Primavera, Torino-Milan 2-3: nervousness and three expelled. Decisive El Hilali

Primavera grenade loses the semifinal against Milan at the last minute: the grenades will play the final

Nervousness, three expulsions and a daring ending. AC Milan’s Primavera beat Turin’s in the semi-final of the Mum and Dad Cairo Trophy on the Quattordio pitch for 3-2. The Rossoneri pass to the last second on a penalty, the third of a match during which – especially in the second half – it was nervousness that dominated.

THE CHOICES – Scurto opts for a 4-3-3 that can be transformed into 4-2-3-1 during construction. The decisive position is that of the newly arrived Daouda Weidmann, made official only yesterday and today immediately on the field as a starter. The Frenchman starts from the mezzala and moves to the trocar depending on the situation. Together with him in the middle of the field D’Agostino and Ruiz, while Pertinhes and Vaiarelli are the wings in support of Caccavo. In defense confirmed the package seen against Perugia: Dembele and Opoku full backs, while in the center the pair Dellavalle-Anton. Between the posts is 2005 Brezzo.

FIRST HALF – In the torrid heat of Quattordio, the two teams try to start immediately at a high pace. The first scoring ball of the match happens to Toro with Pertinhes who escapes on the right and tries to dribble past Pseftis too, but the Rossoneri goalkeeper reads well and recovers the ball. At 12 ‘then Toro takes the lead. Vaiarelli receives and jumps dry Sheet, who came face to face with the Milan goalkeeper makes no mistake and deposits the 1-0 on the net. Milan then tries to raise the pace, but Toro defends himself tooth and nail, rejecting the advanced Rossoneri. At 24 ‘then comes the same. Ruiz arrives late on the ball and knocks out Alesi. Net penalty for Milan. On the spot goes Coubis who realizes coldly and brings the game back to a draw. After the goal, the referee grants the break colander to the teams and when Toro returns to the field he does so without Pertinhes, who came out in pain, instead of him in Savva. Despite some good play, the grenades gradually drop and at 34 ‘Milan passes again. Corner from the right for the Rossoneri, ball on the far post where Coubis comes out and finds an encore with his head. Four minutes later Milan touched 3-1. Nice ball in the middle, Alesi fits in well but with his head he shoots high from two steps.

SECOND HALF – At the start of the second half, Milan are still dangerous from a corner kick, Neroli’s header ends just outside. Scurto then he immediately runs for cover and puts Azizi and Ruszel in the median in place of a very generous D’Agostino and Weidmann, who still has to settle down. The game changes. The two substitutes give more order and more substance to the median grenade. Toro therefore begins to suffer less than Milan, but finds it difficult to create real scoring chances. At 71 ‘the game changes. Ruiz commits a foul on Neroli, who drags him to the ground. From here they start pushing and the nervousness – palpable in the second half – grows. Game Director Longo then decides to put an end by ejecting both players. The teams remain in 10 and Scurto decides to change again, inserting Gineitis for Vaiarelli. Shortly after another penalty, this time for Toro. Anton is held in the area in a conspicuous way and so comes the penalty for the Bull. Caccavo shows up on the spot, Pseftis touches, but the ball ends up in the bottom of the bag anyway. 2-2 with 13 minutes remaining. Two minutes later another red changes the face of the race. Coubis enters hard on Caccavo and is cautioned, then continues to protest and thus receives the second yellow card. Milan in 9 for the last ten minutes of the match. The grenades then try to increase the pace to ensure victory and avoid penalties. The best opportunity happens to Caccavo, caught well by Ruszel runs ball and chain and avoids the intervention of Marshage. His shot, however, goes out on the post. AC Milan thus frees for a corner and Gineitis even touches the Olympic goal from the corner, but Pseftis is good at deflecting. On the overturning in front, Milan earns a penalty. Dembele tries to anticipate Perrucci, but touches the Rossoneri’s foot which ends up on the ground. From the spot El Hilali is shiny and cold and displaces Brezzo. From the possible 3-2 grenade to the Rossoneri. All in just a few moments. Thus AC Milan wins and passes to the final, while Toro will play the final for third and fourth place.

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Primavera, Torino-Milan 2-3: nervousness and three expelled. Decisive El Hilali

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