Princess Anne, have you ever seen her daughter? Who is the (beautiful) granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth – newsby

Have you ever seen Princess Anna’s daughter? Photo: LaPresse – newsby

Who is Princess Anne’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth’s rarely talked about granddaughter?

Very little is said about all those members of the Royal Family who revolve around the “pivotal” figures known to all, namely Kate, William, Harry and Meghan. In fact, if the children of these couples are always under the magnifying glass of the media, being the grandchildren of the much loved Lady Diana and of King Charles, the other grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth are given much less media coverage. This is certainly the case with Zara Phillips, Princess Anne’s daughter.

princess anne
Have you ever seen Princess Anna’s daughter? Photo: LaPresse – newsby

Who is Zara Phillips, Princess Anne’s daughter

Very little is said about Zara and this is rather strange, since she is certainly one of the most beautiful women in the kingdom. The cousin of Princes Harry and William however, she is much loved by the Royal Palace entourage because of her sunny disposition, her magnetism and her indisputable sense of humour, certainly a rare commodity at Buckingham Palace.

Zara was born in 1981 from the love story between Princess Anne and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips. A peculiarity that has never been fully understood concerning her life is the fact that, although she is the daughter of the Princess, she has never had any royal title. In reality this choice was made shortly after her birth by Princess Anne and her husband, for allow her to live a more peaceful life, far from the strict royal protocols and court duties. That is why his brother Peter also has no title.

zara phillips
Zara Phillips. Photo: Ansa – newsby

This unusual choice on the part of Anna and her husband he left his children deprived of the financial coverage of Palazzo Reale, but on the other hand both were able to enjoy a freedom that neither Harry nor William ever enjoyed. In any case, Zara immediately demonstrated that she knows how to look after herself and that she has clear ideas about her future. In fact, she graduated in equine physiotherapy at the University of Exeter, having always had a strong passion for horses.

Zara Phillips: what we know about her private life

In fact, few people know that Zara is a skilled rider and has won several horse riding awards. In 2006 she won the equestrian world championship in Aachen and also achieved a silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympics. These great successes motivated her to continue with her passion and exercises, but she had to give up the Beijing Olympics due to some health problems of her horse at the time. Instead, he took part in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

zara tindall
Zara Phillips Tindall. Photo: Ansa – newsby

After a long engagement Zara got married in 2011 with the former rugby player Mike Tindall. The two’s marriage took a back seat that year, due to the much more popular marriage between William and Kate. In any case, Zara shouldn’t be at all sorry not to have crowds of paparazzi and journalists chasing her wedding day, which she was able to spend peacefully with her loved ones.

Zara and Tindall had two daughters, Mia Grace born in 2014 and Lena Elizabeth, born in 2018. The family, always very close, lives in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, surrounded by horses, Zara’s great love. The four lead an obviously privileged life but far from the scrutinizing gaze of the gossip magazines.

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Princess Anne, have you ever seen her daughter? Who is the (beautiful) granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth – newsby

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