READING LIVE – Spalletti lets the staff speak: “Champions qualification was not taken for granted: we must not be unhappy”

Spalletti conference

14.56 – End the conference

Question for Lopez about Ospina and Meret goalkeepers: “” Ospina and Meret? They are two goalkeepers who behaved in an exceptional way, two guys who gave the team a good performance when they had to play. Meret’s mistake in Empoli? It happens, it’s not just his fault, he reacted well with personality, we talked about it the next day and he worked with great personality “

Question on Beccaccioli on Mertens: “Mertens? I think he played very high level matches. Tactical characteristic of the team? Always having the courage to play the game, it didn’t alter even in difficulties, for example in Turin against Juventus in a very complicated moment “

Question to Domenichini about the Champions League: “Nothing is taken for granted. Our goal has always been Champions League qualification. We succeeded despite the many problems, we can be sorry because we had a dream we could find and we didn’t succeed. however we must not be dissatisfied but happy. The team has developed a good football reaching the goal in a beautiful way giving an important show “

Question for Sinatti on the points lost by Napoli in comeback: “I like to answer with objective data, in Empoli it was the race with the highest speed in the championship, with Roma we were superior both in the first and in the second half in all respects. There is no difference, if we look at the first leg with Lazio won 4-0 we have produced less than our opponents and therefore often what we have achieved on the pitch is not proportional to the physical issue. we saw differences between the two teams in terms of intensity in the data and these are objective “

Question to Domenichini about the disappointing performance at home: “Matches at home? There are the opponents and then they should be considered matches like those against Empoli and Spezia with so many unfortunate circumstances”

Question to Calzona about the championship: “A different season than when I was there. For my part, there is no regret, but regret because both with sarri and now we have come close to an important result. We were fighting, but we had a decline in some races. We are in line with the objectives that the club had asked of us “

Question for Baldini on the different performance between the round trip: “It is difficult to understand what it depended on, it is a question to which there is no answer because there is no counter-proof. Our clacers have shared effort, plus there is been Covid and the African Cup. What we have never noticed is the difference in commitment that has always been optimal. We can make evaluations on this. If there had been an attitude of availability we could have intervened, but the boys were extraordinary for all ‘year. Thanks to them we have reached this milestone “

Question to Sinatti about injuries: “Lots of injuries? Now we can say that football has changed, matches are more frequent. Covid has been the master of problems, we have had 80% positivity and this has resulted in absence in that period and subsequently problems upon return. Covid releases inflammatory problems and more. The differentiation of injuries must be made on the muscular and traumatic ones that this year penalized us, I cite the case of Osimhen. have physical integrity “

14.35 – There is only technical staff in the room

14.30 – Everything is ready for Luciano Spalletti’s press conference. We are only waiting for the Napoli coach to enter the hall.

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READING LIVE – Spalletti lets the staff speak: “Champions qualification was not taken for granted: we must not be unhappy”

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