Sabatini: “Mourinho acts for the use and consumption of journalists. I would go back to Rome “

The former sporting director had already defined the Giallorossi coach “opium of the peoples”, now criticizing the handling of the Karsdorp case

Walter Sabatiniformer sporting director of the Romespoke to the microphones of TMW Radioand spoke, among other things, of Mourinho and the situation of the team. Here are his words: “Mourinho? It is a sickly subject. He does his daily play for the use and consumption of journalists. When he came to Rome I said that he was the opium of the poor, history is proving that this is so. I was admired when he coached Porto, otherwise he leaves me indifferent as a coach. Abraham? It’s okay to pinch the players, but when you expose a player like Karsdorp to the public you take away the possibility of living peacefully in that environment. It is likely that this boy will have to give up living normally in Rome. It’s sad that he has to flee to Holland, it could have been handled differently“.

Then he adds, to the microphones of Teleroma 56: “The word betrayal is an excessive word, I don’t want to talk about Mourinho because my bitches are breaking for some things I said, but I am a man and I will always express my opinions. I have not offended anyone. The definition of betrayal linked to a performance on the pitch is an ancient rhetoric not to be used. I defined the arrival of Mourinho as the opium of the peoples, it was not an insult, but there was a typo and it was changed into the opium of the poor. I’m not the Roma director and I don’t think I can do it anymore. The company has to take a stand, but the things Mourinho does and says are not up for discussion. Mourinho, however, should not be discussed because he has won everywhere and has always brought titles “. As for a hypothetical re-entry into the squad of Nainggolanhe claims: “First he must be isolated in a cell and then he must be given preventive ‘lashes’ for educational purposes. When I think of a team, I would always take Nainggolan with me “.

Come on Cristante: “Yes, but perhaps as an immovable owner we can argue. Cristante can play in two different positions, on the pitch he knows how to stay and breaks the actions of the opposing teams. He always brings home his 6.5. He and Matic cannot deliver the results of a competitive midfield, even if they are high-level players. Roma play badly, they play boring football, but they have one characteristic, which is that they always remain linked to the result. He never leaves the pitch, except for a couple of times, maybe he loses 1-0 and stays alive until the 90 ‘and then draws. It’s a little ugly kick about him, lousy“. Then he replies on a possible return to Rome:”Of course, in a hurry. Rome was my home. I’m looking for trouble. It would be an emotion that would overwhelm me, but I know perfectly well that it won’t happen. It is part of the most imaginative hypotheses possible, but I think positive. When there is money, the margin of error shrinks. I was fine when I had to manufacture them with capital gains. Roma owe a lot of its future to my capital gains, which have been truly substantial. ” He then answers the questions about the mentality of the players, questioned in these days: The concept of a winning mentality does not exist, there are behaviors that bring you closer to it. The winning mentality of Roma who won the first 10 games was built by the group. Teams must find a common language and interest. The only mistake of that Rome was not to isolate the weak cases, when there are dry leaves they must be eliminated“. The reference is to Zaniolo: “I am the first to have exalted him, but when he does those frantic percussion plays, he makes you understand that he will never be a quiet player, he will never have the technical cleanliness of Dybala. I love it, but for a given amount I would sell it to carry out a medium / long-term project“.

Sabatini: He doesn’t want this football, but I want him and so I’ll take it back

As for young people: “Mourinho did a great job. When Volpato touches the ball I see that he is an excellent player: he has ease of football, a great sensitivity of touch and grit, he will be able to do great things. Zalewski can already aspire to the national team, he has the head of a veteran. Mourinho did a great job, it’s not easy to get young players to play in Rome“. In particular, a thought goes to Frattesi: “I would go get it and carry it on my shoulders“. There is also talk of missed trophies: “After I saw the victory in the Conference I always said to myself: ‘Why not me.’ There were stronger opponents, but we could overcome them. The year of Spalletti’s return we scored 87 points. An anecdote: the day after the derby won thanks to Yanga-Mbiwa I received an offer from Lyon for 10 million and then I decided to sell it. When I told him he was very sorry. I consider the Rome of the Champions League semifinal to be my Rome“. And as regards the missed market opportunities:”Rabiot, he was already taken. I had an agreement with the mother, then there was an avoidable unforeseen event. I told her that I would give PSG compensation since I had just collected 32 million for Marquinhos, but she got very angry and the deal jumped“. And the heir of Karsdorp who could it be according to Sabatini? “I don’t say it, but there are 2/3 players in Italy that I would take immediately. Soppy is interesting in his snatches, but he lacks a lot of tactics. One is Italian and one is foreign, but Roma will take care of it“. And he concludes with a dig:” I don’t feel wanted by this footballthey don’t want me, but I want football and so I’ll get it back“.

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Sabatini: “Mourinho acts for the use and consumption of journalists. I would go back to Rome ”

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