle for 1-0 in the 95th minute. I respect my opponents, Como is a bad client”

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Press conference Ranieri: «It will be important to start well. Nainggolan? It’s welcome”

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