Roma-Inter Primavera, report cards: Casadei consecration, Iliev crystalline class. Bravo Chivu!

The Nerazzurri triumphed and put the tenth category title in their history on the bulletin board: how many talents in the showcase!

A great Inter beat Roma 1-2 in comeback and became the Italian Primavera champion! Tenth title in the history of the Nerazzurri, the sixth in the last 20 years: the goals of Casadei and Iliev were decisive.

The report cards of Fcinter1908:

Rovida 7 Not very busy throughout the game, he is not always very safe in his exits. In the end he earns the applause with two great interventions.

Sylvester 7 As a Roman he feels the challenge a lot, as the minutes go by he takes measures against his opponents and stands out for some providential recoveries. Race in crescendo, he comes out exhausted. (from 1 ‘sts Nunziatini 6 Join the final resistance)

Hoti 6.5 Chivu also asks him a lot in the setting phase, some flaws but confirms that he is a very reliable element.

Moretti 7 The old guard does not discount anyone: by hook or by crook. She cancels anyone who passes by her part.

F. Carboni 6.5 He’s so wrong in the start, too much for one with his qualities. But the cross for Casadei’s goal starts from his foot.

Casadei 8 He ends his career in the youth sector by definitively consecrating himself as one of the best talents in Italian football. He starts quietly, but in the second half he takes the chair and drags Inter to success. 17 goals between the championship, the Youth League and the Scudetto final. As a midfielder. He closes with the captain’s armband on his arm, as a midfielder in front of the defense, also showing character and personality in addition to the well-known technical qualities and his extraordinary insertion times. Now the time has come for the leap into football for the greats: we are waiting for you!

Sangalli 6 Usual dark work in front of the defense, dirty the trajectories of passage of Rome, but in the second half he too gets crushed by the Giallorossi pressure. (from 34 ‘st Iliev 8 The man of destiny: you immediately see that he wants to show off, between dribbling and class flashes. The goal that gives Inter the title is a real jewel, a synthesis of all his extraordinary qualities)

Fabbian 6 He struggles to find the position, is often found in the middle between Missori, Faticanti and Volpato. (from the 13th st Grygar 6.5 He chases every opponent, gives oxygen to the midfield and closes as a right-back, demonstrating a great spirit of sacrifice and adaptation)

Fish hook 6 Promising start, he has two chances to strike but fails to inflate the net. He always misses the decisive momentum to take the last step. (from 21 ‘st V. Carboni 7 With that left he does what he wants, but it is nothing new. He immediately enters the game, does not pull his leg back in tackles, raises the quality level of the Nerazzurri maneuver)

Jurgens 6.5 In the first half he is one of the most perky: he starts from the left, focuses and does not give points of reference to Roma. In the second half the gasoline runs out soon. (from 21 ‘st Zuberek 6.5 Enter to annoy the Roma defenders and to keep them low: mission accomplished)

Abuse 6 He does a door against the defense of Rome, he makes the team go up, he makes banks. However, he fails to make himself dangerous in front of goal. (from 34 ‘st Owusu 7 With his entrance he breaks the game: he places himself on the right and sends the Roma defense into a tailspin with serpentines and accelerations. In the end he also sacrifices himself in defense. Ah, it’s a 2005 …)

Chivu 8 In his first year on the Primavera bench he immediately won the Scudetto. He does it by closing the season in crescendo, with an incredible row of 17 consecutive useful results. He does so by throwing many very young players into the fray, often against bigger and more experienced opponents. This triumph also belongs to him. Inter are developing a coach who is destined to do great things at home.

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Roma-Inter Primavera, report cards: Casadei consecration, Iliev crystalline class. Bravo Chivu!

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